Thursday, July 17, 2008

My wanna-be lightbox plus
a couple of garden inspired ideas ~

I thought I'd give you an idea of what I'm working on. Well, for one several orders that I have for artwork, but also I'm trying hard to create a well-lit environment to take photographs. I've used foam core boards, cut openings in the boards and taped in vellum to soften the light. My problem is that I don't have the correct wattage for the bulbs (they need to be "outdoor cool" too) and really I don't have enough lights period. I'll get it right soon I hope!!

I've decided to document several of my art projects with step-by-step photographs, typed instructions and also the images to use in the project as well. I'll combine all of these into one tutorial file that will be soon available for purchase! I'd like to start another blog just to list these on . . . does this sound like a good idea to you? What's so wonderful about these instructions is that I can email them quickly so you can get started right away!!

Can you get what my first tutorial is going to be?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few more neat ideas from one of my notebooks ~
First, a spray paint technique to duplicate aged iron. What's good about this is you can't really mess it up! It's supposed to be irregular looking.

I love urns. They're always elegant and gorgeous to me. This is a great idea. I've seen them filled with ice and used as drink chillers too. How beautiful to use several large urns at a wedding filled with ice and small water bottles!

I love the garden bench brought inside the house. It's unexpected... Plus look at the shutters behind the desk to display things on. A calendar and inspiration board would be perfect on those.

How about this garden gate displayed on a mantle! This is beautiful to me. And the table created from glass and a birdbath. Once I made one of these to sell in the antique store but used a giant concrete urn, filled it with crumpled paper, topped it with sheet moss, a bird's nest and little eggs. The glass was placed over top! It really turned out pretty and just the right height for an end table.

Just a few photos to get you thinking!!

Have a great Thursday!!

xxoo, Dawn


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

dawn, great ideas! you my friend are very talented. i am going to try the idea with the lighting.
xoxo nita

Lori said...

well, those look like the supplies to make a jar fairy/captured fairy to me if i am not mistaken:) i love your tutorial idea...i would love to have a light box too since my sunshine is so unpredictable, i just wouldn't have anywhere to store it...i need more closets...

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Dawn I am sure most will agree that your creative spirit is so delightful and CONTAGIOUS....but some of us, (speaking of myself), although creative in a completely different way, NEED to be taught the in's and out's - AND who could be a better teacher than you??? Can't wait for your tutorials...I will be first in line to purchase! I am so happy you are going to share your how to's! XO Judy

Sheila Rumney said...

I love the tutorial idea! What a great way to learn your techniques. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the tutorial blog...I love your creations and would love to know how to do some of them, so step-by-step would be fantastic. The light box idea is great too but I might, also, have a problem with storage unless it comes apart easily.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

What a wonderful idea! I too would love to learn the "secrets" to your beautiful creations. And I love the ideas you shared today - need to find a birdbath to make a table...and an urn for an end table...and...and...

vikki said...

wonderful ideas, ms. Dawn! love seeing the out of ordinary ~ unexpected things! too cool. it is great to bring the love of outdoor things inside! your idea of tutorials are so gracious of you to share your ideas and techniques. i will, too, be in line for those! we are so blessed to have such a lovely,talented teacher! have a beautiful day. hugs and blessings, vikki ♥

Cindy said...

Hmmmmmm, can't wait to see what that tutorial will be! Looks interesting indeed!
And love those mag pages...yep, I have a thing for garden stuff indoors. I have a great pair of old shutters and a garden bench in my entry way. Love those pages.


A Wild Thing said...

BRING IT ON to embellish off of your ideas, it only takes a spark...right...


Anonymous said...

What a great idea about the tutorial blog! Thank you for sharing and inspiring...I too love the unexpected garden element in decorating.


Charmingdesigns said...

Fabulous idea, you have such a wonderful way of explaining how you do things!! I have horrible lighting problems. You may have solved the problem!! I love your inspiration photos!!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Great idea! You inspire a lot of included!
Have a great day!

Joy Lett said...

I'm very proud of you-- what took you so long?? Joy

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Dawn..neat tips and ideas.. I just love your egg banner.. so cute..~!! hugs Patty

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Dawn!

So, that's how your pictures turn out so nicely lit? I have a real trouble with that.

I would love to buy your tutorials as well. What a great idea!

You are my inspiration!

kathy said...

D awn , how wonderful --
wow sharing your sweet blog and now tuorials -- how fun - can't wait - Kathy - GA

Lady Em said...

All the neat stuff to make a jar fairy!!!! I love those little things, they are to cool. I think another blog would be wonderful. That is a really neat idea.
And I love that light box!!

Elizabeth said...

One more post...I was just reading the comment you left me about your little boy (big boy). We have sons the same age! I also have grown step-sons. Boys are a fun new experience for me, because I was raised around only girls.

Isn't being a mother great?


Veronica said...

Hi. Have you tried playing with the "White Balance" on your camera? That can help eliminate colour casts from the light source.

You have obviously done some research, the set up is looking good.

Another option is having the light further away - it makes it bigger and therefore softer - but of course it also makes it less powerful!

If you have a white wall in your house you could try putting your objects on a table to photograph. The wall should be distant from the table, but close enough to fill your camera frame. Light the wall (Or hang up a big white sheet) with one light to make sure it comes out bright - not grey. Light your objects separately with a big soft light (eg through your vellum).

...Or bounce heaps of lamps of a white wall or big bit of white cardboard to make one big soft light source.

Or... ok I stop now.

Curious Servant said...

Hey, Sis...

Believe it or not, I dropped by just to hear a little Enya.

I'm in a tough spot. I don't want to go into it here, but... could you say a prayer for me?

Tonight might be a rough evening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great ideas! Ya know, when I want to take a photo of something, I never have the right backdrop. And I live in a garden home, so there aren't many windows. I'm forever trying to figure out how to take a photo inside and not have to go out to the gardens! Also, once in awhile I drag in my old beat-up red wagon and pile quilts or something in it. Looks a little unexpected. Love your ideas, girl!

Tina Leavy said...

Hi Dawn..
my guess is a fairy bottle.
also an idea for the light box..I created one a while back that worked real well. I used a thick styrofoam box and cut out 3 sides..the top and the two "windows" then taped a type of cloth used for making tea bags to all the "windows" you could of course use the white tissue paper.
Then for the light I used an adjustable arm office desk light on the outside, and then inside I used one of the small tracing lights with the white surface to set my tiny objects onto.
Excellent for doing the macro photos.
the ideas for decorating are very nice.
hope you have a great week.

Relyn Lawson said...

The tutorials blog is a fabulous idea! I would like to be your first customer for the light box tutorial. I am always so excited by your new ventures and your constantly creative spirit. I'm so glad I "know" you!

Sandy said...

The tutorials sound fantastic. You really should go check out I think you could put your ideas in your own book and sell that too!

Check out what Artsy Mama did by incorporating her blog posts, tutorials, photos, and text into a wonderful book.

The software is free to download and the step by step instructions make it simple and easy. The books are quality and the pricing reasonable. Go check it out!


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