Sunday, July 6, 2008

More beautiful things ~

A sweet friend of mine, Becky at A Wing and A Prayer has these gorgeous soldered items in her Etsy store ~ I had to show you, they are just beautiful!!!!
xxoo, Dawn


Sandy said...

These charms are so wonderful, thanks for sharing her work.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ooohhh Dawn! How did you know i was looking for that "perfect" charm?? I LOVED that lady one and had to snatch her up. THanks for sharing! xo Heather

p.s.- you remember you gave us the code for that awesome paint color? I am painting my room that color RIGHT as I type this! I just took a little break.. ;)))will let you see when it is all done. :)

Curious Servant said...

Dawn... I wish Brenda liked to do this sort of thing.

I drop by because I like the "feel" of it here.

Being a guy, and already having more to do than I can do well, and not having the proclivity for such things, I probably will never share fully in this, but I like it.

If this were a store in my town, a place I could drop by... I would expect to find a corner with a rocking chair and sit and drink a cup of hot chocolate (or a mocha!).

Any rate... glad to have stumbled across you.


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