Sunday, July 6, 2008

I love beautiful things!

I wanted to share a few things with you that I love ~

First is Delila's artwork at Sepia Art Studio ~ everything she creates to me is simply magical.
Her work has a beautiful simplicity to it.
She took this photo of the sweetest baby bird ~

And this is a necklace she recently made ~ isn't it lovely?

You can visit her blog HERE.

Judy's blog The Spice Cupboard featured this amazing Fairy Garden Class that her store,
The Cinnamon Stick had last month.

Aren't these amazing? I just love them and want to make one . . .


This isn't really beautiful but I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite supplies. The adhesive that I use to glue papers onto the plates and platters is Liquitex Matte Gel Medium. You can find it in the artists section at Michael's. And if you use their discount coupon from the newspaper it doesn't hurt quite so bad when you go to pay for it!

Most of the images I used for my last project were printed out from my computer printer. Well, if you apply the gel medium on top of these images it will smear and muddy them. I layered my images using a simple glue stick. Then for my final gluing of the sheet music to the plate, I simply painted on the gel medium to the back of it. Keep a damp cloth nearby to wipe off any stray medium after you placed the paper down. The matte finish of the glue will show up on the glossy plate.

This is the adhesive I love to use to glue my nests in my boxes, my jewelry fragments to my artwork and other items that I glue in place. Like the broken watch on my last plate collage. It bonds wonderfully. They carry this one at Wal-Mart for a great price and you can find it at Michael's as well but bring a coupon to save $$$$!

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes for the Fourth ~ it really was such a nice day for us. I forgot to mention but the two pool jumpers are our two youngest sons!

Wishing you a peaceful, restful Sunday ~ xxoo, Dawn


Tina Leavy said...

thanks for showing the types of glues..very helpful..thank you.
oh my gosh..I forgot about fairy gardens! I SO have to create those this year with my kids..I had created a mini troll garden one year with my daughter..using those teensy mini trolls and tiny little things like the wee chenille chickens and tiny plastic rabbits...oh my gosh what fun! thanks for sharing the photos from your friends site..I have gotta do this again with my 2 littlest ones.
oh and by the way..your sons are good looking..better look out the gals are gonna be calling those guys up.have a great day tomorrow Dawn.
always love looking at your blog.
stop by and take a peek at my artwork for the challenge if you'd like.

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Your blog is lovely!! And Little Ellie is just beyond adorable :o) I've got a Miss Morgan the yorkie that you'll have to pop over to see :o)

vikki said...

you have sucha giving heart and soul! thank*u for always sharing! i love your blog, and have looked at sepia, too ~ so sweet. love her art, too. we rescued a small wren from it's house, dh even got the ladder out and put the baby back. they are about ready to go... but not quite yet, but the room in the inn is gittin' crowded! =) chase looks good in his air chair! he will have to start his blog... have a blessed sunday m'dear sweet friend! much love and hugs,vikki =)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh I adore fabri-tac and use it on everything. I so glad you use it to. I have not looked at the matte gel. I will check it out !!!! Clarice

Vee said...

Can't wait to see what you create for the contest!

Oh, I love that fairy adorable!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn,

Thanks for sharing your supplies. I am not a crafty person and have always wondered how you ladies are getting these images attached to other surfaces. You are inspiring me to try out new things!


Renna said...

Thank you for sharing your secrets with us. It's nice to know what to use, rather than perhaps purchasing a wrong item or two in search of what works best! :-)

The baby bird picture is adorable. That she managed to capture that photo of him with that expression is amazing. I also love that necklace, and will check out her blog.

After seeing those darling fairy gardens, I now have an idea of how to use a similar antique enamel dishpan I have.

Anonymous said...

Love the "expression" on the face of the little bird. I shall go visit with your friends. Bookmarked them. And thanks for the info on the glue. I wrote it down. Now hopefully I won't lose the slip of paper!

A Wild Thing said...

I love the organic nature of Sepia's jewelry, she is very talented and the baby bird...I would love to rub the soft down against my cheek.


Elizabeth said...


Thank you so much for telling us about what glue you use! Now, I want to create something.

Also, thank you for the pictures of the fairy garden. When Sarah returns from her trip I want to work on another one with her.

Have a great day!

Curious Servant said...

Dawn... I've done a bit of art and when I want to "set" something and it would smear or bleed with most materials, I get a can of hairspray... something without perfume if I can... and mist it over the work.

Hairspray is basically a type of varnish. I light dusting can fall gently over the work without settling into the ink, paper, whatever. If it i still not covered enough for the stronger layer of material, I repeat the process. (It only take a minute or so to dry well.)

Once the thing layer of hairspray is on, you can put almost anything else over it to give it a protective finish or to pop the colors.

Sandy said...

I visit Sepia Art Studio often, I also love her work. The bird photo is adorable.

I am waffling a bit about the Mind Wide Open challenge. I started a project but I am not sure about it. I can't wait to see what wonderfulness you come up with.

Trish said...

NOT being artistic at all...I simply adore your postings...feel then satisfied knowing that someone in this universe can produce what I can only dream of...

Jann said...

Thank you so much for sharing the info about the glues and your techniques--your artwork is always so beautiful . . . I saw your articles in Somerset Studio (loved the essay and art!) and in Somerset Life when I was at the bookstore yesterday. Congratulations! Take care, Jann

Nancy Hood said...

You are one of the most giving souls I know~tight hugs, Nancy

Shopgirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lydia said...

Dawn- I love your inspirational blog. The shoe pin cushions in Somerset are great too.

Thanx for the glue info- Someone at Staples, or Office Max.., told me that the Epson papers are the best , and recommended the Enhanced Matte paper(I think even the regular matte paper is good too). I tried them and they don't bleed.

It may even be that all the Epson papers are non-bleeding. I have an HP , and my brother also told me that only HP paper won't bleed. It works better than a cheapy brand. But, the Epson paper is great. Beats going out to Kinkos , Staples,... for non-bleeding if I don't have too much to print out. (For big jobs, I just save my ink and go to the printing stores...).

Thanx for all you do ! Lydia :)


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