Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet friendship, a button bottle & a trip!

Isn't this the sweetest image? I picked it up a few weeks back at Scott's Antique Market and the date on the back says 1900! I scanned it in for you ~ just click to enlarge then right click to get the list of options to save to your computer then left click again on "save to computer" or "save image as" and then you can rename it
and file it away ~ Don't they look like they're friends?

I'm working on several projects that I can't share with you right now and it makes me crazy! But I have to press on and know that I can share them with you later . . .

I did manage to squeak out a wonderful button bottle tonight with a pretty French label that I applied. This is from the French images book a few posts back. I aged it a bit with my brushed corduroy distressed ink pad and a soft cloth. I've added a snippet of lace and sparkle with a piece of an old earring.
Lastly I filled it with pretty vanilla and pearl buttons ~

I'm sure this old bottle thought it's purpose and use was over. Little did it know it would eventually be so gussied up!!

And the trip is to . . . Savannah!! We are leaving this evening to visit our two oldest sons, Brent and David and Brent's girlfriend, Emily. All of us are going too! Dennis and I, Brad, Chase and Noah . . . and of course Ellie!!! We are so looking forward to seeing them all and having all of our family together. I'll still blog too, because they all know I love it!!

Feel free to use the images below as well. I took them last year at Bonaventure Cemetery ~

Wishing you a wonderful Friday ~ xxoo, Dawn


Tina Leavy said...

love the little jar..and gracious girl you find the cutest things.
very nice.
here's wishing you a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the bottle, have a wonderful trip.

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful trip Dawn. Such a lovely button jar, everything you create is so special. It's like you add a spoon full of love to each and every one. Thank you for the image. Karen

Noël said...

Have a wonderful trip! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful images!

Vee said...

Great little button bottle...completely charming!

Have a wonderful trip, Dawn! I know that you'll enjoy every minute of your time with your sons and with Emily. Take good care...

Alison Gibbs said...

Dawn have a wonderful time with your family

Myrna said...

What a cute image of sweet friends!
And your button jar is fabulous!!
Have a great time in's a dream of mine to visit there someday..
Thanks for your friendship, too, Dawn, your encouragment means a lot to me!

Lee Weber said...

very sweet bottle!

Lori said...

you find the sweetest images Dawn:) love the tiny jar, really cute! have a lovely trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dawn! It sounds like the ideal getaway. When the kids are grown, it is hard to get them all together in one spot. I only have 3 (all grown,sort of), and they all live in the same city as I, but we rarely get them all together. Enjoy your trip!
I love the little button bottle. You are such a talented and generous lady. Thanks for always sharing.
Debbie from

PAT said...

Have a beautiful weekend with your family Dawn! I would love to go to Savannah!

Your little button bottle is so cute. The bottle looks like it once held aspirin, could this be? I love it!


Margaret said...

The soft ivory of the buttons and ribbon on the bottle are just lovely. And the picture on top is just charming!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hi Sweetie ,those two little girls look like best friends sharing a very important secret. ;-) Have a fun trip, I've always wanted to visit Savannah. My sister and I are doing a short get away this weekend and leave in the morning.


Sandy said...

Love the button bottle! A trip to Savannah sounds heavenly right now. You happen to have one lovely state! I hope you and your family have a really great time!

Kind of creepy that we have the same photos only different angles! We took photos there last year too! Am I reading right that your husbands name is Dennis? That is my husband's name too!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

I found your site over at Backporch Musings and actually thought you were one of my blogging friends who has a similar blog name...hers is Feathers in my Nest, I believe! I was so glad to find your blog, though! It is so pretty and peaceful! Your graphics and pictures are just beautiful! I love the statues and the little girl, "sweetness," on the sidebar is just precious! Was she a family member?

Hope you don't mind if I return for a visit, to see what is new with you! It has been such a pleasure viewing your blog! :)

Have a great, and safe, holiday weekend! ~Rhonda

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos of Bonaventure! I dream of visiting Savannah someday. Have a great trip!

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Have a most wonderful time in of my favorite places!

Please visit The Paris Market & Brocante on Broughton Street! ...and eat at The Lady and Sons! OH!...wish I were going with your!


Lisa & Alfie said...

How is the acrylic paint used in your project and what is the brushed corduroy distressed ink stamp? I feel like I want to venture into some crafting but no nothing at all about the tools. You are the queen so I am asking the best!
And have an absolutely wonderful trip.
Lisa & Alfie

Lisa & Alfie said...

And I can't believe I wrote "no nothing"! Correction. Know nothing about crafting.
Lisa & Alfie


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