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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nesting ~

I scanned this beautiful print for you a couple months ago and thought I would offer it to you again. As I waited in the car this morning for my teenager to come out to go to school, I noticed in the shrubbery right beside our driveway a female cardinal was working on her nest. I managed to get a few photos while she was off gathering supplies!!

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Lori said...

Dawn that print is lovely, thanks for sharing...and how sweet is that nest...i never find any near my house...too many neighborhood cats i think...i had a package delivered to me a while back filled with pink paper shreds that my husband placed on a pine bough for the birds to use...i have yet to find that pink nest...but i have been looking, wouldn't THAT be cute?

Becky said...

How sweet Dawn.
I have a momma bird and her babies living in my bird house condo in my front yard. I've tried many time to get a picture of her as she enters, no luck yet.
How sweet a shot you got of this nest.
And thanks for the bird print. Your so kind. I have seen many cardinals latly, our state bird. I just love that flash of red as they fly by.

have a sunny day,

Joy said...

Love the organizer. We have a tuesdays by us but I have never been before. The doll clothes are so sweet. I just saw the picture of your little dog Ellie. What a sweetie.

Nancy Hood said...

beautiful print~I'd love to see what you'd do with it!

PLO said...

Thank you for the beautiful picture...I will use it to make my Mommy something.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Isn't it wonderful to watch nature at work -- birds building nests, taking care of their own? So fragile and they manage to create something this incredible with just a beak!! Makes you realize that "anything truly is possible".

Miss Sandy said...

Ah, what wonderful weavers! Be sure and keep us posted on the progress. When my children were young we had a Robin build its nest low in a tree in our front yard. We got photos of her building the nest, laying her eggs, sitting on the, the eggs hatching, he feeding the baby birds worms, the development of the babies, and their first flight from the nest. It was a memorable experience.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful picture, thank you! We have cardinals nesting on the side of our yard. I haven't seen the nest yet, but I hear them. Such lovely picture!

Melanie S said...

That's a beautiful nest and so large. You're lucky to have found it.


Pherenike said...

Wow, you must have pretty tame birds in your neighbourhood. What a privilege to see a nest being made.

Have a good weekend.

Mary Isabella said...

How sweet....Mary

GardenGoose said...

how neat..we had a pair of baby cardinals hatch out in the jessamine, but sadly something got to them..but..I have been enjoying watching a pair of euraian colared doves and their mama every morning now for about a week..they come every morning to the tree outside my kitchen window and stay there almost all is so neat to watch them cuddle together and try to get "dove milk" from the mama bird.
nature is just so fascinating.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Dawn, the print is just lovely!
I love it and will use it for a project I have in mind.
I love all you are doing my friend. I have been working on a few projects that I will post about soon.
Love Nita


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