Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome back my friend...sweet October ~

The years seem to fly by ever-so-fast but even so,
I will always welcome this wonderful month!

Here in Georgia it seems to truly be our "beginning of fall" month ~
The weather here has been heavenly...
cooler temps during the day
and crisp, cool nights.

As I drive with the windows down,
every once in awhile
I will smell a wood fire burning
and it is at that instant
so many wonderful memories rush back.

My parents loved camping and for my brothers and I,
it was AMAZING!
Fall was when they enjoyed to camp
and we always had evening campfires,
sitting around making s'mores
and spending time together poking the fire,
talking and laughing.

Isn't it wonderful how certain seasons and specific smells
bring back memories of days gone by?

Welcome October...I've missed you so.

I got back to the sewing machine and made two more flower pouches
just like this one...yes, you heard right, ONLY two!
My sewing machine gave me FITS last night!!!
It has got to go in for service...thank goodness I have a back-up.
I finally resorted to pulling it out after trying to work on my other one
(and bawling my eyes out!)
Yes, I know...I'm a weenie.

Plus I made a few new sachets too with the back up machine ~
and it worked wonderfully!!!
I guess my meltdown was uncalled for but
I do love that machine.

All the goodies have been added to my Etsy shop
if you want to take a look :)

Wishing you a beautiful fall Tuesday my precious friends!!!
hugs and love,


Vee said...

Enjoy a beautiful October, Dawn! Get that machine to the shop...

Dorthe said...

Beautiful new sachets and those flower pouches are adorable ,too my dear Dawn..such a wonderful toile you used!!
And I totally agree with Anne, :-) ..a world without octobers woul be a poor world !!!
Love to you and hugs from Dorthe

ByLightOfMoon said...

Another great idea for your near like sachet makings! Smiles, Cyndi

Barbara Jean said...

are those vintage buttons on your bags?
I look all over for ones like that for my lace flowers. so hard to find any more, affordably anyway.


Anonymous said...

...especially that whisper of a burning fire.


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