Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The goodness of knowing....

Knowing what you ask?
That life exists beyond the realm of the internet
and that you understand!

Now please don't take me wrong...
I love my blog...
I'm so loving Facebook...
and of course loving the friends that
I've made along the way having my blog
for so long I've been terrified that I would lose you.
I'm just one of those Type A uptight folks
that would think that!

It warms my heart that you don't mind if I don't post
each and every single day ~
That you understand when things around here
get terribly busy and when life is just overwhelming.

Thank you for that...and for always cheering me on!!!!

I'm working on a new organizer too!
Using my most very favorite roses barkcloth ~
yes, I truly am USING THE GOOD STUFF!!

I pray you will be blessed for blessing me...

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love ~


Anonymous said...

Dawn, I am going to be right here when you pop back up with new thoughts and ideas, always happy to see your posts. So relax, blogging is only a small part of life, and if you're not living it, you'd have nothing worthy to share. You are a blessing to me! :-)

Karen B. said...

Sweet Dawn,

I know how you feel when I took a time away from blogging. Don't worry I will be here.

Many hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Maureen said...

Life is a balance - if not for living outside the internet what the heck would we talk about ON the internet? ;)

I say blog when you WANT to, not when you feel you HAVE to.

Just LOVE that little mousie sewing group image!

jeanniemc said...

Hi Dawn...I love your blog and if you only wrote on it 1 time a week, I would still follow that you share your ideas and graphics...and I love it when someone is doing what they love to do!!

Hugs, Jeannie

Vee said...

I'm here daily even when I don't comment. Hope that's okay, too! ; >

Dorthe said...

Dear precious friend,
you will alwayes have friends visiting your blog.... also if blogging less than before. We can`t alwayes do as we wish, and life outside the internet is first priority ,- I only blog once a week, and have many beautiful and sweet friends visiting.
You just do what life permits you to do, and we will all be here ,once ,twice or three times a week .
Love from Dorthe

marda said...

I'll always be checking in. Yes there is life outside the internet, and I know you have a very busy and creative one.
Using the "good" stuff is hard sometimes..glad you're doing it with another organizer.

Bird in a Nest said...

Just remember that they ones with the perfect online life may very well be lacking in their offline relationships. Offline is the real deal -- live it. The blog should be a fun, creative outlet for YOU, not a have-to for US.

Brigitte said...

Always wonderful to read your posts! Thanks and always have a creative day!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Dawn you could never lose us. We love you! Great graphics today, each of them special in their own way. Thank you ~ Abby

Nancy said...

Let me share this with you ~ Over the week end I had Sharon from Plumrose Lane clean up my Blog and install my Holiday Background. I haven't Blogged for over a year. 20 months ago I was Diagnosed with Cancer and I had to take care of me. I didn't tell but a few of my Blog friends. I did squeeze in a first time quilting post once last year. But I had to give up things for a short while as I saw it and put those things in the Hands of God. So tomorrow PST will be my first post after a very long Break. I always look forward to your Posts Dawn but it's Ok to take a Break. I will always see you at your next post, I may not have the time to comment but I always take the time to stop by and read~
Have a Wonderful Day my sweet friend!!

Huggs, Nancy

Just this... Alice said...

Hi, I absolutely love your blog and look forward to each and every post. I understand being a busy person and having time constraints. I also understand a person cannot let blogging rule their life. It brings me joy when I check my email and find your current post. I get a beverage and snack and hang out relaxing for awhile reading and looking around. I appreciate all that it takes to get a blog post out there. I have become a loyal follower and hope one day to learn how to blog better myself. Sometimes just a few stolen moments can alter the outcome of a busy schedule, but the joy of seeing and reading a post can make the difference in breaking the stress of a very busy day. Blogs like yours are what do that for me. So please never doubt yourself about your followers. Thank you!

Pat C. said...

As you can tell from the above comments, Dawn, nobody is going anywhere! (Bird in a Nest raised an excellent and well-expressed point.) We love you for who you are, not for how often you post.♥ I always know when you have a new post because of my trusty email subscription--but even when you skip a day or two, I always find myself behind in reading and replying to them, anyway! hehe

Lots of love,


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