Sunday, October 6, 2013

Feeling blessed this day ~

Some days are just the pits.
I mean it.
You can't find one single positive thing about it.

But then there are the other days ~
The days where nothing specific has happened but
You simply remember that

It has hit you like a ton of bricks.
Here you've been concentrating on all the bad things going on,
all the negativity and stuff that clutters your mind and then
it is all washed away
and what remains?

The true realization that you are truly, unmistakably
You have so much goodness in your life
to be thankful for.
We ALL do.

Thank you Lord for all you've give us...
may we always keep a thankful spirit.

Wishing you a thankful Sunday...
hugs and love,


Little Birdie Blessings said...

Lovely Dawn. The first graphic of the pale pink roses is one of my absolute favorite graphics you've shared. Love the little poem graphic. Thanks for all you share. Your readers are blessed to have YOU. ~ Abby

Karen B. said...

Sweet Dawn,
thank you for this lovely post .. I need to remember this more often!
Many hugs,
Karen B.

none said...


Tem mesmo dias que me da vontade de ficar na cama,mas vou até a janela,abro e respiro profundamente,penso em quantas surpresas agradáveis Deus tem para mim e começo meu dia.
Faço um Café da manhã bem gostoso e começo a preparar o dia de meu marido e filha pequena....Acabo sempre feliz,ou pelo menos confiante de que o dia de amanhã será melhor.
Sou extremamente feliz porque eu durmo e acordo pensando que nunca estamos sozinhos,Jesus esta sempre segurando nossas mão.
Vi tantas fotos lindas,o que e necessário para ganhar uma?
vasinhos Coloridos

Vee said...

Yes. I know what you mean. Some days are so challenging that we temporarily forget that things don't happen to us, they happen for us. Romans 8:28

Brigitte said...

good morning Dawn, words to live with! Not always easy! Have a creative week, hugs Brigitte


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