Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In my little corner of the world ~

We are finally finishing up a ton of egg soap orders!!
I know I keep saying that, but it really was a ton.
I'm hoping to get back into the studio today too...
even if only to make a few tiny things to satisfy
my artistic muse.

I took a few photos of our grandbabies Clara and Murray
this past Saturday and just had to share them with you.
They are both growing up so very fast!
Clara is SO excited about Halloween this year too!!
Funny thing is, I think she's going to be a pirate :)
She'll make a beautiful little pirate ~

Little Murray fell asleep on my chest...
nothing's more precious than holding them while they rest.

My thoughts are turning to Christmas and I need to think of something new to make!
Seems like these days with Pinterest and Google, most things have been done :)
But maybe I can at least make something and put my spin on it.

Thank you always for checking in on me and
what's going on in my little corner of the world!!

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Theresa said...

Sweet little ones:) Enjoy your day dear Dawn, BIG HUGS!

Bente said...

The children are soo cute.

Wish you a great week


Vee said...

Dawn, you'll be showing them how it's done! Is there anything more relaxing than holding a sleeping child? I think not!

Dorthe said...

Dawn my dear,
No nothing more precious that holding them at sleep.....they are boths so sweet, and Clara looking so grown up in this photo... OH sweetie, we are getting older with them :-)
Warm hugs, and love,

marda said...

Oh but I envy you holding that sweet little guy while he sleeps. I always loved that with my boys and my grandkids. Clara will be the sweetest pirate ever seen.
Do dream about soap???????

Pat C. said...

There is nothing more special than feeling the weight and warmth of a little one's sleeping body against yours.♥ What an adorable pic of the little guy.

And Clara is such a doll--she has the most expressive eyes and sweet smile.



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