Thursday, October 31, 2013

A little something new finally!

I finished my new memory organizer!!!
I love this beautiful old fabric so very much
and truthfully I have hoarded it
for years and years!
But it was time to make something wonderful out of it.
You simply can't take this stuff with you so I may as well use it, right?!

Each pocket is pleated so you can shove more goodness
in each and every one!!!!
Just listed in my Etsy store....

And now I will go cry myself to sleep as right after I took this photograph
I dropped my precious
(albeit very old but I didn't care because I loved it so)
camera and it is ruined.
I'm sure I'll figure something out but in the mean time
my eyes will be the size of golf balls
should you see me about town...

Happy Halloween angels,
hugs and love,


Shane Pollard said...

Hello dear Dawn

Oh I love that bark cloth - such pretty colors.
A beautiful organizer to hang anywhere.
You are so very creative.

Happy All Hallows eve.

Beth Leintz said...

Dawn, that organizer is absolutely beautiful. What a great way to use a piece of barkcloth.

So sorry about your camera. I've done that, too and know that sinking feeling in your stomach as you see it lying there.

GigiBeth said...

Such a beautiful piece! I love the lush fabric and the lace. They work well together. So sorry for your camera! I lost mine a while back and did without for a while. I was so grateful to get a new one for my birthday! Hopefully you can get a new one soon!

Maureen said...

What a wonderful creation Dawn! Such a lot of work and incredible fabrics. So sorry to hear about your camera - I hope you find a new one soon (us bloggers NEED a good camera!).

Vee said...

Beautiful organizer! Find your camera repair shop...these things don't have to mean "the end." Sometimes it really is a cheap fix. Keep looking up!

Donna said...

It looks lovely! Gosh, that is the prettiest fabric. I can see why you held on to it for so long. And if you want to replace your broken camera with a gently used one (at a decent price), I highly recommend KEH in Atlanta. You can check their inventory and prices online.

Donna said...

P.S. KEH also repairs cameras. You can send it in and they will do an estimate for you, if you want to pursue that route. We've been doing business with them for years and years. Highly respectable company.

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I have decided that you really are a ball of talent sister. OMGOODNESS GRAVY LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!

marda said...

This is beyond beautiful. I just checked ETSY and... yes it's sold. I wasn't holding out any hope, I knew it would be gone within min. of your listing it.
What a talent and what a wonderful piece of fabric. No wonder you were hoarding it!!
So sorry about your beloved camera.

June said...

I'm so sorry about your camera dear Dawn. That is so sad.We get so attached to them, don't we? But your floral organizer is truly beautiful. I LOVE it!
much love to you dear one...

Botanic Bleu said...

Dawn, the organizer in the beautiful fabric is fantastic! Another wonderful, inspiring project. I love the damask look of the fabric and the flowers that include blue ones.

One good thing about being behind on reading and commenting is I got to read the good ending to dropping your camera before I read the story about it being dropped. What wonderful, loving sons to buy you a new camera ASAP.

Happy photoing...


Pat C. said...

Omigosh, Dawn, that fabric is beyond gorgeous!! And I love your memory organizer... the lace adds such an elegant touch. I also love how carefully you plotted out where to place your pockets, with respect to the design on each piece of fabric. Your layout is just beautiful.

(Like Judith, I found out the good news about your new camera before I had a chance to get sad about the fate of your old one! I'm so happy for you!)



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