Monday, April 29, 2013

Precious blessings ~

So...what have I done this past weekend????
Host my precious granddaughter
for a spend-the-night party and enjoy
her absolute sweetness!!!!

Other than that...I am absolutely exhausted
I'm not sleeping well and we all know that totally
reflects on everything else that we do, right?

I'm hoping for a wonderful inspiration of goodness
for this new week!!!

Happy Monday angels ~
hugs and love,


morkaren said...

Dit barnebarn er en vidunderlig lille pige, jeg håber du snart er helt rask, og kan sove godt om natten. knus morkaren.

Theresa said...

Beautiful little sweetheart:) I am sure you girls had some wonderful chats! I know how sleep can mess us up, hope you get some rest! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Michele said...

She is beautiful! What a special treat to have her overnight!

I don't sleep well at all either and hope yours passes soon. Mine is an always, so have gotten used to it- hope yours is just a phase.



Simply Shelley said...

She is precious. I know of not sleeping well....I have sleep disorders....not good. I pray you will get the rest you need and feel better very soon....blessings my friend

June said...

Clara is more beautiful by the day sweet Dawn! What joy they bring to our lives. The reward we get for being our age I think.
I hope that soon you will have a night that will bring you many hours of sound slumber. I know exactly what you mean by putting everything out of kilter when we don't sleep!
much love...

Dorthe said...

My dear Dawn,
Oh I know how bad it is when not getting sleep at nights!!...we are not 17 years anymore- and need our sleep so much...I dearly hope for you, it will soon be back to normal, so you can wake up relaxed and feeling good!
How sweet your precious Clara is-so fun to have her for the night, I`m sure!
Love to you,and hugs.

marda said...

What fun to have Clara for the night..I'm jealous. I know ALL to well about not sleeping. My sleep/wake cycle has been out of sorts for years now...I hope for your sake it's only a passing thing. I'm more or less used to it.. but still don't like it!!!
Hope you have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Clara visits with you mean she also visits us, and that makes me smile. Such a sweetie! I am in menopause and really started having sleeping problems - both getting to sleep and then staying asleep. Make sure you tell your doctor please. Take care of yourself, ok? Patty/BC

Unknown said...

She is beautiful. I know how much you love your grandchildren. Get some rest.

Vee said...

Clara is as lovely as can be. Hope that you start getting some good sleeps.


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