Monday, April 8, 2013

A labor of love...

I fully believe that if you've worked on one project for over two or three days,
it truly does become a labor of love!!!
And the gorgeous damask fabric I used on this piece?
It is the very endings of it...I have maybe a tiny bit to make a few sachets
but I've always, always thought it was so gorgeous! organizer is finished!!!
The pattern worked I think...maybe I'll make another?? We'll see ~
But I do love this one so ~
I made a small cluster of different sized roses and leaves
at the very top to embellish.

I thought I would have added more laces and such but as I see it,
if you fill it with gorgeous treasures you have,
you would want THEM to be the star...
I can see a tiny teddy bear poked inside with it's sweet arms hanging out.
Or even a beautiful card that someone has sent you stuffed in the pockets.
Lace fragments that you can't bear to use...
Or a precious letter from a loved one.
You could place a beloved pin onto the front of a pocket
or stuff a few dried flowers inside that mean something to you.

This is not a shoe organizer.
It is a memory organizer....
To remind you of good times,
precious friends and family
things you love
and sweet memories.

My inspiration from a magazine clipping years ago:

Just listed here in my Etsy shop...
Thanks so much for being patient with me as I worked on this piece!!!!

Wishing you a beautiful April Monday precious friends ~
hugs and love,


Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

I knew the next post would be the Finished Beauty... What a Beautiful Creation ~
Well Done, Miss Dawn!

Dawn said...

So lovely, Dawn.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful, Dawn! The fabric you used looks just like the inspiration picture fabric. Such a great project have have hanging in a craft/sewing room, too. I love it!

Karen B. said...

Sweet Dawn,

it is so beautiful! I especially love your roses!

many hugs and much love,

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Theresa said...

SOOO Pretty:) Have a blessed week dear friend! HUGS!

Junkchiccottage said...

Dawn like everyone of your creations this one is another beauty. So pretty great job.

Primitive Seasons said...

Dawn: I'm's soo pretty. Just exquisite. I'd hang it in the most prominent spot in my house with old pictures, fabric tidbits, old memorabilia, old sewing tools, etc. Honey it won't stay on your Etsy store for long. I'd buy it in a minute could I afford it. I thought you would ask more. It's well worth it! Now what about a pattern? Have a wonderful week. Your sense of accomplishment must be tremendous!


Pam L said...

Dawn, this is simply beautiful and I love that you named it a memory keeper - how perfect. Pam

Romeo said...

Beautifully done Dawn!!! And your roses are exquisite!!!!! Truly!!!!!



Vee said...

A splendid idea! It came out beautifully.

marda said...

Oh my goodness Dawn.. this is just beautiful. Every bit as beautiful as your inspiration piece. It will look amazing filled with all those things you suggested. I'm so impressed with the things you create.. and maybe a bit jealous of your talents.

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

It's completely beautiful! Love it! Thanks for sharing Dawn! Hugs!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dawn you must be so very pleased the way it all worked out with your maths etc. The fabric also makes the organizer (not to mention the creator LOL!) especially with the beautiful roses you fashioned out of the same material - they are just so gorgeous!
A credit to you sweet woman,
Sending love and hugs,

Diane said...

Very pretty, love the little flower detail. The fabric is so rich.....xoxox Diane

Laurie said...

It's exquisite! I adore that rosette/flower piece you created on it!

Luvcreatincards said...

Dearest Dawn,

Ohhhh Dawn what a beautiful Memory Keeper. The flower embellishments are delightful too. You have done it again, created yet another wonderful keepsake. Your have such an amazing talent being to see something inspiring,then work your amazing magic to transform what is in your minds eye into gorgeous tactile treasures. You are a STAR.
Thank you for sharing your treasures with us.

Becky P. said...

Very beautiful, Dawn! Love it!

Dorthe said...

Oh Dawn my dear, it is so beautiful,
your roses are fantastic and so amazing creations, MY!!! It is gorgeous, sweet friend- a very very lovely organizer, that will be a delight to fill for its new owner.
Love to you, and hugs,

Lorrie said...

It's beautiful, Dawn. Would you believe I have that same photo as inspiration (from Victoria magazine) and started one of these years ago. I don't remember if I threw it out or if it is still somewhere upstairs. Yours is just stunning!

Cindy said...

Dawn, this is absolutely beautiful, this would be a wonderful gift to give someone. You don't seem many of these anymore that are pretty to put out to show, most are plain and made to just stick in your closet. I wish, wish you could make a pattern and sell it, I already have a person in mind I would love to make one for. I have never seen a pattern for this so I know it would sell really well and the rosette, I would just like to know how to make that!! I know you are so giving because you give such beautiful free tutorials, but I would love to buy a pattern if you would make one to sell. Just fabulous as always!!

Cindy Leaf

Lisa said...

This turned out so amazing! Jan is a lucky girl~

rkramadh said...

Beautiful piece! It must have been a lot of work planning/measuring/cutting/sewing. You are very good at sewing, so neat and professional. I just remembered I have a nice table cloth that is exactly the same pattern and it's cream in color. If I could sew like you, I would probably use that table cloth to sew this. But, I can't do complicated sewing :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Over the top delicious... I am CRAZY about it... YUMMMMMY! I keep thinking I'll make one.. I've been thinking that for about 15 years now. I suppose I can surmise, at this point, that it's not likely to happen. :-)


Hugs dear girl!



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