Monday, January 17, 2011

Stepping into a dream...

I really did....

When I was at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart last week
(yes, I only went one afternoon)
I know, I'm lame.....
but there were many wonderful reps in our showroom
to sell our wares and I have to say,
our son Brent is a NATURAL
at selling so he went on through the weekend.
But I did go in Thursday and my one goal of the day
was to visit Peacock Park Design's showroom!!!

Gina's gorgeous studio was featured in Where Women Create
and I've been drooling over her website and blog for a while now ~
I've snagged a few photos from her blog
that I just have to share with you:

Can you believe this ribbon Gina designed??????

A glimpse inside the showroom ~
These are all photos from Gina's blog as it is a BIG no-no
to take photos at the mart....

Beautiful, old antiques have been replicated....
they just take my breath away!

Don't you just love her taste???

And guess what came in the mail this past weekend?????
Pam Carricker's new book

 She was so kind to ask me to contribute a few pieces of artwork too!!
Here are a few glimpses inside :)

I wrote a little about blogging (surprise, surprise!)
and how much I love it ~
my heart artwork is featured on this page...

I'm sure you'll recognize a couple of my other pieces below as well ~

Pam did such an AMAZING job on this book...I think you are going to love it too!!
There are wonderful techniques shared and so much great advice on
how to fit creating art into your busy life.

I'm so honored to be included with all of the other artists inside...
thank you very much Pam!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday dear friends!!!
hugs and love,


Lisa said...

Sweet friend, I am so, SO proud of you! Your first book! I love Gina too but you are far to modest. I would be shouting from the roof tops 'hey, I'm in a book'! You art has been inspirational to me for so long & I'm so blessed to have you in my life. Watching you grow as an artist these past years has been awesome. Lisa

Gail said...

What beauty! It's frustrating however to go to Peacock Park's website and not be able to see anything because I don't have a vendor number...too bad she doesn't sell her wares online....or am I missing something?
She has lovely things but I'm so used to instant gratification that it's surprising nowadays when someone doesn't sell online. Oh well, her blog is fun to read...:)

Gail said...

Guess I didn't look around long enough, looks like there are a couple of online stores that sell a few of her products....can't wait to check out that new book, congratulations on being in it!

June said...

Hi sweet Dawn,
The book looks wonderful and I know your feature must be awesome. I can't wait to read it and see your artwork in it.
Oh my, Gina's space is beautiful. I haven't been to her blog, but I need to get there and see more of her great style.
I hope the market was a good one for you!
love to you...

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

Wow...I l do love Gina's taste. I'll have to stop by her blog. Congratulations on your publication in a book. Your artwork is always so inspiring.



Nita Jo said...

Beautiful photos. Having book envy! I've pre-ordered Pam's book, but don't get mine til the end of February. I am really looking forward to it, and to reading your contribution! *Sigh*, waiting is so hard...

sassytrash said...

I hope you do very well at the Mart-despite the weather and road conditions at the beginning! CONGRATS on the publication! Can't wait to see it!!

Theresa said...

Congratulations on being published in that lovely book! Your pictures of Gina's work are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Lisa said...

big congratulations Dawn on being wonderful and well deserved! lovely eye candy photos of Gina's work too!

The Charm House said...

Dawn, I am so happy for you as you take this new journey! Also, Congrats on being in Pam's book! Your title.. Stepping into a dream.... made me think about certain blogs and how each time I go there I start dreaming of what I could possibly do. I know God has a purpose for me being so homebound. I am stepping out and teaching my first class in Feburary. I was limiting it to 5, but it keeps growing with people asking to join. anyways.... Just wanted you to know how happy I am for YOU!
Love to you my sweet friend!

Sandi said...

Hi Dawn!
I love Gina's items too and for your readers she does have a website to sell things that I have purchased off of before. It is I have loved that ribbon ever since I saw it on her blog and would love to have some so I hope she adds that to her retail site soon! I have been past her estate (she lives 15 minutes from my daughter) and got a photo of her gate. That is all I could see. lol. Did you see her story in Victoria March/April 2010?? Just beautiful!!
PS I read your statement about *my heart artwork* wrong. I thought it said "my heartwork* until I went back and read it again, but then I IS Dawn's HEARTWORK!! :)

Dorthe said...

Sweetest Dawn-
Those are wonderfull photoes , from a fantastic blog,-I love the ribbons!
So great for you, to have a day, finding goodies, there.
I so hope your family soap showroom was a succes, dear friend,-
Love to you sweet dear,

Rebecca said...

Congratulations, sweetheart
You are such a talent and how wonderful to be published in this amazing book. I will have to order it!
Gina's showroom looks fabulous.

Sandy said...

Hearty congrats sweet friend!!!! I can't wait to get a copy of the book, looks amazing!

Carole said...

Congrats on the book. Thanks for reminding me of looking for Peacock Park....they get moved around alot. They do a great job setting up an eyecatching display. Love the ribbon. My favorite ribbon vendor isn't going to be in NY....I'm beside myself.
btw send me that price sheet whenever you have time.
Hope u had a good show.

Vicki said...

This is very, very exciting news! Congrats to you, Dawn. Well deserved. I can't wait to see a copy. I'm a fan of Pam's multi talents as well.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Congratulations, Dawn!!! It's no surprise your lovely artwork is in a book! I love the ribbon so much! Thank you for sharing the links! Now I'm off to check out her blog!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~
Isn't market just the best !! I want to go to Atlanta so
bad some day !!
I LOVE Peacock Park too !! She has a wonderful
things !!!

Anonymous said...

If I had known Peacock Park was going to be there, I would have gone to the Mart. I kind of wanted to go anyway, but did not think I could control myself!!!! I hope your soap did really well, it is so adorable.

Phyllis said...

Hi Dawn!

When my friend took me to the ATL Market a little over two years ago, Peacock Park Design was there attending for the first time. We both flipped over their little shed and booth. I wanted every single thing they were selling. They allowed us to take pictures, which I still refer to.

Peggy said...

The ribbon is to die for!! Lovely!


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