Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For the love of display..... my son Brent and I headed to downtown Atlanta (finally)
to see our display space in our showroom.
They change it up for each show ~

I won't show it to you just yet but guess what???? It is so wonderful!
And we are right next to Anna Griffin's display!!!!
I've loved Anna Griffin's designs from the beginning of time ~
Everything she makes is so classy and gorgeous.

Anyway, I measured every little bit of our display space
and worked on displaying the soap we already had there....
Then I had to map out how I wanted to display our new
"Feathered Nest" line of soap ~

The neat thing?? I went shopping for props!!!
And of course you KNOW I have to get a good buy
so I made sure Hobby Lobby had their glass half off and
ended up buying three of their GORGEOUS apothecary jars to place
on the very top of the display to show off each type of soap ~
egg, lavender and shell!

Here are a few pics of what I ended up with.....

Thelma (our little kitty in the background) gives her approval!

More props for display ~

A wide mouth bowl with pretty blue glass pebbles to display
the goldfish in a bag soap!

I want to fill this wooden, aged bucket with the lavender soap ~

A wooden tray and box flipped upside down for an elevated display ~

And I already had this wonderful artificial greenery
that I'm going to incorporate into the display ~

Thanks so much for listening to my soapy ramblings!!!
I so pray this line will be something that folks will LOVE!

Have a great Wednesday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dawn,
Hope you had a beautiful Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.

You cannot go wrong with all of these wonderful props. I can't wait to see the finished display.


Vicki said...

These are great props, Dawn. It is going to look great!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~ I am dying to see your display !! Darn
I wish I was going to the show !!
Anna Griffin is so sweet ! You will have fun being
right next to her ~ The vendors all
get to know each other really well and end
up having alot of fun together!!

hugs sweet friend,

Tammy said...

I so wish I could go to market. My friend is going to stock her store - I'll make sure to tell her about your soap. Here is an idea for display- Hobby Lobby always has those garden statuary of bunnies and usually have some of the tall standing ones out of resin with the open baskets on their backs- it would be cute to put some green grass in the basket then put some of your soaps in the grass.
Hope it all goes well and you get oodles of orders.

Theresa said...

Great ideas dear Dawn! I know your display will be gorgeous! Have a blessd day my friend! HUGS!

Karen Larko said...

Your display items are fabulous! I really like the jars you've chosen. I have some of your wonderful egg soaps and I'm planning to display them in a nest.

mary beth said...

I know that people are going to be swarming around your display like bees...I hope and pray that it will be so! You are going to have so much can you not? Blessings to you this week!

Karen said...

The props are gorgeous,I'm sure the display will be beautiful.

sweetpea said...

that is wonderful dawn! congrats and i know your soap will be a hit! ohh and i love love anna griffin!



Passionate for White said...

Oh you are such a tease... can't wait!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Looks like you found some pretties for displaying..... Always fun o find just the right object for this use... Godd luck and have fun.

Dorthe said...

Hi sweeetie,
I know they will all love the new soaps, they looks beautifull and I`m sure they smells heavenly --your new glasses are gorgeus, for them to be displayed inside, --I so hope we will soon se how wonderfull it all looks, dear Dawn--take care precius friend-
Love and hugs, Dorthe

QueenBe said...

As always, your displays are amazing to look at. I am confident your line of soaps will be a huge hit. Your display is certainly eye candy. Thanks for sharing... I will keep popping in for updates!

Nancy Hood said...

OOOhhhhh, cannot wait to see the finished display booth!! Do please remember to share it with us!!!!

Sandy said...


What wonderful props you scored! And how great that you will have a booth next to Anna! I too love her designs and products. Have fun and sell lots of soap!!!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh...selling at market, how exciting. I know you're going to have great displays- and great sales!

Shopgirl said...

You are going to do so well, I love all your finds for displays...make lots of money and have loads of fun. Your soap is beautiful. I used to make soap and loved it. I should think about it again. Love you Dear Dawn, Hugs Mary

Joy Burkhart said...

Hey Dawn. Your props are so pretty! I know you will do well at the market. You have that special knack of making simple, everyday items look wonderful. Love your soaps, they do smell great. You should be the belle of the ball!


Shawna Bates said...

I love the idea for the fish soap! You're so clever!

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Hi Dawn, your posts are so pretty! I wanted to thank you for your sidebar about the hug snug; I use it in working on lampshade frames. I was buying it for $29.44 per 100 yards, and your place only charges $7.95! What a difference! Thanks again for the info!

Laurie said...

I look forward to seeing your photos of your display, Dawn; the props you found are wonderful!I still have the blue egg soaps I got from you quite a few months ago. I had tucked them away for fall and was just thinking about getting them out again to cheer up our gray winter days.

Unknown said...

I love all your stuff Dawn, how could anyone not love it, I'm sure they will be a great hit, and the peat pots what a fab idea!! Hugs, Marilou, PS Thanks for adding me to Facebook, Karen Valentine says I eventually learn how to do all this neat stuff, meaning the techie stuff, since I'm not from even close to the computer generation it is time consuming for me to learn but I keep trying. We are dealing, (me) with a young mind and old body in years! lol, Have a great week!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Love them all...what fun! Hope your weekend is lovely! x0

Monica said...

Mmmm... Those apothecary jars! Can't wait what you do with that lovely stuff!
You know what?? You*made*my*day ;))- a HUGE thank you, Dawn!
Monica x.

The Rustic Victorian said...

It is going to be a wonderful display Miz Dawn! Great classy props! Take lots and lots of photos if you can. Anna G, very good company to be in.
How exciting!


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