Monday, January 3, 2011

Another peek....

These photos are just a little bit better than those from my last post ~
Thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging words too!!
You just don't realize how much your opinions and
comments empower me!

I'd love to get your feedback too...
you all have wonderful taste and I would love to hear
any other ideas YOU may have for packaging these soaps!
I'm going with a spring theme for the display and
of course have to use burlap....
Do you have any tips or tricks about what items to use
as props or to help achieve a beautiful display?

I have some beautiful store bought nests that I'll use
to tuck some of the egg soaps in.
Plus I want to purchase several apothecary jars
to display soap in bulk too.
Store owners may want to purchase the eggs
and sell them by the piece!

The square soap is a lavender French-milled soap and smells

The shell soap is a French-milled soap as well and has it's own
beautiful clean scent.

I'm thinking baskets, nests, glass apothecary jars....etc.
Any other ideas sweet friends??

Today we head to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart to size up our space!!!
Wishing you a wonderful first Monday of the new year!!!
hugs and love,

PS. I'd love for you to visit me when the show begins January 12th
and we are located in the Daniel Richards Showroom, Bldg. 2, 16th floor!

And don't worry if you can't make it...
Take a look at our website
to see all that we have to offer
and just give us a call at 678.432.2323
and let us know what you'd like to order ~
Our new website is under construction
and will be revealed soon!!!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I bought your egg soaps when you first came out with them, Dawn. I have them displayed in two apothecary jars in my bathroom and I used the filler you packaged them with as a "nest" in the bottom of the apothecary. I love seeing them this way!

Bambi said...

These are just beautiful,Dawn! Will the french soaps in the wire baskets that you showed on FB be for sale in your online shop? I'm thinking Valentines Day gifts...including myself!! Love all of the packaging ideas you have now!

Heather said...

An antique china washbasin would be a great prop and could hold some of the product. If by chance you have any antique fixtures (e.g. faucet and knobs) that could be positioned near the basin that might be eye-catching. Might be a good idea to screw them into a foundation of wood so they don't topple and nick the basin.

Tara said...

i do like the little peat pot idea. cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are lovely! I was thinking a birdbath or maybe a bird house in your display.

Lisa said...

These are amazing! I love the way you did these. Peat pots, of course! LOL You know what...I freaking LOVE the blue color eggs. Just perfect for my bathroom don't you think! You guys are gonna blow them away at the Mart. I'll be thinking of display ideas, I'll conjour up my inner Christopher Lowell. Lisa

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Dawn:
Love the soaps! As soon as you have your seashells listed, I'll be purchasing some of those AND some eggs! Good luck in Atlanta, sweetie.

Sonya Badgley said...

The seashell ones would be adorable in a bucket like the kind little kids take with their little shovels. Wouldn't it? You can find little buckets at the craft store. My sister gave me some of your soaps. I just love them!

Unknown said...

I'm thinking some cute cake plates, which you could purchase or put together with some thrifted finds. Lovely soaps!

Happy 2011,

koralee said...

Oh I so adore your to take a peek right now at your shop. Your packaging is adorable. xoxoxo

vikki said...

~♥Hi Sweetie... soo glad you had a wonderful *CHRIST*mas! and a belated Happy Birthday!sorry have not commented of late, remembered that you also had shared December with Jesus, too, like me! Happy Birthday to Noah, too! another December! You are always in my thoughts & prayers! & I usually check out your lovely blog. I am excited for you going to mart! Around here I have heard of people going to the Atlanta Mart! Your booth will be a sure hit! Love the peat pots & other ideas! Just stopping by to wish you well & to keep in touch. loveya with many hugs & blessings, vikki ♥~ xoxo

Barbara Jean said...

Love how you have done them up!!

Hope all goes well at the show.


barbara jean

PS love the new little bird pic at top of your blog!!! Are they for us to use?? =)

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Dawn, the packaging is amazing, just look what you have done. I love them. I can't imagine how you can improve those. I'm guessing you'll sell the heck out of them at the show. I like the new pic of the bird at the top, too cute. Happy New Year. Riki

Primitive Seasons said...

Maybe a topiary, fresh rosemary would be wonderful, but the artificial ones today aren't bad either. Twiggy wreathes, the nests and a splash of color with flowers in a basket.


Discarded Forlorn said...

Dawn, first up, Happy New Year friend. And all the ideas you mentioned sound just wonderful. Hope it's all a big hit and you sell out. Wishing you many blessings, T

Vee said...

Hmmm, you've made me believe that I can smell freshly made soap. Okay, Kathy's comment (first) was where I was heading. I have some of that packing and have recently created a nest of it. It seems like a natural way to go that soap eggs need a nest. Still, that's not thinking too far out of the box...wait, an egg carton of soap eggs? A six-pack as it were?

Okie Chic said...

I love these soaps soo cute. I think they would look so cute if you bought a big grapevine wreath then lined the bottom with burlap put the soaps inside tons of them. Have some feathers sticking out shredded book paper, raffia just random ribbon.

Vicki said...

These are all great ideas! I love the idea that Sonya had for the seashell shapes in buckets. What about a large branch in an urn that was substantial enough to hold wired nests with soap eggs for sale? I love the egg carton idea too. Best of luck at the Mart!

Sandy said...


You are the queen of display I have no doubt that it will look spectacular!

Nancy in CA said...

The soaps are just lovely and the packaging really sets them off beautifully. The peat pot is my favorite...very unique. Thanks for sharing. Nancy in So Cal

Dapoppins said...

Oh I think you have such a great eye! Beautiful...I want the soap, and would have to save the packaging

Linda M. said...

Dawn, I love the seashell soaps too. I was thinking you could add a seam binding handle to the sides of a peat pot to make it like a sand bucket and add the seashell soaps keeping it green.

kluless said...

I LOVE how your soap photos turned out and they make me want to see more and they make me want to buy some and I think that is the goal - right?? I say well done!

sweetpea said...

how exciting! i miss going to the mart since closing my shop. what a fab place to glean ideas and inspiration as well as product. best of luck for a ton of orders!



Anonymous said...

Dawn, my parents owned a gift and clothing boutique for many years, and we'd shop the Atlanta Mart together. Oh, I loved it so much! There were so many inspiring sellers and displays. Best of luck to you. I think your soaps will be a huge success!



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