Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simple thoughts ~

I love posting here ~
even if I don't have anything new to share!
I love your comments...your kind words
and sweet encouragement ~

This beautiful woman was found here.

Thank you so very much for your tips on
displaying the soap ~
I knew you would have such good advice for me...

When I don't have new photos for you,
I try to look through my past images
and share them again with you ~

So that when you stop by ~
there will be something beautiful waiting.

You're gonna get sick of me talking about soap :)
But I can't help myself when I'm excited about something!!!

Have a beautiful Tuesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Diane and Kelly said...

Hi Dawn,

I discovered Shorpy.com about a year ago and I love it! Thanks for sharing that beautiful image of the woman.

Happy New Year to you!
Second Hand Chicks

Monica said...

Happy New Year, Dawn. Thanks for all the beautiful images you generously always share.

Anne Lorys said...

I never get sick of seeing you excited about things! Your passion and enthusiasm are contagious, my friend!


Christine said...

I love your soap display on the top of your blog!!! It looks great and will make a great display at your booth!

Theresa said...

Beautiful images and I love your soap display at the top! Is this open to the public? Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Mary said...

Hello dear Dawn - stopping by to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year. I've been so busy this past year and am now trying to catch up with dear friends..........also have changed to a MAC so am learning new things and looking for some of my blog friends who've been misplaced along the way!!!

Always know I will find beauty when I visit you - looking forward to more of your wonderful photos and projects during this year.

Hugs -Mary
A Breath of Fresh Air

Vee said...

Okay, let's talk about soap! No, specifically about shampoo. I think so many of these vintage photographs of beautiful women show that they didn't have terribly good products for their hair. :D Sorry, my mind goes in all directions. Course my theory goes to dust on the second picture of the beautiful girl in profile...wow, what a profile! Her hair looks beyond lovely.

Sandy said...

Its just good clean fun! Love hearing about what you up to and what a joy to see you excited about your new business. Wishing you much success and a happy day!

Linda M. said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks for the lovely images as always. I think that the two photos of the woman is the same woman, her hair looks wild in the first image most likely natural curly hair. Back in the day I think they only used soap when they washed their hair and that wasn't every day.

Deb said...

I love it when people are excited about something....so much better than when they are mad about something...

Karen said...

Hi Dawn, the first photo of that beautiful woman is breathtaking! I love it that your excited, it makes life fun when your passionate about growing and exploring new things.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love the Twilight Dreams sheet music! Thank you! Good luck with your soap at the show!!

Unknown said...

You are a genius. When I am burning the midnight oil, I love to come here and feast my eyes on your talented work!


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