Monday, July 13, 2009

What inspires you?

When we left for our trip last week, I packed a bag FULL of books and magazines ~ it was so heavy I could hardly carry it!! Now, I'm not talking fiction or novels, but books chock full of ideas and inspiration.

Just looking at magazines and books can get your mind going. One idea will lead to a new thought, and you may think of something you already have and that you could use to make that idea come to fruition.

Somerset Life is so full of imagination ~ you can see someone's creation and then make it your own by using what you have around you and incorporating your style and taste.

A little set of pens I found at Hobby Lobby.... love them!

The beginnings of fairy shoes.....I molded the shape first out of thin aluminum foil and then covered them with the paperclay ~ they seem a little bulky, kind of like wooden shoes, but we'll see how they turn out! I want to cover them with velvet petals cut really tiny....

Some more goodies from Hobby Lobby. The beads are going to be eyes in a paper clay doll ~

And you know something else that inspires me?
Precious friends who take the time to send you paint swatches that you fall in love with on their blog!!!!

Isabel of Maison Douce painted several things with this shade that she mixed herself!
I commented that I'd love to know the formula and she mailed me swatches so I can get it color matched at the store ~
Thank you so much Isabel, you are an angel!!

Simmering ideas inspire me as well.....this little doll dress has been resting inside the back of this canvas for awhile now. I've been wanting to work on the back of a canvas and I think it will make a beautiful showcase for this precious dress.

I'm not even going to iron the creases out ~ don't you love the way it looks just as it is?

Thank you again if you purchased one of my tutorials last week!!! I had an amazing response and appreciate it so much! I still have two customers that haven't let me know which tutorial they want and I've tried to contact them but with no response. If you're reading this, and didn't receive your tutorial, just email me at: to let me know :)

Wishing you a wonderful Monday sweet friends!!!
hugs and love, Dawn


Barbara Jean said...

I love the idea of using the back side of canvas to display things.
That little dress will be adorable.

I would like to try that myself. Anxious to see how you finish the edges.

Not able to create or even do much right now.
Frustrating. back hurting when I do anything for very long.

Trying to at least do some blogging and store cleanup.
Should not complain. Glad this is just temporary and i can still walk around!

Great to have you back.

Barbara Jean

Doreen Frost said...

Good morning Dawn:). What a fantastic idea to use the back of the!

I absolutely LOVE that doll's fantastic.

I'm inspired by so many things that often times I can't keep it all straight ....sometimes it's as simple as a phrase, a sentence from a book or a song verse..and often times it's all three of them mixed together to inspire one just never know.

Have a wonderful & joyous day,

Sandi said...

Hi Dawn,
YOU inspire me!! Love all your goodies. Can't wait to see those fairy shoes completed. I know they will be adorable!!
Do you ever sleep? I figure with all your ideas running through your head you must not! LOL
This post reminded me...I never gave you the paint formula you wanted from me. So sorry!! Will try to get that done soon!!

Lorraine said...

Love all this! I especially like the colours so will be interested when you have them colour matched - please post! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn...that little dress is so sweet! Love it just as it is, too.
Many things inspire me...colors, softness, photos like your little dress...
I have so many ideas and there is only so much time in the if I could only crochet in my!
Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday and for your sweet compliments and words of support on my work and sweet Sharon's~~
Have a lovely Monday~~

Maison Douce said...

You know what inspires me...? Your blog!!!! You are so welcome, I would love to know the paint formula myself, since I am running out of my paint!!!! Big hug,

P.S. Love the little dress on the back of the canvas!!!

Journal Swag said...

Don't you just love Isabel? She is the sweetest! And talented too. She is just as charming in person. YES on the back of the canvas, and I agree, don't iron the little dress, it is perfect!

Beautiful ideas, Dawn.


Lori said...

Dawn, that little dress is too sweet...the crumpled~ness {i am making up words here} only adds to it's appeal if you ask i would not iron it either...i can't wait to see how you finish out the canvas...

love the fairy shoes so far...and i look forward to seeing them finished!!!

Sandy said...

The fairy shoes are going to be so sweet! I do the same thing when we go on a trip and drag a book bag full of eye candy.

Vee said...

It'll be neat to see what you do with the dress and the fairy shoes will turn out beautifully, I'm sure.
I don't know quite what you did here, but it has made it ever so much easier to visit you. I've not been booted off once!

Andylynne said...

I'm inspired by books and magazines too. I like to use them as reference books. Sometimes I have an idea and just need a way to do it. ( directions etc) or somtimes like you say get the idea from the source and make it my own. My most favorite thing is to almost stumble on something by accident. Set it down someplace and it just clicks. Or purchase something for something else and end up using it in an entirely different application. Usually so much better than I first intended.
Good luck with the shoes it will fun to see what you come up with. It's always somethig wonderful:)

Mademoiselle Julie said...

Books & mags for sure; tons of good pix & designers out there to "mimic" if you will. But my absolute fav is & always has been: Mother Nature & certainly antiques! :-) Cheers, Julie

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet,

So great to see the same books on my shelf as on yours, and I too don`t travel without bringing some of my wonderfull magazines or books with me .

And Dawn, this little pair of elf shoes are sooo tiny and sweet, I so hope you will share a photo when finishing them, and that goes for the lovely doll-dress, in it`s little room, too,-I too love this small and well used dresses.

Sweet friend thanks for loving regards, I hope all of you will have a wonderfull week, with great and lovely dayes.

Love and hugs to you.

BellaRosa said...

Hi Lovey (Dawn) What a great post, that lil doll dress is that the one that you were talking about? It is precious! The books, oh goodness we could get in trouble with how wonderful they all are :) I was gonna tell you about that Vintage Collage Works book, Chris found it for me, figures you already knew about it :) I need to get the Vintage Treasures one next. On Isabels' new post don't you think that neat old spool cabinet would go great in my bebe studio? I hope you make a tutorial of the elf shoes one day they are so adorable...Loves It! :) Take care... Rose

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Dawn~I love that little doll dress! I can't resist old doll clothes. And, sweet Ellie in the car is the the sweetest thing! (Smile) ~Mandy

sepiadreams said...

Lately what is inspiring me is coffee and chocolate and great magazines.....When I get a decorating block there is nothing better than quietly relaxing and mulling over awesome decor books and magazines-Oh, and looking at lovely blogs like yours...Sweet dreams...Tiina....

Nita Jo said...

I love that doll dress. It is very similar to one I have. You have a knack for using things that others never even think of. I will be searching my boxes of keepsakes for my little dress to see what I can create with it!
Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!

ByLightOfMoon said...


Looking at your blog is like looking at A Fabulous Magazine too, I see Romantic Homes in you or Victoria!

I adore the color swatch too, can you send me the numbers too?

I have some of the books you took to the beach also and YES, they are very inspiring!
I also love Home Decor Magazines and look at the Thrift Store for them. I usually walk out with dozens!

I am wanting to get in a trip to Orange Beach to ride the ferris wheel, I have always wanted too.
Smiles, Cyndi

Wildflowerhouse said...

Welcome home. The pictures of your trip looked so inviting. I love your doll dress and can't wait to see what you do with the fairy shoes. Sharon
PS just finished a fluer Fairy purse and just posted it. Drop over!

Marcie said...

Oh, fairy shoes,,,kewl,,you can do it again. Sweet dress just sweet. The time of getting lost in the magazines and book can really fill a person with inspiration. I am always glad to have old copies to revisit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, will you please post the paint color formulations???? I just love them!
Thank you so much.


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