Thursday, July 2, 2009

A little visual inspiration ~

Yes, that's what I'll call this post! Because I love visual inspiration, I think you would too ~ I've collected more random pics and photos for you to enjoy ~ some to use in your art and some to see.

I've not really been creating but am about to get going on a new project. I finished the article for Somerset (yaaay!) Sometimes my brain just can't get kick started. And the Lessons from the Nest Tutorial Sale has been going GREAT!!! If you purchased one, I do hope that you're pleased....thank you so very much!!

Wishing an AMAZING Thursday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


cinnibonbon said...

Hey pumpkin
What you doing up so late? I've been sick and sleeping for days--so sleep is the last thing I need right now!!

I'm happy to see you are an inspiration even at the crazy hour!!! Way go girl

Barbara Jean said...

Love your 'dream' tag.

Thanks for the beautiful pics.

I need to get busy and do something up with my tags, and with the two lovely tutorials i received from you.
Having a garage sale this weekend so busy cleaning sorting,and pricing.
Maybe next week i can get back to creating.

Love and hugs,
Barbara jean

Tina Leavy said...

stopping by to wish you and yours a Happy 4th of July. always so nice to visit your blog and to see what you have been up to/busy creating. Congratulations on 1,000 posts!

The Jeweled Postcard said...

Beautiful creations as usual and gorgeous pics! Happy 4th of July and Happy 1000th post! My dream is to be just half the blogger you've been my friend♥ What a way to start the day...reading a post from "the feathered nest"! Yay!

BTW...I LOVE all 3 of my tutorials I've purchased this week from you! xo candice

Anonymous said...

HI Dawn~
Perfect title for your post, which is serenely inspiring. Love all the soft colors.
Thanks so much for being you and I hope you and your family have a Happy 4th!

A Wild Thing said...

Girl, you are such an inspiration, when I saw the 'found Fairy shoe' I just melted, how cute is never cease to amaze...and inspire...I better git busy...times a wastin'...ha!

Have a safe and fun 4th...don't eat too many s'mores...


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the pictures Dawn. I love them! I agree the fairy shoe is just adorable. Where do you get this stuff? I picture a little fairy on your shoulder whispering in your ear...........Can not wait to see you Sommerset creations!

Linda said...

Thanks for the lovely images this's always a visual delight to spend time with you!

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
As usual your images are inspiring and beautiful. I especially love the shadow box. There is a shop nearby in Concord, Massachusetts called Nesting On Main. It looks like your work and that shop are kismet. I love long strolls through there looking at everything about birds, nests and Vintage.

Have a lovely weekend.


June said...

Hi Dawn,
I LOVE coming here! You are total inspiration. All the images are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
Wow! Thank you for the tutorial sale. I just bought 2 and am contemplating a third. Can't wait to get started on them.
Have a happy fourth!

Laura Haviland said...

Dawn thank you for the beautiful images on your blog !!! Your the sweetest lady.
Also I love my Tutorial purchased. You are so clever and talented. What a sweet sale, made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always awesome visiting your blog, Dawn.
Hugs, Laura.
Thanks again.

Chandra said...

I have been following along for a while on your blog and it is so insirational! Thank you for sharing the artwork has "me" written all over it! God Bless your work today!

Abi said...

Well I love the buttons and vintage book, because they are two of my favorite things, but I can never resist angel pictures! thanks for sharing.
BTW, I can't believe how many comments you have on your giveaway post! it's amazing what the words giveaway does! tee hee x

Dorthe said...

Dawn sweet, Thanks for inspiration and images,--the Angel verce especialy, I just needed that tonight,
I will tel you later dear friend,
---love to you, and hugs.

nancarts said...

Dawn, thanks for all the amazing pics of your beautiful creations.
I read your blog every day and can't wait to see what is next!
Have a happy 4th!
Smiles and Blessings, Nancy

Sandy said...

WOW, a new issue of Sommerset Life, Romantic Country, AND Feathered Nest goodness all in one day! I do believe I am beyond inspired. Love the buttons and the book!

BellaRosa said...

Dawn Amor, such beautiful pictures and creations! Are they all yours? I would love a tutorial on the fairy shoe! I tried to see the slide show of your creations but after a few pictures, it all froze up. I think maybe we need a new computer (pink laptop plz, hopin the bloggin fairy is listening, there is a such thing right?)...Rose :)


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