Monday, July 20, 2009

A bit of a quandary ~

I just love my music playlist. I've tried to choose relaxing, calming music because that's the tone that I love having on my blog ~ but a reader from Germany sent me an email that now my blog locks up her screen BECAUSE of the playlist. Plus, she's not the only one ~ other readers in a forum mentioned they had the same problem. So.....for the time being, I'm going to remove it to see if they have an easier time stopping by to see me.

A great alternative? is a wonderful website where you can "create" you own "stations" It's free and say you love Enya ~ you can create an Enya station and they will find music from Enya plus other artists that have a similar sound and feel. I also have a Thomas Newman station because I love the soothing instrumental sound of his music.

So just open another tab, go to and play the music you love while checking out your favorite blogs. I'll keep you posted if removing my playlist helped!

Do you have any trouble with my blog loading?
I've tried to cut back on links in the sidebar and
also cut down on the number of posts that display on the front page.....
Thank you so much for always stopping by to see me ~
xxoo, Dawn


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

I have trouble loading, too. I usually just wait until the whole post loads because your blog is worth the wait!

blushing rose said...

I purposely didn't put music to my blog as i read so many happy & unhappy readers re the music others carry on their blogs. I prefer soft gentle sweet music or just golden silence ... hope it all works out for you. I enjoy your posts. TTFN~ Marydon

Connie said...

Yours is one of the FEW that don't hang up my computers, sugar, but most of them are so memory hungry they will. There are a few that I simply can't visit because they hang up so badly with all the glittery graphics, memory grabbing pixels and soooo many graphics that it isn't worth it. There is one that never ever fully loads for me because of so much eye candy on there and she doesn't set her "pages to show" to a lower limit. I'm computer savvy but I won't be obnoxious about it to people. It is better all around to not have music on blogs to be able to view them properly and I know many women who just skip by them. I listened to them and just won't put it on mine anymore.

But I LOOOOVE your blog. It is so restful and peaceful to view, sweetpea!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Hi Dawn, I have a playlist on my blog too and if I don't remember to pause it before going onto your blog, my computer will sometimes freeze and I have to shut down and restart. I made a post yesterday about some other Blogger problems and as I mentioned there, switching to Mozilla from IE has solved the problem.

Kirsten said...

Everything is okay now, thank you Dawn! :-)

Laurie said...

I had been having trouble, as well, but I did not connect it to your playlist because I have to turn my speakers on manually and I usually forget to do that.

I love, love, love your posts. I have to have my daily elegance fix you know.

Laurie said...

I had been having trouble, as well, but I did not connect it to your playlist because I have to turn my speakers on manually and I usually forget to do that.

I love, love, love your posts. I have to have my daily elegance fix you know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Dawn~~
No, I haven't had any problems with your blog. I just switched over from IE to Mozilla, tho when there was the blogger issue a little bit ago.
Oh I LOVE having music on my fact sometimes I just keep it playing here in the office...

I so enjoyed chatting with you yesterday,via email! Thanks again ever so much for your ♥ and support!
Enjoy this gorgeous Georgia Day!!
Peachy Love,

Sarah said...

I had trouble loading your site but it is better now. Thanks!
Here is a site that will run a free speed test for you. It's easy to do and the results are interesting, too! I have used it to check my blog.
Web Page Analyzer

angelandspot said...

I've never had trouble with your blog. I never knew you had music on your blog as I rarely turn on the speakers on my computer since I am normally multi-tasking and it can be annoying to have 5 different songs playing at once if all the pages I have open at the time have music playing on them.

Unknown said...

You load fine for me too...although I have noticed that I get booted off quite a few...I think it may be some sort of blogger thing??? Who knows....

Karen Valentine said...

I've never had any problems with your blog, but I have also had some folks telling me they have had trouble with mine. I wasn't sure why but I decided to remove my music too, just in case that's what it was.

Have a lovely week sweetie!

My Desert Cottage

Vee said...

It comes and goes, Dawn, but I must say that the Followers widget seems to be the problem across the board whether it's high or low. Sigh. I'll miss your playlist. Lucky me. I saved it! ;D

Linda K said...

Just in the last two weeks, I usually get a window that says "Operation Aborted", cannot open your site. I think it might just be because you are so popular that there are too many trying to view!

Love your site!

Dorthe said...

Hi dear sweet,

I too , can say that loading your blog took quite awhile,-but I never felt it was a problem, because your blog is one of the most importent ones for me to follow every day,--so I Just waited
wondering what special and wonderfull things I would see ,when opened,
Now it just took some few seconds,to open up------
and---I newer had problems concerning your lovely music.

Dear friend , hope the problems will solve for you, your way of blogging, and showing us all kind of wonderfull things are just something I would not do without.

Lots of love and hugs ~Dorthe

Marji said...

Hello, dear Dawn - nope, never have a problem, but I have Mozilla Firefox as well, and so I don't seem to have any of the problems some other people encounter across the board - as a matter of fact, I have my playlist and ya'lls playlists at the same time (I turn down the speakers when that happens) but it still doesn't cause me any problem (unless I forget to turn down the speakers and have a strange concert going on - LOL) Just thought I'd let yo know - loved your playlist! But love your blog more so do what works, we can't miss out on the IMPORTANT stuff!!! :) Blessings, Marji

Elaine said...

Hi Dawn,
For the record, I have never had any problem with your site. And that's a blessing, 'cause I don't want to miss anything!

Lori said...

i have never had problems visiting blogs with music...i don't listen to the music though...i always have my speakers off unless someone has posted a video...i find music on blogs to be a distraction...i would rather focus on the post itself...i DO however have problems with blogs that show too many posts on a page or have a lot of sidebar action going on...they take forever to load!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog and I read it quite often. So many nice things and beautiful pictures!
How good of you to bring up this music subject! I don't have any problems with your site, but it takes longer to download a site with music. I dislike music on blogs very, very much. I find it very annoying! It would be better if the music wasn't on but easy to find the list. I wonder if it takes longer to download when the music is on than if it isn't?
I've heard of people who refuse to visit sites with music.

AB71 said...

Dawn, I had the same "operation aborted" problem too, just days after I updated to Windows Explorer 8. Yours was not the only one, it was very random when it would occur. My husband convinced me to use Google Chrome and so far, no problems.

Wishing you all the best,
Angie in KY

The Cinnamon Stick said...

No trouble at all my friend...hmmmm it does take alittle longer to upload than others BUT well worth the wait!!!Hope you are enjoying your summer! Love, Judy (was pulling out my Halloween goodies and there was my "Witch's Shoe" I LOVE IT!!!!!

Mary said...

No problem for me getting to see the beauty on your blog Dawn.

I've just recently added Playlist - it doesn't have to be left turned on - one has that option during set up. Mine is off until the visitor wants it - I put a note at the top of my sidebar.

I do think many people have too many pages loading - it takes forever. One can always go to the
Archives to see previous posts and just perhaps keep the current month up.

Hope Summer life is good dear. I'm off again Fri. so will be posting from the road if possible.

Pam said...

I've had no trouble with loading your blog either Dawn. I'm with IE8.
Just tried to click onto but due to new regs they can't cater to we Aussies. :)

Yu have such a lovely site here.

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Hi Dawn... I really have no problem with your blog at all, and love your music. I noticed a comment earlier that there are those who will not go to a blog with music. That's very sad...I think a persons choice of songs says a lot about the blogger. You have a wonderful blog and it bacame that way by you designing it with your spacific interests. Keep up the good work and Do what makes Dawn Happy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I was having the same trouble with several blogs. But I found if I hit the back button it seemed to clear things up. Some of the blogs had music, some did not. Hope all is well. Love your blog. Sandy D from NJ

Charlene said...

Dawn I love the music on your (& other's) blog. But, it does sometimes cause a problem. Especially if you have more that one up. Like if you are looking for something to get a link from or going from one to another. It is too much for the computer to deal with & it will lock up. But, I fixed mine where people can choose to play my play list instead of if being automatic. Whatever... your blog is so worth waiting for it to load. But, thanks for the information on

Chandra said...

I haven't ever had too much trouble loading your blog and honestly it wouldn't persuade me to leave if it did. I have had a bit of trouble downloading the very top portion of your blog...where the tutorials are. It seems kind of "sticky." Hope you have a good day!

The Faded Cottage said...

Hi Dawn
Today is the first the day in a week that I am able to get on your blog I keep getting a message that said operation aborted. I was very upset about this as I read your blog every single day, now I'm enjoying playing catch up with your lovely blog.
Make it a great day, Janice

kaniki's said...

Hi Dawn.. I visit regularly too:) Just love your inspriations... And quite a bit ago- I never had a problem, then... all of a sudden- all of my favorite blogs with playlists started locking up - and would not display!! Had a heck of a time getting your site pages to load yesterday- and so I checked other sites with playlists- and same thing!! :( I really did enjoy the wonderful music too!! It's blogger- I'm sure.... They ban certain songs etc., and pull music from people's playlists- and I heard you could only install/add one of their features?? Not sure!! Sorry you had to remove- but am glad to view your page without lockups and errors....

Kaniki's Prims & Whims

Cathy said...

Thank goodness and thank YOU! Blogs with playlists (and lots of other bells & whistles) are always so much slower to load (and I've got fiber optics, so my speed is usually only slowed by the OTHER site's uploading capabilities). Either way, I love your blog!! BTW, I love the Flower Fairies of Cicely Mary Barker and am working on some crazy quilt blocks now with that theme. Hugs, Cathy

Sandy said...

No problems on my end, the page loads beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Sooo, that is what the problem was. I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden I was having problems with your site, and now I'm able to get in without any problem. Hmm, interesting, who'd-a-thunk!
Deb Plapp,

Scrap for Joy said...

I haven't had any problems with your site. One of the things I love about your blog is the music you choose. I know it's the right of anyone to play what they like but sometimes the music is so loud and jarring on blogs that I can't stay long. When I come to your blog, I always read your post first and then sometimes I open another tab to continue my internet grazing and leave your music on. I have loved your choices and will check out the site you've mentioned. It seems so quiet now....but it won't keep me away!

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
I have to agree with the other readers (although I LOVE your play list) it did hang up my PC sometimes. Most of the time I have trouble with multiple slide shows on the sidebars on other blogs though. I do love your blogs and will check it daily as I already do! Thanks for your constant inspiration! Tami E.

KV Creative Designs said...

Hi Dawn,
I removed my playlist along time ago when it made my blog slow to load and sometimes it would not load either.

I love your blog! Now I do not have speakers, so I didn't know you had a

Artful Blessings,

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Mz Dawn!~
I have had trouble with the "operation aborted, have to close"...but I thought it was on my end...and your blog as of late was hard to get into..once I did, it loaded fast..but,,yours was not the only one...web sites too from the search engine....oh it is all beyond me. I must say the last couple of days I have been getting in here first try like always. The music is nice for sure,,in fact Id leave it on for hours while I was in my studio. I took some things off my blogg,and I haven't had as much problem. Who knows, good luck my friend.

Nita Jo said...

Dawn, I miss your music. I have had trouble with all blogs, music or not, the past couple of weeks. It would same "Operation Aborted" or "Unknown Address". For me it's an IE problem. Something to do with security settings.

It will also block photos part of the time, which is really disappointing.

I would love to have a copy of your previous playlist. Sometimes I'd just minimize your blog, after reading your posts, and keep the music playing while I did my writing. You had such a relaxing selection!

Nita Jo


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