Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For the love of dropcloths ~

You know I love them. Canvas dropcloths are absolutely wonderful!!!

I saw on Kari and Kijsa's blog where they created curtains with them too!!
Just click HERE to visit their blog to see more pics.......

I posted about my new dropcloth curtains HERE back last October and I STILL love them so ~
I washed the largest painter's canvas drop
cloth I could find and used fabric softener too!

Not only did I have enough for these curtains.....I had tons to use for my artwork too!!!!

Sweet Candice from The Jeweled Postcard purchased my Christmas Treasures Tutorial from Lessons from The Nest
(be sure to check it out....I'M HAVING A SALE ON MY TUTORIALS!!)
and posted about it HERE......I can't wait to see her beautiful creations!!! She makes such gorgeous jewelry ~ You've got to check out her Etsy store too!!

We're all such kindred spirits here, aren't we? Loving so many of the same things ~

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday my sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Barbara Jean said...

I have not looked at the painters drop cloths, but seems they would be stiff and thick. The curtains all look like they have such a nice flow to them.

Guess I'll just have to go see what this stuff is!

Love your room.

Barbara Jean

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I think you could take a pickle jar, a rock and a rag and make it into a thing of beauty! Your "eyes" see things most of us never would and your spirit allows you to try and see what you can or can't do with them. You are a true visionary!

Vee said...

I followed your good example on the drop cloths, too. Still love my curtains and we even used them to eke out a nice space for my grandmother from my office using them as a room divider, which can be opened during the day. Though I may not have an original thought, I recognize a good thing when I see it!

The Jeweled Postcard said...

Well these posters above took the words right out of my mouth! You are so wonderful for telling us all your little secrets and finds that we may never come across! I love your cutains, what a great picture ;)

And thank you so much for the wonderful post from my blog, you are just the sweetest♥

Just purchased 2 more tutorials, yippee!!!! xoxo and (((hugs)))

Sammy Girl said...

Dawn, it is TRUE! So many hearts lovin' the same look. Miss Martha (vintage trifles) is working on her guest room and looks like she might be going with the dropcloths for curtains, too. Perfect color with her greeny-bluey paint. Martha has such a nice touch with her choices. Let's see if we can get her to post pics when she is finished!
As always, thanks for sharing images and your thoughts. You are the BEST!
Have a super day and hugs!
Betty :)

Sandy said...

The drop cloths look just dreamy!

Michele said...

Oh Dawn ~ I love what you did with those curtains. I'm hoping that if I wash them and use lots of softener, they won't be so stiff? I want to try this for my living room.


robin-bird said...

this is something i am just not good at....seeing the possibilities and just doing it with a capital D. i watch cindy over at Tarte (Queen of Tarte) ripping up can vas drop clothes into long strips of fabric and then using those strips to tie, hang, connect and wrap up the most amazing bits and pieces of art! how brilliant you are in your vision!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Dawn, I just wanted to come by and say thank you for your sweet comments about my dog Harley. Your words were certainly appreciated. Take care and have a safe and happy 4th of July.

My Desert Cottage

CityHomeGirl said...

You inspire me. I love what you create. There is something very "homey" about your designs. I would love to see what you do with a contemporary direction.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

I was completely in love with this idea when you shared it previously and still am! Such a clever use of a simple item...but looks so devine at the same time!


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