Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thoughts of spring ~

Do you find your mind wandering and thinking of spring? It's always so beautiful here in Georgia and it's coming fast now. Our wedding anniversary is March 21st and usually by then the trees are in full bloom and the grass has greened up.

I love rustic-looking planting pots and wanted to learn more about making a hypertufa pot. I searched around on the internet and found several great links on making them. It looks a little messy but on a beautiful, spring day it would be fun to make several for your new spring plants.

Here's some great instructions on the HGTV website:

~ CLICK HERE to see ~

I even found sweet mushrooms that were created from the leftover mixture!

I have several unfinished projects waiting for me in my studio ~ which I usually don't do. I love to see them finished. We've been moving things around here at home getting ready for little Clara....she'll be here soon!

I had a changing table that I was using to store fabric on and cleaned it off so Emily could use it in their room for the baby. She's definitely in her nesting phase and the moon is getting more full by the day!!

Wishing you a very happy Thursday sweet friends,
xxoo, Dawn

ps. I may have given you these bird images before but I just love them!


Tami said...

Yes, grass, crisp breezes and the sweet chirping birds. Well, that is what it was like growing up in Ohio. Here is South Texas we so are in need of rain before anything can turn green.....but the birds and crickets are chirping away and what a sweet sound it is.

Have a wonderful day!

Dorthe said...

Hi Dawn, oh dear, I can "hear" you almost can`t wait anymore, for the baby to arrive, and I understand you so.
Tomorrow I`m off to take care of mine two in Copenhagen while the parents are enjoying a bit of free time, can`t wait to see them.

Blessings and XO to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mizz Dawn!
I have been thinking of you lately, and the baby coming, I am sure its getting exciting at your place wondering when Clara will be on the move to appear. Spring is a good time to have a baby as everything is arriving and nature is about to burst. The prints are wonderful, and the pot is a very good idea,,,a good project to get the mens strong arms helping with.
The Possibilities are endless.
Love ya Momma Bird!

Lori said...

Dawn, i am so excited for you...i know you just can't wait to see the sweet little of your first grand~baby!!!

Lori said...

oh, yes...i cannot wait for MIL made some planters like that several years ago...and she spent a lot of time with a chisel hollowing out big rocks to use for planters...i have one of those and i have my hens and chicks in it...very cute...

Jamie said...

I am so excited for you!!!! It is just around the corner. That Baby Clara is one lucky little Sweetie:) Thank you so much for the bird and pressed flower prints. They really are beautiful and make me feel ready for Spring. Have a wonderful day sweetie! Love, Jamie

madrekarin said...

Great minds think alike, sweetcakes! I've been researching hypertufa since last fall. I am hoping to make a few pots and troughs to put herbs in for the back porch. It does look messy, but what fun would it be otherwise? lol

The Other Side of Me said...


Thank yo for the bird images. They are wonderul. The planters are interesting. I really like their natural look about them.

Looking forward to seeing the Baby pictures.

kathy said...

Oh Dawn !! a baby soon - seems to me it went fast - but I know all of you are counting the days -
will be so wonderful
Blessings -- yeah it will be 75 sat aft4er all the snow - too crazy -- kathy-ga ♥

Anonymous said...

Dawn, you always post the prettiest things! Makes my heart sing!

Barbara Jean said...

Good morning.

I tore out articles on making those planters a long time ago. Thanks for reminding me i wanted to do them. =0))

thanks for more pics.

Barbara Jean

The Painted Nest said...

Hi Sweet Dawn!!!! I'm really lovin' the weather today!!! Thanks for the prints~can hardly wait to use them in my artwork!~~~AHHHH~~SPRING!!!! Counting the days till MISS CLARA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!Can hardly wait!!!!! Blessings,mama bird!!!~~~Deborah

Vee said...

By the time your anniversary arrives, spring will be in evidence especially in your corner. You're so right that once on its way, it comes quickly.

Will be watching to see if you begin this creating your own flower pots using this method, which looks unusual to me.

Anonymous said...

No green grass in sight here, just dirty brown everywhere! Yuck! The little bird pictures are so soft and sweet! Thanks for sharing them!

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Dawn..
What a pretty Spring post
(:) Love the pictures and those are the cutest Mushrooms(:)
will be back soon..
hugs, Patty

FrenchGardenHouse said...

How exciting, sweetie! I bet you can't wait...thinking of you, gramma.
xo Lidy

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Oh my.... what a feast for the eyes and soul! I LOVE your site! So many wonderful nooks and crannies to explore, and all so beautiful.

I noted that you've been featured in Artful Blogging. I have been looking, without success, in my corner of the world for a place to purchase locally. Which means I gues I need to order on line. I was inspired to think there are 'real' people who are featured in such gorgeous magazines, such as the ones you've listed.

I'm sated..... thank you! I blog about living a beautiful life, so I'm always thrilled to find 'kindred spirits' who really know how to do it right! Gives me more food for thought on ways I can live more beautifully.

Cynthia DiBlasi - Fine Art said...

Hi Dawn! I just wanted to let you know that I came across your blog from the spring 2009 artful blogging magazine, and fell in love with everything you have created! The fairies in a jar are absolutely adorable. I have posted a link to your blog for my blog friends to see. :)

Thank you for sharing!


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