Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have a beautiful giveaway to share ~

Don't you love giveaways? This one is so beautiful to me because I love monograms. They are so very elegant! Aina at Modern Country is having a pillow giveaway on her blog!!! So click HERE to enter to win...just scroll down until you see the pillow post! ~ xxoo, Dawn


Lori said...

oh my!!! how lovely...thanks for the tip Dawn:)

love your "four~square"...you have been having fun at picnik!!!

Deb said...

What a wonderful pillow! I love it, and that cute little fairy in a jar up there...she had to be mine! I've made a couple with the help of your tutorial, but mine were never quite as cute as your little pouty girls! I can't wait til she arrives! I had tomorrow all mapped out for some creating, but alas my boys are out of school again tomorrow because of snow. The only thing I'll be creating is food, food and more food! Have a good day!

Shopgirl said...

I am a M....this would be fun. I have finished Ruth on my blog.
Now on to other adventures.
We have snow coming our way!!!!
Good night friend, Mary

SweetAnnee said...

they are lovely..but I wouldn't
want her to have to ship it overseas
and can I READ that..

smiles, Deena


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