Tuesday, March 3, 2009

French journal progress & handwriting images for you ~

I worked a little on the journal today ~ mostly the cover and inside back cover. The metal pieces were not complete that held it together plus I wanted to take a few pages out that were damaged. So I added gromments or eyelets instead! Hopefully I can tightly tie it together when I'm finished.....

Do you love neat old handwriting? I scanned in a few pieces for you ~ :)

The last scan is a few pages from a French play! Happy Tuesday sweet friends ~

xxoo, Dawn


madrekarin said...

Those pages make me wish I knew this person, the one who could make the Speed of Sound in Air by Resonance Columns appear so elegant!! But not enough to make me try the experiment myself. ;)

Sandie R said...

Your journal is going to look wonderful when You are finished. Suggestion if you can't tie it tight enough you could always get some Chicago Screws at the hardware store. Thanks so much for all the lovely images you so generously share with us. I also love your soothing music.

Belle Brocante design said...

Hi Dawn I love your Blog & images but I am searching for the beautiful paper one on your second photo. The one under the Eifel toren on the album page. White with French text & beuatiful engraving above the ledger... Do you know where I can download it? Is it yours or?



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