Monday, March 2, 2009

Playing with paper & a few images for you ~

Don't you love playing with paper? Tinting it, resizing it to work and then arranging it on your background? I always play for awhile before going with a certain arrangement. Try different images and see which one strikes your fancy.

I'm always drawn to nature, fairies, children or French images. This is the photo album that I showed you earlier and I want to turn it into a journal with a French theme. Maybe I chose that because the album was black, who knows...

Ellie was so cute in the snow, she actually liked it!!

A few beautiful images for you to play with ~

The boys ARE out of school today! There was just too much ice on the roads to risk the buses being out on them. Wishing you all a very happy Monday dear friends,

xxoo, Dawn


Musenkind am Meer said...

Dear Dawn,

I love your unfailing richness of ideas.


Connie said...

I've only recently found your blog and just adore it, my sweet chickee! I've not been a very "artful" blogger but I'm leaning toward getting more into it as I'm an "eye candy" kind of gal and love it. But your photos are quite adorable as are you and I so enjoy looking.

I have a pair of red shoes that I've had for over 25 years that I love that are becoming so worn that I've stashed them away for "retirement"! But looking around the blogosphere I think I'll do something creative with them so I can see them daily and reminisce when I grow older! I get such lovely ideas surfing.


♥zoe♥ said...

Hi Dawn,
very nice paper work project i love to do one for myself too:)
Have a creative monday!


Alicia said...

Dear Dawn,
Lovely book!!! I think that Picnik has drawn you right in. I got on there the other night and you're right it is sooo easy. Thankyou for the pictures. The back girl in the first one could be my mother's pofile! Amazing. I've started a creative blog ( to post creatve things, not much on it yet, but you inspired the first creation on there. Thanks for everything.

Lori said...

Dawn, that album you are working on is so beautiful!!! i just love how the images and papers you are working with marry with the black looks very dramatic and SO pretty!!!

thanks for the free images, they are all lovely...and you are so sweet to share!!!

Vee said...

Let's hope that this is the last bad weather day of the season. But sometimes these unexpected days off are such wonderful memory makers. Hope that there'll be cookies in the oven and a few surprises for you all.

Thank you for the images, Dawn, and enjoy your day.

(Sometimes the buses would run here when I didn't think that they should and I'd make an arbitrary "Mom says it's a snow day." Such a rebel am I! But I had been stuck in a bus on the side of a snowy hill for hours and I'd never want anyone to endure that. No fun!)

Deb said...

Yeah for snow days!! We have at least 6 inches and it's still snowing! It's a good day to stay in and fix a pot of soup and bake bread and cookies. Once I have a nap, I think I will. It's supposed to be 11 degrees tonight so I think our snow day will be extended!
Thank you so much for sharing the images. I just love the little cherubs! Happy Snow Day!

The Painted Nest said...


Anonymous said...

Dawn, these black and white images are going to be spectacularly elegant when you've finished it! How adorable that your dog is also black and white! ;-)

And the snow....I'm glad you have something so pretty to look at out your window and hope you don't have to go out on the roads.


Kim said...

wow - thank you Dawn , all the images were lovely but I particularly loved the last one!

Barbara Jean said...

I love the way you put things together!! Your journal will be beautiful which ever way you choose.

Thank you for the images.
I need to try to figure out why my images are not very clear when i print them..
Blessings on your Monday,

Barbara Jean

kathy said...

Dawn - what a beautiful album - I too laike many are in love with things with a Parisian theme --
The snow here was amazing 7 inches -- we were without out power for several hours yesterday - kathy - ga

debi said...

Dawn, Your book is stunning...I love it!! And thank you for the beautiful images, can't wait to play with them!
Have a wonderful week!

Sandy said...

We got a sifter full of snow here too. It came down in buckets but the ground was too warm for it to stick around.

The journal looks like it will be wonderful! I adore that first image, thanks so much for sharing it!

Have fun with the boys today!

Vintage Papers said...

this is all so beautiful! thank you as always for sharing your work and vintage things with us! :)

madrekarin said...

Sweet little Ellie!! She is such a cutie-pie. :)
I love the Jessie Willcox Smith image. Lovely.

Shopgirl said...

Ellie is like my Mattie Anne, she loves the snow. Only comes in when her little feet can no longer bare it. It was warm here today, but very windy.
I love your new album like everything you do, it is wonderful.
I did take one of your pictures. I took sisters. I really don't have anything in mind, but it is lovely.
Thank You.
I am almost done with Ruth, she has filled my blog for awhile now. It will be nice to take a new direction..but I have learned so much doing this Book/Journal and pictorial.
As the calendar turned to March, I thought about your Clara coming...
good evening, Mary

Phyllis said...

Ellie is so precious.

Alison Gibbs said...

Dawn your album is gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing some images with us.
Love your music

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Beautiful - and a log overdue picture of Ellie!!

Coleen said...

Hi Daun!

Just wanted to thank you for the images!!!!....I used the cherubs in a project....Sweet Cheeks........I will email you a picture later today, hopefully if the light co-operates!!!



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