Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beautiful old pages ~ I love these cast-offs

As I was arranging these old books on a shelf in the new studio, I had to take a photo for you. The tattered bindings, covers and pages are all something that I love. Some I use for my artwork, giving the pages a new life and some are too wonderful to use the original so I'll scan the page in and print it out or have color copies made.

This little bundle of goodness are the gatherings that I collected during our last trip to Savannah. Some of the moss that hangs from the old trees, pieces of a palm tree that had fallen to the ground and small fragments of shells. I saved these things to make a memory assemblage of our trip.

Remember the ephemera idea? Sewing the paper clips onto the long strip of fabric? Well, I am such a cheapskate that I wouldn't pay the money that they were asking (I didn't find the round ones, just the "S" shaped ones) so I thought I'd try these teeny clothes pins! I'm worried about damage to the brittle papers and I think they'll be a little more gentle to the paper that the paper clips. We'll see....

I'm slowly getting things put away ~

Sweet Clara, so very happy ~

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday dear friends!!

xxoo, Dawn


Barbara Jean said...

Clara looks so sweet and contented.
Must be all the love she is getting. =0)

Posted my idea for my fabric, but will just tell you as i know you are busy.

Instead of laying them horizontally, and making a mess every time i pull one out, i got some of the cardboard (from the fabric store) that they keep the fabric on. They were free.
I cut them to fit the height of whatever shelves i am using, wrapped the fabric on them, and it so so much easier to get to them without messing the others up.

I need all the help i can get being tidy, as i am usually a messy creative person.

Blessings and have a great weekend.
Barbara Jean

marie said...

Clara looks so alert ~ I love her eyes!
She's so pretty!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said... looks like you have already accomplished a lot with your re-organizing! Looks Great! Love the old books.

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Megan Chamberlain said...

Congratulations on your beautiful grandbaby Clara, she looks so adorable.

I love your studio pics, it is all so lovely and inspiring. It must be so exciting arranging everything and finding stuff that you had forgotten about.

Carol said...

Hi Dawn!
It's hard to believe that Clara is only a few days old! Your photos are so precious.
I always think that after 6,000 years of human imperfection, it is a real tribute to the skill of our Creator that babies are still so delicious!
Have a good day!

Alicia Robbins said...

Clara is looking so adorable!

you are really coming along on the new studio. It will be so great with all the room in there.
Have a Lovely Day~

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I can almost see you during your days now - walking back and forth between the nursery and the studio! :-)

Everything's coming along wonderfully in your new space. The photo of your old books - so appealing. Don't you just love them! All of those "bad" acids in the paper that make them so wonderfully, browned and crisped and aged and mellowed!

I think you're right about the paper clips. I had some artwork returned to me once from a company that used them and it made a permanent indent where they clipped it. I think your tiny clothespins will be much more gentle with your fragile papers.

You're making me want to visit our local antique shop to see if they've gotten any more old books lately.... But I also want to take a walk outside. Michelle Palmer has the most amazing photos of the nature things she's collected like in your pictures. You've both nudged me today! And it's supposed to be 60 here today!


suzeeez said...

I am so jealous of how your studio is shaping up ....I keep trying to get mine to that point...I just need a bigger room!
The baby is beautiful...
~ Smiles to you.
I too am going to be a first time Nana in about 3 weeks or less.

Vee said...

Lots of progress on "the room" and I'll be eager to hear what you have to say about the wee clothespins and whether they are gentle.

Clara always looks so wide awake! Are you guys tickling her toes? Such a sweet little face...

Dawn said...

She's precious, Dawn....

madrekarin said...

I know you have added more storage pieces, but where on earth were you hiding all of that stuff in the little room?! lol

Connie said...

What a big eyed sweetheart! Aren't granddaughters just so much fun???? I think so, sweet chick.......

Karen G. said...

Your space is really getting there! I love seeing how things are finding their places.

Clara......what a beauty! And that hair! WOW! And those beautiful eyes.

Samantha said...

She's such an alert baby! Just darling! Happy weekend to you.

Jennie said...

I think I could easily fall in love with your little Clara! I cannot get over how clear her skin is, how rosy her little cheeks are and those little lips look like a bow! Oh my goodness...she is a little love!

I'm so thrilled for you. And your workplace/studio is fab!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Dawn...

Girl, you have been busy, busy! Just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed seeing your ever-evolving studio project! What a fabulous room!!! You have soooo many beautiful things! I always like to enlarge the photos and go through things "one-by-one"...hehe!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!
Ps...also been enjoying all of the photos of your lovely little Clara

Nancy in CA said...

Oh sweet Clara. She is so cute and seems to be a really alert little girl. We have another grandson coming mid-May... the wait is not easy. Your creative room is just fabulous. So much room, so many display shelves, boy I could just go wild with this much space. Lucky girl! Have a great weekend. Nancy

Sandy said...

Hmmm, I am trying to tell who is more happy tiny Clara or her precious grandmother!

Desires of the Heart said...

Hi Dawn, Your art studio is really coming along! What a wonderful space to really spread out and make it "pretty" at the same time. The books in the suitcase--such a cute idea. I know you will have wonderful hours creating in this place. Aren't we blessed that our husbands "get it" about this creating thing? I just finished re-doing my room to make it more comfortable and pleasing to be in.
I will be E-mailing you as I have something that has your name written all over it.
Baby Clara is precious and seems so alert. What a blessing to get to be with her all the time at this stage in her life. You will be a wonderful grandmother. Blessings to you, Linda

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Bless that little Clara! Your studio is fabulous....organizing is so hard...but worth it in the end (i really wouldn't know...not organized yet myself). I am addicted to old books so appreciate the pic! Be well, Laura

Nita Jo said...

What wonderful old books! Your studio is coming along quickly! So many treasures to work with. It must feel great to have the space to spread out and create.

And, Clara... what can I say... she's a little angel. I can imagine those tiny fingers creating her own art, next to you, in a few short years. Keep enjoying every second... they go so fast!

lorhen82 said...

I love old tattered books too! And little Clara is just so precious - it makes you want to cuddle her, which I'm sure you do at every opportunity! ~Lori

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Clara is a living doll! Just like her NaNa.
Lovely studio Dawn..
Just been thinking about you today and wanted to pop over and say Hi...
Love Nita <3

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my goodness Dawn ~ Clara is as sweet as life can get ! Ohhh to kiss those baby cheeks ~

Jamie said...

I love how your studio is progressing! I'm relocating mine - so I'm getting lots of good ideas from you! Love the pics of the little one - she is an adorable little 'punkin'... can't wait to have some grandbabies... Jamie V in MT

Shopgirl said...

You are looking more and more like a Grandma and she is beautiful. The pictures are lovely. They change so much as time goes by, it is the Butterfly effect.
Your room is making me look so shabby and not chic!
Good-night Grandma
The first time she calls you Grandma or whatever you decide to be called you are going feel your heart leap.

Anonymous said...

lovin the look...i get it, i get it!!! i love your blog too!! been following it a long time. you inspired me much when i started mine. thanks for stopping by.
i lived in georgia 16 years. hail is unusual. i hope to go back to georgia soon. it's a place that grows on you.
your studio is looking clara is gorgeous and your old books enchant me.
congrats on all things new...
take care


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