Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Progress and postcards ~

I've been a busy girl....not so much with creating but with moving furniture, spackling nail holes, painting first coats and all such as that! I haven't painted a room in several years now and boy I can sure tell it!!!

I'm not really sure if I like the color I chose...but it still needs another coat so I may change it a little on the next coat ~ we'll see. Paint colors are so very tricky....too much blue, too much green or too much red in a paint color can just ruin the look you're after. I really wanted a very neutral khaki and what I've ended up with is not that ~ so we'll see.

I've been wanting to give you a few more postcard images that I hope you love. Please save them to your own computer and use in your artwork, a sweet card or even to frame ~

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday sweet friends,

xxoo, Dawn


Tara Sullivan said...

I love reading what you have to say! Thought it most interesting that you claimed to not be busy creating when (in my estimation) you are SO busy creating...making a space for yourself and your work! Choosing paint can really be a sticky prospect. I'm muddling through a re-decorating deal of my own. Best wishes for your beautiful new space! It's certain to be beautiful and special. Tara

debi said...

Thanks for the sweet images!! Can't wait to see pics of your studio!
Have a good week,

The Painted Nest said...

Well sweet Dawn, I think I'm over the stomach virus, it was awful!!I am so tired of being sick!!! Well, enough of all that. I'm So HAPPY FOR YOU~~~NEW STUDIO~TEACHING CLASSES~~~WOW YOU GO GIRL~~~DREAMS COMIN' TRUE!!!! I PRAY ALLLL GOD'S BEST FOR YOU SWEET FRIEND !!!Deborah

tam said...

Thanks for those great images Dawn! Perfect timing since my Birthday is day after tomorrow! Have a nice week!-Tam:D

Lori said...

those postcards are lovely Dawn, thanks for sharing them!!!

Sandy said...

Sweet images from a sweet lady! How fun to be creating your new studio! Have a great day painting.

Michelle Palmer said...

Such sweet, sweet images...
Wishing you the best with your room~
Maybe the color will be perfect once the lighting, draperies, decorations are included.
Thanks so much for your kindness...

Connie said...

Sooooo true about the paint, honey! I recently painted my walls pink and had to do 2 shades because in some rooms it was more "vibrant" due to the light coming in there. I'm happy and loving it but it is tricky to get the proper color sometimes, sweetpea. Can't wait to see what you come up with.........

kathy said...

dawn . I am sure it will be beautiful - Paint is so elusive sometimes -- they dry differently
and of course the light -- would love to lightenthis room I inherited when no 1 -son got married - but How would I ever dismantle it -- THe dark olive green I do love and lots of cream trim and it is a very large room - so I will be thankful -
Can't wait to see all your displays and storage hints --
Kathy - ga

The Other Side of Me said...

Good Morning, Dawn,

Good luck with the new studio and painting. I am sure it will be lovely! Many thanks for the postcard images. Have a great one.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, you'll deserve a soak in a nice, hot, scented, bubbly tub tonight!

Deb said...

Finding the perfect paint chip has always been the hardest part of decorating a room for me too! We are renovating our sons bathroom and have a half dozen paint chips taped to the wall :-)
Thank you for these sweet images Dawn, I've used one in my post today for a Vintage slumber party challenge :-)

Barbara Jean said...

Good morning Dawn,

You must be a color person like me.
Sometimes it is not fun, as we have a 'vision' in our minds, and it does not seem to come out on our walls, frames, art or whatever.
I am trying to let go of that some, and not be so set on something, but... it is very hard.
I know you will come up with what you want, and I am anxious to see it.

Thank you for the great postcards.

Barbara Jean

Storybook Woods said...

Just beauitful, you are always sooo sweet to us xoxoxo Clarice

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Dawn,
I am new to your blog and I wanted to let you know how much your lovely posts brighten my days. Your blog is beautiful and so very heartfelt.

Hope you have time to stop by my blog, I have a well deserved award for you..
I LOVE your blog & all your lovely creativity!
Blessings ~Carol Anne~ :-}

Anonymous said...

Oh PAINTING!!! My favorite! Well, kinda, sometimes~~LOL! I know it is soooo hard when you have that perfect color in your mind...I'vee repainted my kitchen 3 times to get to what I have now..a soothing light butter color. We repainted our bedroom over twice because the color was toooo dark.
That included trey ceilings, walls the whole shebang!!
Can't wait to see it Miss Dawn~~


Vee said...

Oh that painting sounds frustrating. Some people say that it's only paint, but it's always been much more than that to me. It's the cost of the paint and the time spent doing it. Hope that you can figure out what tweaking is needed.

Thank you for the lovely vintage birthday images.

lorhen82 said...

I know what you mean about paint colors being tricky. You have the color in your mind, but it's hard to find the exact paint color, or it ends up looking different in the lighting in your home. Thanks for the beautiful cards! ~Lori

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Dawn I love the cards with the birds! I hope your paint turns out nice.

The Rustic Victorian said...

It will be great, I will hope to learn something from you on colors, I know wall painting is in my future, but by someone elses sweat, not mine, due to carpel tunnel. Take care of your back. We are all very excited to see what magic you create. And how the magazines will be fighting over who gets to do a photo shoot first.
It is also nice you can do it in a cooler season..Love ya!Marcie

Joe C. said...

Dawn, you are so sweet to share these adorable postcards with us.
My sister's birthday is the 13th,
so now I have the most adorable
card to give her. Thank you for
all of your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these sweet images. Love your blog! And thank you for the encouragement to start my own blog...haven't done it yet...but I'm getting there. :)

Anonymous said...

One of these days we might see you in "Where Women Create"!!

Thank you so much for the sweet images - I love them!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...


You are so sweet to post these pictures for us when you are so busy yourself. Don't overdue it now. Can't wait to see pics of your pretty room finished.

Debbie from NJ


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