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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A peek inside a favorite ~

Do you have this book Vintage Treasures? It's one of the books I chose to take with me last week and I forgot how beautiful and inspiring it is!!

Just the cover alone makes my heart skip a beat ~

The ideas throughout are simple, elegant and so beautiful ~

This is what my lavender sachets need to look like!! I'm going to try this.....

Apply vintage lace to lampshades to enjoy its beauty ~

Simple vintage pins and satin ribbon adorn gifts ~

You would love this book!

I added a little snippet of lace that was a gift to the knob of my cabinet ~

Placed a vintage crocheted bootie inside my stained and crazed creamer ~
the other bootie is on my advent calendar I created for Somerset...
it signifies when our first son was born December 20th.

And I added a tiny bundle of hair pins still wrapped up ~
why do I like them? I don't know....
I just do ~

I just love new bloggers. I feel like they are sweet little chicks that we should wrap our wings around, don't you agree?
I've recently found Amanda and her blog I should be grading papers....
how wonderful is that name?

I would love for you to stop by and show her the blog love
when you get a minute ~

I hope you have an amazing Tuesday dear friends!

hugs and love,


KarenB said...

Being on the West Coast means that I can see late night posts before I go to bed. It's a good thing! I have Vintage Treasures. I've had it for several years now and it's still very beautiful and timely. Maybe I'll look at it before I turn out the light! BTW, I'd love the bundled hairpins too, if they were mine.

Modest Gal said...

What a beautiful book! I'll have to go out and buy one. Love your blog!!!

Nita Jo said...

Dawn, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves old hairpins! My family does not understand why I want them... well, I don't even understand it myself. I guess they are just symbols that remind me of my grandmothers and mom... of a simpler time. That book is a treasure. Lovely photos!

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie,

It`s one of my favorite books, so full of wonderfull pictures and ideas,
and so are your photos too,
I so love your little cabinet full of beauty and whimsey, all your lovely collection of usefull and so special things- the hair pinns too. Oh my , I guess some of us are just a lucky part of the human race, being able to enjoy the littlelest things in the world.

The most lovely day to you dear friend, with love and hugs.

Lori said...

i never saw that book before, it sure looks pretty!!!

Sandi said...

I love that book! I have had it for several years and I love the lace bags and the sachets! I have always wanted to make them , but haven't got around to it yet. I must make that a priority soon!

Miss Sandy said...

I have not seen the book but will have to keep my eyes peeled for it, it looks wonderful. I like simple easy to execute ideas. I love your little treasures in your cupboard.

I'll be happy to hop over and welcome Amanda.

Today I am going treasure hunting with a friend and hope to find some things to use for one of the tutorials I got from you. Can't wait!

Have a great day!

kathy said...

Dawn , your cabinet too wonderful -- all those creams and whites --but most of all -- the love -- things of family and finds that makes your heart race -- just the little lace on the knob - too DEVINE !! - kathy -ga♥

chicroses said...

I have never seen this book. Will have to look for it. I do have some hairpins also but Im a retired hairdresser..haha. Love your blog. Have I said that before? Just bought artful blogging mag. and hopes that it will help me to get more creative. Well I think I am but getting pics and other things to my blog..well that is another story. I will quit whinning. Sally

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Regretfully, some of the magazines you show are not always available in Canada OR if they are, not easy to find! I always enjoy seeing these Dawn. I will go and visit Amanda! With your encouragement Dawn, many of us have started new blogs! Thank you.

Vee said...

A teacher I presume! I spent twenty years of my life saying that. Ha!

Thanks for the information about this book.

Kathy said...

A sweet, sweet post... Love all the goodies. You sound like your pretty settled into your new space now... Hope your enjoying it and the creative juices flow...xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North...

June said...

I can't believe that I don't have that sweet book. I will be looking for it though. Dawn, you are certainly an artist in the way you place objects in your lovely vignettes. I feel very inspired after visiting today.

Amanda said...

Thank you Dawn!
Your wonderful friends are showing me the blog love!!! It was like my birthday this morning!! I was so shocked: 15 comments, and 15 new places for me to visit. This is fun and it feels so good.

Piney Rose said...

I too have this book - I love it! Wonder if there is plans for a Volume II.... And I also have some vintage hairpins in a jar that I found somewhere - don't even remember.

she dreams big! said...

Dawn - I so enjoy your blog, beautiful pictures and ideas but especially your kindness towards other bloggers, new and old alike. You must be a terrific friend to those that know you. Thank you for inspiring me every day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Dawn,
How is your week going so far? We seem to be having a busy week - just like last week - as we have out of town visitors but it is always fun to visit with dear friends you don't see often.
The magazines you took on your trip look lovely, I can't wait for out trip to the US next month so I can go to the bookstore and go crazy leafing through many of them :)
Have a fantastic week, I am off to visit the new blog you recommend!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Dawn ~ I have not seen that book ~ I will definitely be getting it, it looks beautiful !!
Thank you for showing us ~

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

I love to use vintage pins in my decorating. I wish they weren't so expensive. Thanks for sharing -the book is fabulous.

Marcie said...

Hi Mz Dawn,,,,such eye candy,,,I am coming over right now!
Fabulous post!

Linda said...

Great stuff, Dawn! I haven't seen that book....must find.

Sally L. Smith said...

I, too, own this book and I always glean inspiration from it. I've been on vacation myself and am looking forward to creating today--after a bit of cleaning--ugh!


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