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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's good to know where your stuff is ~

In an attempt to be more organized, I found this neat little caddy (10.00), drawer thing at w-mart and decided it would help a little bit. It was a gray color and because I love all things creamy colored I also purchased some spray paint for plastic to give it a new look. It turned out really pretty too!

This was on my art table and I was tired of looking at it! So now it's been sorted, sifted and tucked into these adorable little drawers ~

I had this cart in my closet that I used to take to Lakewood Antiques Market when I had the antique store. I think it will be wonderful to keep these rolls of paper in...I have a few more to gather up and add to it ~

I should be finishing this.....

And these.....

But it's fun to organize too! This was another goodie from w-mart (8.00 or so) ribbon is currently in a cardboard box. It will be good to put it in this organizer so I can see what I have. The dividers slide out to allow for thicker ribbons too.

And this is nothing but a random shot of a wonderful Ralph Lauren sheet that I bought just because I fell in love with the look of it! I've had it for a long time and use pieces of it in projects ~

I just want to tell you that I'm so glad to be glad you stop by.....and so glad to be a part of this amazing community of inspiration. Thank you sweet friends ~

Wishing you a wonderful Friday!
xxoo, Dawn


debi @ life in my studio said...

I just love visiting your blog! You always have something fun going on and you are a constant source of inspiration!

Phillane E'lee said...

Hello Dawn,
I have one of the grey things and never thought of painting it. I will do that and look for the ribbon holder. That would make life easier.

lakebrat said...

I love the little drawer organizer. You know that would be great for buttons or little things like the prim little stars, hearts and such. I make dolls and use those all the time. hmmm I think that I'll have to make a run to Wal-Mart and pick me one up. I also love the cart. I've seen several of those and would love to make me one as a hamper to roll back and forth to the laundry room. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful things. I really enjoy your blog and read it religously.

Lori said...

walmart storage bins have really saved storage is at a premium and i love how you can stack those bins...haven't seen the ribbon one, that i could really use!!!

that fabric on the sheet is SO pretty!!!

Karen G. said...

You are a breath of fresh air, Dawn!

Diane said...

Dawn is "nesting". :-) Isn't it fun to organize everything! I love puttering around in my studio, touching things, dreaming of what to do with them, organizing, setting up new displays.
Your cart is oh-so-cottage-looking!
Love it!
And the b/w project - coming along beautifully!
Is today really FRIDAY already!? Have a wonderful weekend!

Charlene said...

Oh I feel your pain in the lack of organization. I too have been trying to get it together. One of the problems with aquiring all of our treasures is... remembering what we have & where we put it. Have a great weekend. Thank you for noting the new banner. It is a freeby I got but, I really liked everything about it except the script. I just need to learn to manipulate that in another program & plug it in to the HTML. But, you know what a retard I am in that department. HUGS!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for sharing all of these wondeful organizing tips...I am sure your little room is beautiful!!!
And...just wanted to tell you that I am so happy that YOU are blogging, I really enjoy your posts.
Have a great weekend,
everything vintage

Utah Grammie said...

Fun finds! I find I have to "see" my stuff or I forget I have it (and sometimes buy it twice!) so the visibility of your containers is great.

We're glad you're blogging too! We all love the inspiration, the sharing and the friendship you have give all of us. Have a great Friday, my friend :-)

Tami said...

Oooooo.....I like the little drawer organizer, might just need to look for one of those!

Have a wonderful day organizing!

ps. I posted more Brownie images today...adorable too, Brownie and Bees!!!

Michele said...

Hi Dawn ~ I love the drawer organizer...I was just at WM last night and bought a couple of 3-drawer organizers...hopefully that will help with all the crap on my crafting table!

Michele said...

I use my flea market cart for wallpaper too. Its very handy and can be rolled over to the work table if needed.

The Charm House said...

Well it looks like you had a wonderful day at Walmart! It was a beautiful day in Georgia to be outside! Warm but snow still on the ground here! It looks so funny to be walking around in short sleeves and looking at the snow on the ground!
Love you dear friend,

The Rustic Victorian said...

Great Post Again my Friend!
I love organizing. I have a problem with getting things out and not putting them away. I have a personality problem I think. It finally gets to me though. No where in my house is like that,,just in MY room. Right now I am feeling awful as I have trashed it once again. So you have inspired me to deal with it.later. Haha right now I have too many wonderful blogs to chatch up on.
Have a lovely day Mizz Dawn.

ceekay said...

I have GOT to go find me one of those ribbon thingys at Walmart! What a great idea!

kathy said...

Dawn , oh to be organized -- love yourideas -- I am still trying -- just when things are put away - sometimes -out of sight out of mind _ Yikes -- out of my mind --
for sure - have a wonderful warm
weekend friend !! kathy - ga

Colleen said...

ok so spray painting the plastic is a GREAT idea...I have 2 of black and one grey and I keep them hidden because they are icky I am inspired !! Thanks for the great ideas and the beauty !!

Vee said...

Organizing truly can be fun. Glad that you've done what made you happy knowing that it doesn't sidetrack you from your first love of creating.

Joy Lett said...

Dawn- how cool is that ribbon organizer? I haven't seen that but will be on the lookout- My ribbon is always a mess. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. I've been trying to do better but you know life doesn't always cooperate. :-) Joy

LindaSonia said...

Love that you blog and love visiting your blog. It's always soothing and full of inspiration. LindaSonia

Sweet Romance said...

I too am so happy to be blogging and part of this awesome community of wonderful people! I love your finds at Walmart and want so bad to run right out and get them but we are en-route to Florida right now and not 1 more thing will fit in my vehicle (at least that's what hubby says)so I sure hope I can find them when I get back home! ((((hugs)))) candy

SweetMelissa said...

I have a few drawer organizers too and they're wonderful. But I was toting back and forth between house, garage and barn and the little drawers were spilling too easy for me. So that orginizer will be left in one location and I picked up a few of those tray organizers with the little compartments and a lid, so I can tote that one around with me. And I've contemplated picking up a good old tackle box which would give me compartments, a lid, and a handle to drag around with me from project to project. Just love all the wonderful photos and artwork on your blog!

Rockin' Robin S. said...

I will have to look for the drawer organizer I haven't seen those at my Walmart. Maybe in a different department? I do have a couple of the ribbon organizers, but they will not hold all of my ribbons. I would have to buy 20 of them. So am looking for a different way to take care of that one. I am excited for you to get a new work area can't wait to see what you do with it. My studio is a work in progress right now. It is in a one car garage. Cyber hugs

Sharon said...

Oh Dawwn, now you have meall inspired to keep up my organizing I satarted in Jan, and let slip.I really need one or two of those ribbon boxes. I love that it's clear. Thanks for inspiring me in more ways than one. Sharon

Jen r. said...

Love that! I am always looking for new ways to get organized! Jen

Lenna said...

It must feel great to have your stuff all organized. I spend far too much of my time trying to find things. Thanks for sharing you storage solutions ideas with us. I feel inspired!


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