Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What was I thinking???

I had a request for one lavender sachet....and one needle book, right?
Well, I must have gone nuts!
It's taken me three posts to get all of these babies this far!!!!

I guess I thought, if you're going to make one...why not make eight or ten :)
That takes a whole lot longer though!!

I just kept finding linens that would be perfect for one or the other ~
but still, nothing's listed in my Etsy shop.
Oh well, maybe today!

Here's a few more in-progress shots ~
(you're gonna be so sick of them all by the time I list them!!!)

Have a beautiful Wednesday dear friends and maybe....just MAYBE...
you won't have to see much more of this pile of stuff!!

hugs and love,


debpaint16 said...

What Beautiful one-of-a-kind Treasures, you have created!!! I am in awe of your talent!!!! Debbie

Angela said...

It is good you didn't stick to only 'one' of these pretty sachets.
They are all so very unique, I know exactly how you feel when something goes well, you just can not stop...

Anonymous said...


Sandy said...

Oh Dawn they are just beautiful!!! My favorite is the one with the three embroidered birds. I love the soft look of all of them. Wonderful job!!!

Kimphy said...

Dear Dawn, Such an Amazing Talent you have for creating such Exquisite Beauty! I Love seeing each and every one of your sachets and needle books! Would adore being able to sit by and learn from you, you are an Incredible Inspiration! ^.^

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn those are so pretty!! You have such a wonderful talent!

blackenpot said...

Beautiful everyone of them.

Thank you for sharing

Vee said...

The way you have so lovingly rescued remnants to make something sweet and new impresses me all to pieces. ♥

time worn interiors said...

Dawn you do very good work. Every thing is so neatly done.

Sea Witch said...

Lavender and vintage linens. Two of my favorite things. Your work is exquisite.

Rhonda said...

You just take your time, these are GORGEOUS. I've rushed through projects and it wasn't good. All good things are worth waiting for.

Everything Coastal said...

Totally adorable! Can completely understand what happens when you start a project thinking that it will be simple... and then it becomes much more.

These are so darling!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Adorable-ness! Love them all.

Anonymous said...

Love watching works in progress - lovely linens and things. And, you're probably smart to do them in bulk - so nice - I'm sure you'll find your market for them in no time!


Karen said...

Hi Dawn, they are all so beautiful! you do great work.

Nadine said...

They are gorgeous...I love the little pink birds!


Cyndi said...

What beautiful work. I can't figure out my favorite but if/when you list them I'll be sure to settle on one or two or ten. Absolutely adorable and comforting.

Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Oh, but so worth all the efforts, Dawn. They're beautiful!!!!

Hugs, Diane

Littlefoot said...

These are absolutely beautiful!! You rock!!

Createology said...

These are so beautiful and such treasures for generations to come. Great gift items. I must admit I am smiling as I have so done this before...well if I am making one why not make- hahaha

NanaDiana said...

They are just beautiful. You do a wonderful job sewing- I can tell! xo Diana

Nancy said...

Just Beautiful! I can't wait til you list them, I need some Gifts just like those!!

Huggs, Nancy

Kathy said...

GORGEOUS work, especially those needle cases. When you're on a roll, you just gotta trust and go with it. Barvo!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Dawn,
I reckon when you're on a run of good things~keep them coming.
Absolutely gorgeous and thanks for sharing your pictures.
Creative hugs,

elvimar said...

Hola soy,son una maravilla que trabajos tan bonitos,Hasta muy prontito.

Sally L. Smith said...

I love how you've worked the past into the present with these lovely little works of art. Each is a treasure.

susan hemann said...

They are all so lovely. I put in a request for a needlebook. Now I want them all they are so lovely!!

Brigitte said...

My favorite is the owl! All are beautiful!
Brigitte at

ByLightOfMoon said...


I will never get sick of seeing your needlework and reading your blog! You are always refreshing and inspiring.

Clara is a cutie and worth sharing more than you do. Never say we are tired of your work!

I should post more to my own blog and comment on on yours, but I do enjoy reading your posts and seeing your email almost every day that you have posted some of your life and shared with us what you are busy making.

I am so behind as I could not get moved nearly as fast as you did a year ago! I am still unpacking and making my craft room what I wish it to be i my unfinished attic.

I love when you show photos of how you have made your spare room your crafting space with us.

You keep inspiring me! I do LOVE the OWL linen you found.

Smiles, Cyndi

Ella said...

Gorgeous...everything is neat and amazing!
You won't have any problems selling them~
Smart gal!

Dorthe said...

Dearest,they are so beautiful- and so lovely made, I adore them lined up, like that- they are little vintage beauties- and must smell heavenly.
And the pin keeps, looks romantis sweet and lovely.
Beautiful work-dear friend.
Hugs and love,Dawn-
from Dorthe

Vicki Boster said...

Be still my heart-- these photos are so beautiful- they show your creativity perfectly. You have made some truly beautiful little treasures!
Well done Dawn- you must be SO relieved to have it all done!

Dortesjs said...

Such an amazing talent you have for creating such gorgeous beauties so so adorable

Barb said...

Well Dear Dawn,
You have done it creative and beautiful. I never grow tired of the treasures you make! Keep them coming, PLEASE!!

Hugs to you,

Barb Gould


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