Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A sweet elf shoe ornament tutorial for you ~

I finished my tutorial!!!
What's so sad is that it's been a year since I've added a new tutorial

So what happened?
Yes, we moved but it seems life just took me over, you know?
I love sharing my ideas so much,
why am I not popping out one of these guys a month?????

if you'd like to purchase my elf shoe tutorial ~

It's only 5 bucks and you can make TONS of these for teachers, family, friends
and of course for yourself!!!!

So what's on my mind now?
Angel wings.
Yes...you heard right, angel wings!
I want to create a precious small pair for you to hang in your home....
and to create for others and give to them as well ~

My mind is spinning but will land soon on the right idea ~
Stay tuned my sweet friends,
and thank you always for stopping by here!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

Hi sweet dear Dawn-
I had to purchace this lovely little Elf shoe-so I clicked the pay button :)
I know your tutorials are wonderful photographed and explained to perfection, and I`m looking forward to this one.
Wish you a happy day dearest friend.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Elly said...

Oh my...how cute. I never expected that they where soooo tiny. I have to purchase this tut and give it a try. Would be great to see the lovely shoes hanging on my christmas tree (:o)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Adorable and the muted tones and the music paper inside the shoe... it's all in the details! I wonder if these would fit a doll I have.....

Lorraine :-}
New follower.

Anonymous said...

Sweet shoes! Had to pin it and kudos to you - it's featured on my Whimsical Me board - first of many whimseys to come!

Carolyn said...

Hi Dawn,
Those are just so cute!

Thank you for your kind words and the prayers for our Lucas!


Createology said...

Oh Dawn these are just precious. I must buy your tutorial next week after I get my computer back. I have left myself a note so I don't forget. Super cute and I am swooning...


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