Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creativity is so good for the soul ~

I had a total sourpuss attitude today.
I can't explain exactly why, but I did.
I hate that. But I know myself well enough by now that when I'm like this
I need to shut up.
I need to simply keep to myself and try my best not to be ugly to my family.

Finally I managed to get into the studio to make a little something.
Nothing huge, ginormous or magnificent but just SOMETHING.
OH! and have I introduced you to my newest assistant, Minnie?
She just LOVES my studio!!!

Well, I had just purchased a big ol' bag of fragrant lavender and
decided that lavender sachets would be simple and relaxing.
Hey, maybe they would turn my attitude around!

What I came up with:

Simple....but so sweet ~ and by the time I was finished, I was smiling!!!!
What is it about creating pretty things????
It truly IS therapy.

Try to make time to make something beautiful,
you'll be glad you did!!!

Happy Thursday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Becs said...

Hi Dawn. I just love that sachet. It is just perfect. Your blog is one of my favorites. You always inspire. Hope you day tomorrow is better! Becs

blackenpot said...

Hi, those sachets are lovel. And I agree creating things does make one happy.

Hope today will be better, thank you for sharing.

Theresa said...

Beautiful creation dear Dawn! Have yourself a mighty fine day:) HUGS!

Vicki said...

I am so glad you were able to find some time to create. I think we all wake up like that sometimes. xoxo

Nelly said...

Ilove how you used ld watch faces great idea but you always do wondrful things

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How pretty they are, Dawn! I love the way you incorporated the clock faces. I'll bet it smelled good in your craft room! I get in those moods sometimes, too, and have no idea what brings it on. I'm hoping to get my craft room in order soon {most everything is still in boxes since our move}. It is probably a good idea to go create something to try and move that mood along!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, dear friend! Stitching is therapy. It's healing and comforting and satisfying. And these are lovely!

Hugs, Diane

time worn interiors said...

Loving those pillows!

Tammy said...

Hi Dawn! I love those sachets!!! My fav is the one with the ruffle! I love days spent creating and just being to myself! it's the best!
Love your little kitty too! who wouldn't like being in that great studio! Have a super day!
Junk Wild

Vee said...

That has to be the answer! Making something beautiful AND filled with lavender. How can you go wrong? Kitty looks right at home and what a perfect name for her...Minnie...she looks a bit timid and shy and wee.

Dorthe said...

Dear friend- those dayes seems familiar! then it is so good to find a place of ones own- and create ,like you did :)
The lavender sachets are beautiful in all their simplisity.
Love and hugs to you, sweet Dawn.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Cat love stuff don't they! and they love watching their family messing with stuff.
That button with the little clock, really caught my imagination - great work!!
When I am in a funky mood like that I always say to my husband, "Don't tell me any bad news, don't tell me anything, ...I'm going into my art room I will be out for food."
:-} Lorraine

Rhonda said...

I love simple. Your sachet is beautiful, Dawn.
Your new assistant is so cute, too!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Congrats on Minnie Dawn! She's lovely!! And looks as if she's right at home. She'll have many wonderful years with you and your family, and if not, I'll have her! LOL.

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

I love those little lavender sachets you make. they are so beautiful

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I so enjoy visiting your blog!
These are so pretty and I love the creative embellishments!

Susan Hemann said...

Sometimes I can get crabby when I haven't created something. Love the pillow! Been collecting clock faces for a long time. Made a pin with a larger face, feathers and drift wood.

Irene said...

I must agree, I'm in a much better mood when I've created something. Love your little helper. Your studio looks inspiring.

Ella said...

Glad your view changed; I have been in a rut lately~ Your creations are lovely~

Unknown said...



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