Sunday, October 2, 2011

Surprises are around every corner!

We have four chickens.
And they have been laying WONDERFULLY this past summer!
And have I told you that a fresh chicken egg tastes AMAZING?
I refrigerate them as soon as they lay them (washed of course)
but they really do taste delicious.

I'd been noticing that our red hen had been escaping the yard a lot!
(crawling under the delapidated fence)
Well, a few days ago Emily was strolling around the perimeter
of the fence to look for Red and just look at what she found.....
TWENTY eggs that girl had been laying outside of our backyard!!!!

I had to ditch them all....they were spoiled ~
Funny hen, she was sitting on them all when Emily found them!

More snapshots of sweet Clara being Clara ~
She's quite the ham you know!

I finally added a few fluffy pillows to the guest bed.
Do you see David's guitar still propped in the corner?
Since he left, the sweet boy hasn't been back!
I think he was SO ready to not live with his mom and dad....
but he'll return soon....
I have his grilling tools and that boy LOVES to grill out!

I found something neat this past weekend, so you know I have to share!
I went to w-mart to get the fluffy pillows I needed....queen sized and perfect to fill
the beautiful handmade pillowcases that my dear friend Ann Perry gave me!
They have long, gorgeous ruffles on the ends ~
Well, anyway, what I found was a travel pillow form that they have!
(in the bedding dept)

I had a sweet, quilted pillow sham with roses and inserted the travel pillow into one end,
then let the other half fold over the front ~
Yes, the folds are still there as I've had this sham for several years!
I found this sweet sham at Ross and just loved the fabric.

If you need an inexpensive pillow form that's about a third
of the size of a standard pillow, this is a great deal :)

More treasures in our guest room...

A sweet friend emailed me last week.
Debi told me she had a few sheets of ledger paper that she knew I'd love!
I thanked her dearly and returned her email with my address.
Look at what arrived this past weekend!!!
A sweet gift Debi knew I would love ~

Precious trims ~

Beautiful shells ~

Just look at how teeny tiny the ledger handwriting is!

Thank you so very much Debi ~ I absolutely LOVE it all!!!

On a last note...
I found one lone bloom of wisteria on our back fence ~
can you tell where it ended up?
It will be preserved for eternity!!!
This is the progress of it's pressing:

I sure hope the comment thing is fixed....
I so miss hearing from you guys!!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful fall Monday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


Susan said...

Dawn, Your guest room is so lovely! The pillows on the bed are so pretty. That little girl painting is gorgeous.

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

It all looks so lovely! I especially love the cottagey pillows on the bed. They are so charming. It makes me want to move in! (She signs contentedly.)


Dorthe said...

What a naughty hen,lol-running away to have little ones--they can be quit persistent with that:)
Dear Dawn, your guest bed room look more and more beautiful, for every time showing it- the new pillows are so romantic, and looks wonderful .I neclected to press flowers this summer, maybe I should look around for the last little ones, too -Your Clara is the sweetest little model- and the gift send with love for you.
Warm hugs, and love dearest friend.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

What wonderful goodies! Love the trims. I can see that print of a cardinal - it will make a beautiful Christmas project!

Vee said...

Oh she's a sweetie and looks so good in hats. Thank you for the tip about the pillow form. When I'm at wally world this morning, I'll take a run through the sewing department,which is woefully inadequate here.

Hope you get your good laying red to stay put. That's a lot of eggs to have to toss.

Love the guest room. Clara will feel like a princess when she stays with you.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Too funny about Red! It was a shame to have to throw them all away. Have a great week.

Sunny said...

Beautiful guest room. I wish I could eat eggs, but i have an allergy...Love your gifts

Theresa said...

What a lovely guest room! I could lay down and take a nap:) Love your pillow idea! What a nice gift from your friend! SWEET CLARA! She is adorable! Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Marie said...

How funny about the hen! I bet Clara loved gathering up all those eggs. She looks so sweet in that big hat!

Your guest room is lovely ~ I think it's splendid to have those books in there. It would be wonderful to be your guest...although I might never leave the room with all those books at my disposal!
Thanks for the tip about the Walmart pillow. My son was just asking if I knew where they could find a small pillow for my grandson. I love what you did with your pillow. That sham is beautiful!
Have an extra-special week Dawn!!

Rustique Gal said...

Dear Dawn, I want to move into that guest room, it looks so sweet and cozy! What lovelies Debi sent you! I know you will make lovely art with them. Hope you are feeling more energetic. I am loving the fallness in the air, though, not the rain! Take care, Dear!

Ethereal PLUS what I Love said...

We are thinking of getting 4 chickens come spring. Sweet little story.
Also loven your needlepoint pillow!

B. said...

love love love the t. politowicz cardinal print.


Luvcreatincards said...

Your guest room looks wonderful and the pillows are a lovley finishing touch. What a treat and for a guest to stay in a room like yours. Your little red hen is sooooo funny I wonder what was going through her head when she did this? The treasures that your friend sent are soo pretty and right up your street too. I love your little Darling Clara with her hat.
Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos,
It's always such a treat to visit your Feathered Nest.
Warmestbest wishesn

Charlene said...

Such pretty photos. But, I LOVE the story of RED! She did have a mission of her own. Can't blame a girl can you? HUGS!

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Dawn- I'm SO happy to have the time to visit my friends blogs-- I've missed your beautiful place---

Clara-- how can that be our adorable Clara? She looks so grown up!! She's not a baby anymore Dawn- she is a beautiful beautiful little girl. The photos are precious!

Your bedroom is beautiful- so many lively touches that only you could do. The colors are soft and so inviting. Oh yes- your son will be back- don't you worry. He needs his Mama from time to time---.

Love all the gifts- definitely all the things that you love. You are going to enjoy those treasures!!

The egg story is so funny-- there really is nothing like farm fresh eggs. Have you ever found one with a double yolk? Those are my favorites- I think they bring good luck!!

Enjoy the glorious autumn my friend-- it must be beautiful there on your farm.

Cindy Lane said...

Fresh from the Chook eggs are the best. I remember as a little girl gathering the eggs I was always worried that there were litle chicks inside. Instead of putting them in the fridge I would put them in a bowl filled with tissues.

Lovely post!



Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Oh Miss Dawn! I want to Live here Too! I don't Mind Sleeping on the Floor! Ha!
You really have Carved out a Little Piece of Heaven in your Cozy Farm House. It is the Place where Fond Memories will be Made. So Lovely!
Have a Wonderful Day Friend!

Jann said...

What a little doll-Clara is growing so fast!


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