Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small treasures ~

Having been in the antiques business for years, I've accumulated my fair share of goodies!
You shop to sell but it seems some items just don't make it to the store or booth :)
If you buy what you love, and if that something doesn't sell, it's no biggie...
just bring it home!!
Some items are purchased with full knowledge that you have no intention of selling
them at all ~ but while you're out junkin' you never know what you'll find.

The Country Living Fair was really wonderful
but with this small farmhouse being quite full,
I tend to look for tiny treasures.
And not just any small treasures either ~
I love old,
and beautiful small things.
But most of all, I love CHEAP.

I didn't buy much but here is my sweet, little bounty:

Beautiful old lace pieces ~

Hand-dyed silk ribbon ~ dyed with walnut shells!
And don't miss the sweet ironstone bowl,
crackled and stained to perfection.

A lovely old Longfellow book ~ just looking at it makes me smile...

Look at the gorgeous old compact!
I've discovered that sometimes when I shop,
everything ends up looking wonderful together!

A pair of Victorian baby shoes....

Two incredible old composition books filled with notes and sketches on Botany ~

See how pretty these things look together?

One last thing to share ~ I made Karin and I matching flea bags for the fair!
I have a few more in the works that will soon be in my Etsy shop too....

I hope your week has started off wonderfully!!
I'm enjoying every moment of our beautiful fall weather ~

Have a great Tuesday dear friends!
hugs and love,


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Quite the assortment of treasures, Dawn. You really found wonderful things.
Happy Week!

Poetry and Wild Roses said...

Such sweet finds...The laces are so lovely! It looks like some lovely projects waiting to happen :-)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Ohh Dawn,
These pieces are all gorgeous and such great finds.
Well, the lace I could use for bags and journals, the books I would just pour over until I memorised it all and the other pretty pieces would sit nicely on my bedroom vanity.
Ok, just dreaming~thanks for sharing.
Creative hugs,

Doni said...

Wow Dawn! What lovely items!!! Those laces are just gorgeous! Oh how I wish I could find a lot like that! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You got some great pieces, Dawn! Good things come in small packages, too! Love that book and the journals look like they are wonderful.

Susan said...

Dawn you have a good eye for treasures. I love all the old lace!

madrekarin said...

How did I miss you buying the composition books? I must have been snapping photos. :) Your treasures look much better laid out together than in their little plastic bags. I think they're happy you came to rescue them.

Anonymous said...

What a nice fine, i just love the book by Longfellow. Did you know he grew up in Maine ? his uncle's house is near mine he spent alot of time there in the summers as a child . I just love the Flea Bag.

Lisa said...

It all looks wonderful! I don't ever have to go to another flea market for as long as I live. I'll have you be my personal shopper! What you can gather with a few bucks is crazy! The composition books are my favorite!

Vee said...

Oh Evangeline makes me smile, too. What a lovely grouping of treasures you found. Your eye must've been drawn to green and creams that day. Amazing laces and how do you keep finding those sweet shoes? Your own creation is spectacular and I imagine that there are women who were taking photos of it surreptitiously.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

All of your treasure's laid out lovingly together makes for a very pretty photo!~Hugs, Patti

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh Dawn it all looks perfect! I so wish I could have been at the fair to see all the wonderful goodies, but seeing what you found is such a treat. I too love old crochet lace and books! You must have had such a super time...thanks for sharing your treasures.
Tina xo

Simply Shelley said...

You do have an eye for beautiful things. I love those sweet little baby shoes and the book is wonderful. I shared a few finds today as well..Cheap is always nice :) Blessings dear Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Drooling over Evangeline and those composition books! Sweet shoes and those laces and ribbon just dress the whole display up! Was the compact empty?

Now - about the cheap you said you liked - love to know your bargain prices! I fear that such treasures in the North East would be pricey.


Dorthe said...

Dawn, dear- If ever I would come home with treasures like yours, I would think I had bought a HUGE amount of goodies ,lol- I would never ever find those items here, like the shooes, and the Longfellow-book- so that woun`t happen- but you found such beautiful things,sweetie.
The bag is wonderful with the crochet? piece,and the watch face.
Hugs and love- Dorthe

blackenpot said...

Oh how lovely and just my type of stuff. I love it!
Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

Dawn, I do believe I would have come home with these same items....as you say..aged to perfection!
Everything looks wonderful together because your subconscious mind helps you choose. And, you DO have an 'eye'for the old and beautiful, one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so very much. Thanks for sharing via your beautiful photos! pat

Littlefoot said...

What wonderful treasures you found!! Would love to see a tutorial on how you make your flea market bags. I've been wanting to make one for my mom and me but not sure how to start one, like what base material to use etc. We also love going around to the many flea markets up here in Pa. (We have some great ones up here too.)
Thanks for sharing...

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What a beautiful collection!
Love the book...I've just started collecting old books by Longfellow...I grew up in Poets Corner on Longfellow Road!

Shopgirl said...

Once upon a time Dear Dawn was searching for the perfect find, and here it is in living color. You find the best things, I find junk, you find treasures. Love, Mary

Romeo said...

My dearest Dawn, thank mew so furry much for stopping by to shop. I am sorry that I missed you, but "she" told me I had to stay at home and guard the catnip supply. I never did find it. Do you think I was tricked?!?? I wish I could have been there to see mew - I would have given you my best purr.....so long as you didn't try and put those shoes on me......

Purrs and head bonkers!


Susan Hemann said...

Have a dye pot going right now. Buckeye shells, leaves, and acorns. Muslin has been wrapped and tied. Been playing around with fruits and flowers and natural items to dye muslin. Planning on trying ribbon next. Tons of fun. My daughter came home the other day and said oh your cooking, ummm it was the dye pot. lol

Lady Pamela said...

Dawn, I know that you are a busy wife, mother and grandmother. But - have you ever considered publishing your beautiful photos and ideas in a coffee table type book? I would love to buy a copy. I just enjoy looking at your lovely photos.

Tina said...

Dawn - those are some fabulous finds. Love everything you brought home. All the crochet pieces and the wonderful books. Those little victorian baby shoes are to die for.
Thank you sharing your beautiful photos sweet friend and have a wonderful day.
xo Tina

Unknown said...

so much cute treasures!! i love all this!! i find this kind of things in flea market in France, too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful,and thank you for allowing us to share some of your treasures. I wonder if you are on face book? It would be lovely for others to see your work too on there


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