Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Such a fast year!

Can you believe we've been here at the farmhouse for a year??
What a fast year! Of course, they all seem to be fast to me now....

It's taken me quite awhile to get this house just the way I had envisioned it
but that's OK....I'm finally getting around to things :)

I've still been working on straightening up my studio and have to share a few more pics...
I hope you don't mind seeing more ~
I'm just so proud to see the floor I could scream!
I finally hung this sweet shelf over my sewing machine and
added more trinkets and treasures.
I love seeing beautiful things in the studio,
these little treasures inspire me and of course make me smile :)

I finally hung my bird canvas too!

Do you see it?

I also finally hung a beautiful old bird poster too ~

Just more pretty stuff to look at...

Treasures from friends and treasures found ~

While moving things around I've discovered stuff I even forgot I had!
Beautiful linens that will work perfectly in the new guest room.

I even hung a few more things in the living room too!
I bet you thought I couldn't fit one more thing on these walls either :)
Sorry about the you can see it was pretty late!

We found this wonderful print of Carnegie Hall back when we had our antique space and
it was just one of those cool things we couldn't let go of ~
and what's more perfect that Deneen's gorgeous ticket sign hanging above it??!!

So a little more progress was made!!
But I have a feeling I'm going to be needing some ibuprofen soon...

And guess what I discovered about the photos on our blogs (blogger),
you can click one photo and a new page pops up with that photo featured.
Below the large photo is a film strip with all of the other photos from that post too.
Well, there is a tiny little clickable sentence that includes a blog address.
Click it (maybe twice) and THEN the featured pic will enlarge to it's full size!!!
I love enlarging everyone's photos to see each and every detail ~

I'm still going to continue adding to my Flickr too.

Thanks so much for checking in on me sweet friends!!
Have a beautiful Wednesday,
hugs and love,


Maggie said...

oh i'm SO glad you discovered that trick for enlarging pictures on blogger. I may have never stumbled on that on my own. I was so frustrated with that new "filmstrip" feature, because, like you, I'm so used to clicking to enlarge to see every detail (eyes are getting bad!). Yay, you rock!


Angela said...

Your room looks so tidy now and it must be a joy sitting behind your desk and looking around seeing tidy stacks of goodies.
Thank you for the tip on how to open and see the pictures in close up.
I was disappointed not being able to use the new way.

Dorthe said...

UHHH dearest Dawn- I found my little driftwood angel ,there, between all your beautiful lovelies-it warmed my heart ,sweetie ,to be among your friends ,in your fantastic room- thankyou.
The shelf is wonderful,there- and so full of beauty.
Thanks for the advice-IT WORKS- you are such a dear friend.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Wonderful space! I am inspired by the recreation of your studio space in your new home as I too will have a smaller room to work with when we finally sell this house and move. You've got some beautiful treasures.

Beth Leintz said...

Oh it must be so nice to see the floor of your craft room- I only catch glimpses of mine as I kick around boxes. Everything in your craft room is so organized, pretty and inspiring-I might even try a little clean up of my own...

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~ Your studio is looking
wonderful!! Ohhhh girl I have got
to do that soooo bad!!

Vee said...

Dawn, you are brilliant! The image size thing has been driving me crazy and now all is okay again. Yay! I'm going to post this at my blog and give you all the credit.

Your studio is an inspiration and the floor is lovely. The walls are beautiful, the surfaces are a delight. Take two ibuprophen and feel better.

Denise said...

Every thing is beautiful........ I love the off white walls (I hope that they are off white) I am fixing to paint the entire inside of my house and the name of the paint is Light Cappuccino.. so pretty.... Can't wait to see how it looks on the walls.....

Rhonda said...

Woo Hoo, you are the best! I hated that I thought I couldn't enlarge, I'm practically blind, LOL

Your space is looking so fabulous, as if it wasn't already. You have everything I adore in there! That bookcase full of linen makes me drool.

Decorating late at night is so me, too.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

It's all so lovely, Dawn! I really love the shelf with all the sweet vintage treasures!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you create with all of the beautiful things surrounding you. I would be so busy "playing" with everything that I would forget what I was supposed to be doing :)

Wendy said...

I love the pictures on your livingroom wall. I always look at pictures like that when I go antiquing...beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Dawn! Don't you just love order - and finding things you thought you'd lost? Your walls look great - I'm teased all the time for putting too much on my walls. Love it!

CaraRose said...

Gorgeousness! Love it and the floor is beautiful>>>

Jann said...

Love your studio, and your home is lovely!

Rebecca P said...

Everything looks so pretty and organized! I need to get inspired to get in there and do the same thing to mine. I've "collected" so much stuff, that I have officially run out of spaces to cram it all.

Joy Burkhart said...

Hi Dear Dawn! Your studio is to die for! Everything looks so pretty. Thanks for the tip on the photos/filmstrip, too! That was driving me bonkers!
Joy @

B. said...

t h a n k y o u


Linda S. said...

Wow, Yummy! I need to get outside and mow my lawn. I will have to come back and look at your beautiful things later. Thanks for sharing...never tire of seeing other's stuff. Linda S. in NE


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