Saturday, September 17, 2011

Snippets of Inspiration...from the vault!

What does "from the vault" mean?
I don't know, but it sure sounded good!
No, really, these goodies are from my saved files ~
you know the ones where you have to ditch a magazine
because your stack is falling in the floor and you need to get rid of a few?
These are a few of the pages I snagged because I loved something on them.

Not this first image though...
it's from a book of sheet music I bought a few weeks back.
I just love it and had to share with you ~

PS. I'm so mad about this new format Blogger has decided is so grand.
When you click on my scans that I love to share with you,
I will figure out another way to share large scans and good stuff with you....

I have a beautiful idea to share below!
Do you love the feel of a canopy bed?
Simply install two curtain rods you love to your ceiling,
then add a giant swath of GORGEOUS fabric and VOILA!
You are sleeping in luxury....

I'm so in love with Ralph Lauren.
Well, not really HIM but with his classic, timeless style.
This bedding below is a Ralph Lauren pattern, Guinevere.
I have a piece of fabric in the pattern and a ruffled sheet too.
Sick, huh?
That I would settle for fragments of it...
But I always thought that the fabric
would make such beautiful accent pillows in our living room.

I worked in a drapery workroom for a VERY short time
(can you say "sweat shop"?)
and I learned how to create
this gorgeous window treatment.
We called it a butterfly shade....
I'm still so in love with it.

And I've always loved toile. ALWAYS.
It's timeless to me....a classic.
The snippet below is from a dining room but don't you
absolutely LOVE how those curtains are scalloped????
A guest bedroom would so gorgeous
in all blue and white toile,
don't you think?

And the icing on the cake of my post?
Our angel.
Growing like a little WEED!
Talking all the time...
we're all so in love with her!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friends....
Remember to take time to enjoy the little things ~
seems time is passing by so quickly!

much love and hugs,


Dorthe said...

Hello dear Dawn-
Such beautiful ideas you share today, thankyou sweetie-I think the Ralf Lauren fabric is so very beautiful-I would have treasured a piece of that, as you the canopy bed feeling--so lovely.
Yes Blogger don`t behave good ,for long time now- and I`m also already so mad with this new idea!!!
You are lucky ,dearest friend-that Clare still likes to be photographed--Mathilde have started making jokes, whenever she catch sight of a camere-they are precious.
Love and hugs- and a happy week-end to you.

Vee said...

So glad that someone else is as annoyed by the latest with Blogger and its great ideas as I am. Gee. What is the point behind that? It makes zero sense.

On to sweeter things...Clara is so adorable. I hope that you are writing down some of the sweet things that she says.

Sweet window treatments and those bedrooms you've shared...what comfort and style...I want to go to bed and read for an hour now...wonder if the cat would join me?

Sheila A. said...

Hello, Dawn, I love seeing another photo of sweet Clara. She is the face of all that is good. God bless that little baby girl always.

Rhonda said...

Ah, blogger woes, will it ever end?

Your images are to die for. I am in love with the two rods that create a canopy, thank you for sharing.

Monica said...

What wonderful, inspiring pics, Dawn! Love each and every room.
And I spotted a lovely new photo of yourself on the sidebar- are you getting younger??? :))

Theresa said...

Clara is PRECIOUS! I just love all of your images! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I always enjoy your tips:) Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Cheryl said...

Clara is really growing, even since I found your blog she has grown and she is tooo pretty. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, I used and altered the 12 Old French songs picture and used it for a sympathy card.

Linda S. said...

Hi Dawn, I must agree, this new Blogger stinks! I just tried to print a copy of your songbook, and I got 1 of 33 pages, and seven photos in your post. The sizes and layouts are weird, so I just gave up. Linda S. in NE

June said...

Hey sweet...I had a few minutes and my computer was just sitting here on the kitchen table and I thought. I wonder what Dawn is up to, so I don't know why you popped in my head, but I came over to say hi.
You and I are sooo alike when it comes to our magazines and the images that speak to us. Do you ever think, oh I wish I had two or three more little houses I could decorate, because I have so many different styles I love? I love evey one of the photos you showed here and know then like the back of my hand because they are some of my faves too. Those toile curtains and that butterfly shade**sigh**
The best thing in the post of course is your sweet little Clara. Such a doll baby...I think this age must be my favorite...after diapers and before school...but I love them all really, no matter what the age.
sending much love...

Rebecca P said...

I'm using Wordpress and I really like it! Just in case anybody is shopping around. I've read comments on several blogs about problems with blogger lately. Apparently it used to be great, and they tried to fix what was already working and messed it up! Anyhoo...I had a blog on blogger and one on Wordpress and I like Wordpress much better. There are so many options on Wordpress that aren't on Blogger.

Laurette Stewart said...

Hi Dawn...What a beautiful child Clara is, and also yourself, I sure like your new photo. I also like the picture of your cat having a very comfortable nap in your bed.Actually I think all your pictures are great.


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