Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All in a day's work ~

I found a few more gorgeous old masters paintings that I know you'll love!
They're really old and perfect for your artwork.....

"The Music Lesson"

I found this beautiful photograph below on and fell in LOVE...
it's now my wallpaper on my computer.
Please forgive me for not knowing the source!

I took a couple of photos around the house
to show you that I HAVE been doing something :)
Hanging gorgeous old prints, mirrors and such....

You must remember, my house is a hodge podge.
Gathered furniture to create each room...some at the thrift,
some pieces from a yard sale or
even when we had the antiques store.
But the crazy thing is,
that's the way I LOVE it!!!
Nothing matches. at. all.

I hung my sweet bird girl over the guest bed.
She's so beautiful....
I need a few more goodies flanking her because if you know me,
I love TONS of stuff on the walls!
Plus I need a few plump, new pillows from Ross to fill the pillowcases for this bed.

Do you remember all of the baby prints from my old studio?
Of course I've saved them all and they will be beautiful grouped in the guest bedroom!
Here's one hung over the french doors that lead into my studio.

I'd love to share some precious mail love I received yesterday...
A sweet friend Sue, had a few goodies she knew I'd love and mailed them my way ~
That's the thing about blogging,
your friends really DO know what you love!

A wonderful mound of children and baby photographs!!!!

Just look at them all!!!
Thank you so, so much Sue ~ they are absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!
I will treasure them all and of course I'll share them with my sweet readers too :)

And in other news :)
We have a MASSIVE order in house for our soap business for the holidays so
I've been having a precious guest every day,
my baby Clara....
while her mama, daddy and my DH get it ready!
We even have a few other dear family members helping as well....

Clara is so big acting now! I can't get over it.
Big enough to play with tons of toys,
watch her favorite shows and she lets me sew a little too!

My newest project?
A new flea bag....
tiny in size but big in personality!!

I just listed this sweet bag in my Etsy store!!!

I added a wonderful old coin to the strap....a few old keys to weight down the flap ~

Just big enough to hold your cell phone, wallet and keys......
while you're junkin'!!!!

Have a very happy Wednesday precious friends ~
you always, always make me smile!!!
hugs and love,


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Dawn! Your home is looking so lovely! I'm the same way about decorating... no matching allowed! :) When my husband and I were first married he announced to his parents that I thought matching furniture was awful (not his exact words, but something to that effect). His family probably thought I was crazy. The bag you created is very cute!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dawn thank you so much for posting two more gorgeous art pieces. I know the second print "The Music Lesson' is from the pre-raphaelite era painted by Lord Frederic Leighton - but both are divine - these are amongst my most favourite artworks. I wish I knew who painted the first one.
The bird image is pure beauty captured in a moment!
Your house is looking so well decorated now with your pictures being hung. Love the baby photos and your bag is neat with your embellishments.
Hugs and thanks,

Dorthe said...

Dearest Dawn- your home, is a very beautiful and cosy place, that I love seing photoes from. Here in my home, nothing matches ,eighter- so I just love your style.And the bedroom looks fantastic with your beautiful apron, and the figurines.
Congratulations with the big soap order, you all so deserves that, with all the hard work you have put into thet.
Your bag looks so sweet, and I`m sure it will be used on many exiting fleamarket tours :)
Thankyou for the beautiful master images,dear friend-
Love and hugs, and happy wednesday.

Ethereal PLUS what I Love said...

Your bedroom looks so cozy and inviting .I love hanging art and such too but I have very little wall space and it drives me crazy. Your little bag is just adorable!

Susan said...

I love your bedroom! I love a home that is not matchy matchy! The statue on your dresser , I adore!

Cyn said...

Morning house is filled with things I "LOVE" hand me downs...thrift finds...and nothing matches. Just not me! Love all the pics you shared.

Curtains in My Tree said...

You know my house never did match back when that wasn't cool. I know I had friends who couldn't believe I was happy with odds and ends of furniture ( I was)

you always show the best stuff like that couples lamp on your dresser I am really getting into the romantic like things

and your flea market bag is really cute, but I am totaly jealous of those old pictures your friend sent you I have looked for old prints all summer I wanted some to make cards with , i'll just keep lookin


Gloria said...

Hi Dawn,

The sum of all your "parts" make a beautiful "collection". :-)

Adore the flea market bag. Want one.

Vicki said...

Love the way that you have decorated. I don't like things to match too much. Let's your eye wander from treasure to treasure. Love the bag too! So cute. Enjoy your time with Clara.

Vee said...

I hope that you are not making any apologies for your amazing home. It's always been my goal to have one look just like it or a lot like it. Everything always looks wonderful to me!

Isn't it fun when the grands start sharing preferences and having so many words to share their ideas? It's a delight. My grand and I discuss Wheel of Fortune. He says, "So, Nonni, did you watch WoF last night?" Cracks me up every time.

Have a fun day!

Pink Rosebuds and Lace said...

Hi Dawn, I love the pictures of your home.Thanks for sharing with us. Glad to hear the soap is doing well. Have fun with Clara and don't work too hard! Paula

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Your home looks so cozy and inviting. Enjoy your precious time with your Clara.

Have a great week.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

I love your decor, that's the way I like to decorate too - surrounding myself with the things I love. I absolutely ADORE that beautiful picture of the white peonies! said...

Your home seems as warm and welcoming as you do!

I just LOVE that bird photo. Wow.


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