Friday, September 2, 2011

Little peeks ~

WARNING: TONS of pics ahead!!!

What are the little peeks of?
Our home....

Emily (my sweet DIL) was visiting the other day
and said she wanted to take photos around the house ~
I told her "go for it!" just try not to show the dust!!

Yes, I'm guilty.
I love wonderful stuff all around our home but
am NOT a big fan of dusting :)

Here are a few of her photos:

A Hobby Lobby 1/2 priced bird cage in the foyer....with a nest inside of course.
The architectural piece it's sitting on was found in Savannah, GA at a junk shop!

A beautiful old poster I bought from Cindy when we had The Plum Tree together ~

One of our Devon Rex kitties....Thelma ~

You've seen the ladies, right? A gorgeous old lamp my hubby bought for me
at an auction in Atlanta ~ what a beautiful surprise!!!!

A few clocks hung in the living room ~
I'm a freak for clocks....they don't even have to have hands or work!!!

Rhonda (my hubs named her) a gorgeous bust I found at the old Lakewood Antiques...

This is a neat old postal door thing I bought for DH for Christmas one year ~

I love is. EVERYWHERE around here! Even a rooster....

A dress form in our bedroom wearing my Apronology apron....
and a gorgeous creation from Rebecca too!

A door knob in our foyer ~

Rhonda again ~ up close and personal!

More collected (and dusty) clocks on top of a family heirloom armoire ~

A beautiful photo of the girls....our son Brad gave me this painting and I love it!!!

Inside of the library cabinet in our foyer ~ I love the strangest things, I know.

A precious sleeping girl that my brother gave me for Christmas one year.
I cried when I opened his gift.
I'm a goob.

A precious pup I bought at The Plum Tree way back when.
I love his expression and the age on him!

My favorite teddy bear guarding the studio ~

Here are both kitties. Both are the Devon Rex breed.
Chester (on the left) was discounted because his coat was weird, part bald - part furry....
he's ten years old now!
Thelma is on the right and she's a perfect specimen of the breed.
Let's see, she's about to be six in October!
This is their favorite spot every afternoon.
In the dining room, on top of the shelves on the buffet
basking in the afternoon sun through the lace curtains.

Here are a few photos Emily took outside ~
I love them!!!!

One last peek from our farmhouse....
Take a look at what our chickens gave us yesterday morning ~
Three out of four gave us wonderful eggs but
one in particular looks like it may have HURT a bit!!!

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL Friday dear friends,
Thank you always for stopping by to see me,
I cherish your comments!

hugs and love,


Pat said...

Dawn, Tell Emily she's a fine photographer. I loved everything you showed us. LOVED! What a beautiful post. Of course, I always love visiting your blog and seeing what you are doing and enjoying what you are sharing. No matter what happens in the daily life here, I know I can find peace and beauty at your place. I bet I'm not the only one!! Thank you so much. pat

Karen said...

I think Emily is a wonderful photographer and has a terrific eye. I think she takes after you Dawn. ;-)
Happy weekend to you!

June said...

Emily's photos are wonderful of your beautiful home Dawn. This was such a treat to be able to see them. You decorate so awesome. Unique and lovely everywhere you look. I'm crazy over the kitties.
sending love...

marda said...

Emily's photos were perfect. I love the way your home is decorated..I have a few things like yours, but I'm jealous of the wonderful finds you have throughout. Thanks for sharing.

stefanie said...

lovin' all!!!! your photos! and the clocks!

marie said...

You have a lovely home Dawn and Emily captured it beautifully! Oh my goodness....that's quite an egg! : )

Dorthe said...

You ,sweet Dawn, have so many gorgeous old things in your home-love your statuaryes - all kind, and the "girls" is a very beautiful painting.Emily did the most beautiful photoes, from your lovely and interesting home, dearest Dawn.
Wish you a happy friday sweetie.
Hugs and love-Dorthe

Sonya Badgley said...

Hello dear Dawn,
I love your photos that Emily took! Beautiful! And I LOVE the clocks-who cares if they work or not! :) The statues are gorgeous...and the painting! Oh, everything! And your precious kitties, I could just squeeze them both!
Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.
Love and hugs to you,

Mitzi Curi said...

Emily is quite a talented photographer! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous images with us.

Shari Valicenti said...

Enjoyed the "peak" inside your lovely home. Love the that they all had a different time, made me smile...... my fav is the black roman numeral one!

Theresa said...

OHHHHH MY! Gorgeous home! Loved the tour inside and out! Please tell your DIL that her photography is marvelous!

Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Lovely home. Your clock collection is lovely.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dawn and Emily, thank you for the absolutely lovely tour!!
Enjoy your weekend!
Hugs, Diane

Sandy said...

I loved Emily's tour of your home! Wonderful snippets of beauty. Have a great weekend!

Sheila A. said...

Enjoyed this post very much. I'm crazy about your precious kitties on either side of the centerpiece!

Revi said...

Hi Dawn - I love all the photos! I could be a tad jealous if I allowed myself - your clock collection is A-MAZING! How much fun you must have had collecting your lovely pieces. :) I love it that you cried at opening the sweet gift from your brother. He knows what you love, and that's the best gift of all!

Laurie said...

what a fun tour of your home!

Gaynell Gonzalez said...

What a treat to have this pictorial tour of your home. I could spend hours looking at all the very interesting and lovely collections that you've gathered. Thanks to you and Emily.

Vicki said...

Emily did a great job. The house is beautiful and those cats are a hoot.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Dawn...

You made me laugh! I've got "stuff" all over everywhere too and I'm guilty of being the world's worst duster.... I do dust.... all the time, but not that "pick up each thing and get every speck" kind of duster.... it's more a hit and miss (mostly miss) kind of style.... unless I'm into doing "the big clean" and every single things gets taken apart and washed.... just trying to work up to that right now. :-)

Loved peeking at your treasures. They are fabulous... and I love it that you're a sentimental goob.... me too.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend...


Dreaming of Vintage said...

Wonderful images! Thanks for sharing!

decorator to the stars said...


Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Thanks for the peak! Hope you are doing well!

Simply Shelley said...

Everything is all so beautiful....thanks so much for sharing your wonderful things with us....blessings on your weekend.

Createology said...

Every photo is precious as it shows the love of all your treasures. Great job to Emily. I hope your chickens are okay after that one jumbo AAA egg. Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing such lovely photos, Dawn & Emily!

Lovelinest said...

I have broken clocks everywhere too!! All these clocks in my house and you still have to go to the microwave to tell what time it is. Lol!
Her pictures are beautiful. Tell her she did a great job!

diane@cottage-wishes said...

Beautiful pictures...I love your style and those clocks. My mom and grandpops were clock makers (repair people) and I have a "few" around the house! Di

Linda S. said...

Hi Dawn, I loved, loved this post. Your collections are beautiful, and it is a real treat to get to see the things in your home. Please tell your DIL Emily that she has a real photographers eye. Like everyone else, I love the photos of your clock collection, but I must say my favorites are the ones Emily took outdoors! Great job of capturing beautiful colors, textures, and depth of field.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I love your sharing your kitties finally and your collections of beautiful photography! I love old things too!Smiles, Cyndi

FredaB said...

Hi Dawn

I hope blogger will let me thru. It has been up and down lately but just want you to know that I
am reading your blog as always.

Your DIL took some beautiful pics of so many gorgeous pieces. I too love statuary and all the clocks made my heart beat. Very nice display.




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