Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anyone have a little energy they can share?

I can't get over how incredibly tired I am!!!
Being a Mimi is hard work...but the most precious work of all, don't you think?
We colored together today...and told stories...

I'm on the cusp of turning 50 and can hardly keep up
with my sweet Clara, a mere 2 1/2!

Today's post is filled with more gorgeous Master's paintings for you...
Can't you see them on the front of handmade cards?
(remember to click them twice for the largest size :)

Plus a few glimpses from our visit to my mom and dad's house
in the GA mountains last year in the fall.

It was so dad has a rep for driving "just a little" too fast
and here I am with my camera hanging out the window and I could barely
get a decent shot because we were pushing 60 mph!!!!

I finally had to tell my dad to PLEASE slow down
so I can get some beautiful photos of the leaves :)

Isn't it funny how each of our family members have "little things" like that?
I admit it, when I was young, I drove like a crazy banchee!!!
And I SO got it honest!
But the more children I had, I finally calmed down a bit, thank goodness....
the traffic tickets were killing me and our insurance premium!

We going to have more fallish temps in Georgia this weekend
and YOU KNOW I'll be in HEAVEN!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday my dear friends,
hugs and love,


Jenny said...

What a beautiful crimson tree! I love those individual trees that turn vibrant colors all by themselves before the rest of the woods seems to catch up, don't you? :) I hope the rest of your week is cool, comfortable, and colorful!

PS, don't forget to check out the giveaway I'm hosting over at The Modest Peacock! :)

Angela said...

Those trees look so beautiful with all their different colours.
I love autumn, and the smell after it rains in the forest.
Now I'm stuck here in the desert and nature looks the same the whole year round... boring!

Simply Shelley said...

Those pictures at your mom and dad's are just beautiful. I am meme to energy got up and left a long time ago :) Sorry none to spare...blessings

Nelly said...

Wow to where your parents live My dream is to own land like that.
I am way too close to 50 too but have 5 grandies in my full time care Lucky ai have a great hubby coz some days I am sure worn out.Holidays are good as 2 go to their nans so have only half the kids for a bit tho I cant wait till they get back.

Sea Witch said...

Love your freebie photos and especially your dangling out of the card lets snap those leaves quickly photos. I have been on that end of the camera myself a few times. Where in N.Georgia is your parents place? Sea Witch

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I am looking forward to being a Grandma one day - can't wait to have an excuse to color again! :)
Love your gorgeous photos Dawn - Georgia is such a beautiful state (but hot and humid too) son was stationed at Fort Benning and later Fort Stewart...I was blessed to see parts of the state while he was in the service. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Susan Hemann said...

Thank you for sharing all your photos and clip art. Your work is so creative. I'm keeping up with a 3 yr old grandson. lol

Vee said...

Your parents live in a beautiful corner of the world. Glad that your dad obliged and slowed down enough for you to capture those lovely scenes.

Lovely images today, too. Always a treat to find what you have here.

A mere youngster you are, Dawn. Just a kid!

Unknown said...

such gorgeous images dawn! I especially love the one of that sweet curly-haired child. Autumn in Georgia looks an awful like our New England ones! Such beautiful foliage! It is my favorite season of all. i can't wait for the trees to start changing. "merci" for always making the time to stop in and leave such sweet words on my blog posts! they make me smile! ;)

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~ You are so cute ! I say that all the time that it is a really good thing that I had my kids young because there is no way that I could be a new mom right now ~ I am the same age as you and needing a grandbaby so badly! I can't wait!!


Rhonda said...

How beautiful your state is, your images take my breath away. Those rolling hills, colorful trees, they turned out beautifully.

two crazy crafters said...

Dearest Dawn, I have crossed over the hump past 50 and I understand your need for energy. If only I had enough myself, I would share some with you:) Twyla

Karen Valentine said...

Oh thank you for posting these beautiful fall photos Dawn! I am leaving Saturday with my hubby and my fur babies to go on a 3 week road trip across the country to Pa and back to Az! The thought of those cool fall temps and the beautiful fall colors is making me giddy!!!

Anne Lorys said...

Beautiful images, Dawn!
But not an ounce of energy to share, I'm so sorry!

Wishing you much love, my friend!

Dorthe said...

Thankyou dear friend, for the beautiful images.
Yes being a grandma- gets you very tired- I KNOW- :) and after traveling this week- I`m so tired ,too-
Hugs and love, sweet Dawn.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i love you dear friend...alway. xoxo nita

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. You inspire me. Keep posting the beautiful art and scenery. I live in Dallas Tx and no beauty here. I am from England originally and I do so miss the beauty of the countryside. You are so blessed to live in a picturesque part of America.

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful images and the awesome photos, have a good weekend - and by the way here < > is some energy for you :)


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