Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An old, rustic drawer + a big, beautiful bird's nest = ART!

Why am I so in love with bird's nests?
Speckled eggs?

I don't know why but I am ~
I guess because birds are so beautiful and simple yet look
at the complex structures they work so very hard on
to raise their babies in!

This is a real abandoned nest that one of the boys gave me
and it just had to be showcased ~
I've had this old drawer for years now and it
turned out to be the perfect size to hold the nest!!
The drawer measures a big 15" x 15"....and the nest?
Approximately 9" in diameter ~
I had to share my new artwork with you.....
now in my Etsy shop too!

Can you tell I'm obsessed with wiring stuff in now???
I love the cabinet of curiosities look of it I guess :)

I added the knob and decorative piece ~ tied with trim and twine...

My gift for you today?
A sweet dandelion that I encased inside of waxed paper....
I bought this little mini iron at Michael's with a coupon and
just ironed away on the waxed paper ~ it wipes right off too ~
I tried to make it look like the seeds were blowing away! make something smaller and who knows? I may have to wire it in too!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Unknown said...

lovely...sigh....(pinning away!)

Karen B. said...

Dear sweet Dawn,
this piece is just sooo beautiful!!! You are a wonderful artist and you inspire me!!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Okio B Designs said...

I love this! The paper, the wire, the nest - everything fits perfectly!


Ronda L. said...

Wow - just - Wow!

Vicki said...

I love how you wire it in. Such a beautiful piece. I am seeing more and more wax paper. I love what you did with the dandelion. I need to try that with pressed flowers. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Valentine said...

Yep... I agree... It's pretty awesome!!! Are you running out of room from all the lovely art you make all the time??? I can't wait for you to show it off at the party!!! Have a great night Dawn!!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said... wonder we like wach other...I found a next (actually 3 now !) and have saved them all :-) What a charming way to save them! So, did you glue the eggs in? And, how do you "Sanitize" the nests? I have been zapping them in the microwave...hope this is OK?!

Also..I have "Saved" 3 dandilions in a jar for 2 years..I call them my jar of wishes.. :-)

Createology said...

You have showcased this treasure from nature perfectly. Your style is so beautiful.

Dorthe said...

Dawn, it is amazingly beautiful, dear friend, I love the real nests ,too, and alwayes when finding an abandoned ,also,takes it home.
I love the old text about the pheasants , and your wire tecnic-and I can see you used the wonderful ribbon from Beth. So gorgeus is this art of hands and nature, sweetie.
Your little dandellion in wax paper is lovely, and looks so naturel inside- a great idea, I need a little iron,I guess :)
Wish you a great day, dearest friend,
love and hugs,Dorthe

Anonymous said...

Too cool! Love it. I use old drawers for display too but usually put shelves in them - love this idea! I also love love the wiring idea!!
Have to post as "anonymous" since I get a message that I have to open a "blogger" account if I use anything else.
Can't wait for the next post!

cynka- Ewa Mrozowska said...

sposób w jaki przechowujesz swoje ulubione gniazda jest fantastyczny!
ale dmuchawiec to czysta poezja!!!

Gail said...

Amazing what one woman can create - amazing.

Denise Phillips said...

Hi Dawn:)
What a wonderful piece! And to have your boys trained to look for nests! (grin). I had wondered how you acquired so many birds nests over time. The drawer is wonderful too, and isn't it funny how we hang onto something sometimes for years, then it will jump out and speak to us for a specific project:) And about the wiring....that is a feature that is truly unique to your pieces, and completely fantastic! Keep on wiring! As you know from my blog, I collect my feathers from my 'housemates'. Email anytime, and I'll send you some for your projects if you'd like:)
Have a great 4th of July Weekend! We in Canada are celebrating
'Canada Day' tomorrow, so we get a 3 day weekend as well!
Lets hope for Art Time!:)

Gayle said...

Hi Dawn.................

I too love wax paper...........but I would never have thought of sewing a dandilion into it!! So sweet and perfect!

Prior said...

such lovely art, a natural beauty. Lezlee

Ella said...

The dandelion is gorgeous; wired in would be the sentiment~ Capturing the beauty, like a photograph! Lovely~

Vicki Boster said...

Dawn- we are kindred souls when it comes to nests you know! I love this new nest art- it's totally fabulous! Great design!!

Marcie said...

Awesome Dawn!


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