Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy stuff, yeah, that's me ~

That's right....crazy stuff!
That's really what my life consists of
but I try to act like it doesn't!
I don't have everything under control.
Can you believe it?

But our blogs are our way of expressing what we love ~
that's what I do here dear friends.

I just listed a faucet in my Etsy shop.
Yes, a faucet!
But isn't it wonderful???
I love laying it on a shelf and just wondering a little.
Just about what it's history is.
Where has it been?
I would so love to know ~

How about a great ol' whisk broom?
You know you'd love to add it to your collection, right? xxoo

Today I've been working on a special piece of artwork.
This piece will be mailed to sweet Lisa and
is to be offered up as a door prize at the upcoming
I so wish I could be there with so many friends,
but at least my work will be there, right?
The pic below is my work in progress ~

Yes. I always love to finally see the completed art piece....
but you just have to enjoy the process!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


kluless said...

No explanations required. I have been known to buy a wisk broom myself, just for the way it looked like it had been "around the block". Somehow, something that used just seems to call out for a little respect. I get it.

Dorthe said...

Sweet Dawn, I love the start of your picture,and crazy stuff is alwayes on my wishlist - just like you and your faucet :)
old and used are just alwayes beautiful.
Have a lovely day, my dearest friend-
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Vee said...

John thinks the faucet has seen quite a lot! (He thinks its an old claw foot bathtub faucet. ☺)

Always fun to visit and see what you're featuring and how things are going. I can't believe that you don't have everything under control. Me neither.

Shaking the Fuller Family Tree said...

I'm glad I am not the only one with everything not in control. Love your work in progress and the faucet!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Old, rustic, textures...what's not to love?!

Crazy is as crazy does!

Denise said...

Oh I love the faucet! We are tearing down our old shed and building a new one next spring.. My sweet husband is going to put a water line out to it and I have just purchased an old two tub washer. My goal is to put the washer in the front by the door and have a water faucet coming into one side! Would your faucet look wonderful or what!!!!!!! I am going to show it to my hubby!!!!!!

Happy June!

Barbara Jean said...

I LOVE old hardware too! Not sure what the fascination is, but if it is rusty, has patina, is an odd shape or anything different, (or even common) about it, it goes home with me. =)

So fun to enjoy even the simplest things.

Blessings on your day

barbara jean

Oh, cannot wait to see finished treasure, but of course I will have to. =)

Vicki said...

I have a box full of old hardware including faucets! Love your work in progress.

Linecas have said...

I saw the faucet, did not tink it was strange to post that on etsy. I might be strange myself then LOL
Love your little shop there.
I have a huge give away in my blog now. All bloggers around the world are most welcome to join. My roses is among the prizes. :)

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Oh so how I would love to find a lil whisk broom I have searched hi and lo heck even went to our small antique mall and not a one to be found!!! Cant wait till you reveal the treasure you are creating.

LADY JANE said...

Ok Dear Dawn...LOL...Your little crazy stuff friend poking in to say..YEP that faucet is some crazy stuff (giggle) but STRANGELY enough(you have to love who "flocks" around here) I was thinking that YOUR faucet may be related to my mini collection of faucets...long lost cousins or something...OR maybe they once hung at the same ol' big farmhouse...OR maybe they were once at the whitehouse on the grounds to water the famous rose garden...but yep girlfriend us girls of a feather those with overly creative minds (LOVE your work in progress) really need to have a TV reality show if our faucets would talk! BUT I would only be concerned there may be a limited viewing audience because everyone else may be viewing the NEWEST BLOCKBUSTER...a mini series called "SECRETS OF THE PAST...SWEPT under the RUG" starring of couse our treasured whiskbrooms! Giggle...yep I've got a small collection of them going on too....
Hey Dawn...I am sure getting a giggle out of my comment and hope you are too...but I so have to ask you...are you holding back from us or what? Come on girlfriend I know you MUST have a little spatterin of ol' brass hose nozzles that you are just not sharing (laughing my but off) BUT I'm not showin mine till you show yours....BIG SMILES...
And hugs for the strange(you) from the strangest(ME)


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