Thursday, June 16, 2011

It doesn't take much make this girl happy!!!

I had to find a few images for you....

Several quotes that I used in an art project you may love to print out and use as well!

I love these...rustic containers....just beautiful ~

And what makes me happy?
Wonderful old trinkets....aged somewhat, a little rust, a little patina, who cares ~
these little treasures arrived the other day and I had to share them with you!
I love using watch faces in my artwork and my supply was getting low until these arrived ~

If they don't look old enough, I make sure they do!
With ink...and a little distressing ~ don't you just love them all?

Two of the little wren babies have hatched!
These pics are still horrible but just look at the nest elements ~
can you believe all of the fibers, straw and other items this sweet mama used?
You can kinda see a little naked bird body in the nest :)

Mama bird must have been gathering some good food to bring back to these babies ~
I didn't see her at all when I snapped these photos.

A beautiful quote I love....
author unknown.

Have a beautiful Thursday sweet friends!!
hugs and love,


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn your baby bird baby is so precios. Yes, that Mama went ot a lot of trouble to build a safe place for her baby. Nice to have all those watch faces to work with now I'm sure.
Your quote is wonderful...and thought provoking.
I'v not been feeling all that great lately.
Hope to visit more when I am better.

Barbara Jean said...

Good morning Dawn.
Beautiful post. Love the saying at the end, and the girl pic at the beginning. She is so lovely.

Your watches reminded me that I have Bunches I need to list on my store blog! I am so far behind on EVERYTHING these days.

Of course you know I love nests, and the birds do so much better at building than I do, but sure is fun to make them anyway. =)

Thanks for your visits to my place. Makes my heart smile when I see you have come by.

barbara jean

Denise said...

Now tell me, what else do you use in your little goodies...... I have a BOX full of little trinkets that I have bought along the way at garage sales and estate sales....... I just do not have any use for them ... I will be happy to send a little box if I knew what you used?

Anonymous said...

Well, you've blessed my socks off this morning, Dawn,
Love all you've shared today! That vintage girl looking so "in the pink" is precious. And, do tell - where do you acquire watch faces void of watch workings in such random abundance? Can't wait to see what you do with them to give them new life as a work of art! Love keeping up with the wrens. Thanks for sharing! Joy!
Miss Kathy at The Writer's Reverie

Debbie Dillon said...

How beautiful! I just LOVE all the pretties - and how cool to get up close and personal with life hatching before your eyes!
Have you checked out the current issue of Victoria yet??? My article/essay is in the very back, "I Remember Paris." I'm SO bad - every store I visit, I scope out their issues of Victoria, and bring them down front and center where they belong :)(LOL)

Rug Repair said...

I love the watches parts. They look great.

jennifer768 said...

Love your blog !Hugs,Jen

Vee said...

What a cushy little nest Mama Wren made just like the cusy little nest you create here day after day. Love it! Was it you that used to make those rustic pots? Wonder if that search this blog thingy down there to the left would work for this...

Vee said...

That would be a "no." ;D

Theory said...

hi dawn, thx for sharing once again. where did you get your clock faces?????? you will put them to good use i am sure.

suziqu's thread works said...

Those watch faces are fantastic but your real nest alive with babies is what is so special!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie said...

Dawn - I received my frames nest today and it is wonderful. Just wanted you to know it arrived safely and will be thoroughly enjoyed!

Highpoint Circle said...

Would you mind if I featured the quote about the creative woman on my blog, It is beautifully presented and the words echo that sentiment too. Thanks for considering it.

Dorthe said...

Sweetie Dawn,
I love the quotes you gifted us with ,thankyou, dear.
And all the watch faces you found,-- looks fantastic, with such a bunch, I wish you a wonderfully creating with them, dearest friend.
And the nest of nature--where do they find all those bits and pieces? so extra fantastic-and beautiful.
Hope your saturday is filled with many other beautiful experiences.
I had a heart full of them with Mathilde :)
Love to you and hugs, Dorthe


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