Friday, May 20, 2011

Tiny treasures ~

I love them.
Small, precious treasures.
I don't quite know why, but if they are old and small...
I just love them!

A glimpse over our back fence...
true heaven I tell you ~
My husband tells me that I've never spent so much time outside!

Today was a day of mending....
like in the good ol' days ~
making things last and endure.
Clothes seem so disposable these days but my family
uses clothes until they totally wear out!
 And I'm quite proud of that fact.
Lose a button?
Let's add a new one ~
I love getting our money's worth from each and every piece.

This is a wonderful treasure....
maybe an old light fixture?
I plan on using it as a base for a gorgeous pincushion!
Coming soon to a blog near you :)

You are SO not going to believe this!!!
The photo below looks like a piece of leather, right?
Uh, no.
I snagged a gorgeous magnolia flower petal that fell in our yard.
I noticed that is was very sensitive to impressions so decided
to use a dry bird stamp on it.
Then...I used matte gel medium to apply it to an old scrap of paper
and applied the medium over the petal as well.
Look at how the petal aged and still retained the impression of the stamp!!
(enlarge by clicking if you'd like :)

I have a tiny little treasure box that I had to share with you ~

The box alone is a treasure, don't you think???

A precious friend at our antique mall gave me these goodies ~
yes, GAVE....them to me.
I am blessed!
Look at the teeny antique cards,
old calling cards,
and old leather goods.....

I have a weakness for tiny, old leather coin purses or skinny wallets ~
look at this one from

This is a simple sharing post ~
sharing with you what I love :)
Which I'm sure you know by now is A LOT!!

My Etsy store is empty right now
(thank you SO MUCH for buying my wares!)
don't you worry, I'll be filling it back up very soon ~

Wishing you a very happy Friday!!!!!
hugs and love sweet friends,


Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Amazing :) You are on lucky woman Dawn. Thanks for sharing these photos.

YONKS said...

Lovely post.
I love your little Ellie. I wonder if she is as mischevious as my Sookie? Check this out:

Unknown said...

The magnolia petal is simply amazing!

Vee said...

Always good when the store is sold out! I was simply amazed by that magnolia leaf. Is this an experiement to see if it will stand the test of time?

Sweet Old Vintage said...

What great little treasures to do altered art with... The sun is shining this morning... It is wonderful... The skies have been so grey and full of rain for days upon days... Off to clean up porch and decks once again and feel that sunshine... Blesssings...

Barbara Jean said...

sweeet tiny treasures, and love the light fixture part. Have osem of those myself.
Cannot wait to see it done.

hugs and blessings
barbara jean

Meg said...

Fantastic post!! That box is too perfect! I lose my sewing stuff everywhere (they're in mason jars all over the place) and a little box like that would be wonderful :) thanks for the inspiration!!

kathy said...

Ah ! the small sweet simple things --such a delight -- Luv ya bunches -- not much time to visit or create these days -- but visit when i can -- Hugz - kathy - ga♥

Trish said...

What nice things to be given lucky you. The wallet from england is posh. Bond street is in London. Your blog is so nice to visit.
Take care
Trish (uk)

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Bond! Very posh! ;-)
And the magnolia petal with stamp...special!
And your view...yes, I don't blame you for wanting to be outside!
And all your little treasures from your friend...
also special!
Have a lovely weekend!
Hugs and Blessings,

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~
I LOVE your view ~ It is so beautiful! It is wonderful to take the time and really enjoy what the Lord has given to us ~

Your little treasures are precious and the magnolia leaf is wayyyy fun!! I need to try that ~


Susan said...

Wow! What awesome little treasures!

Shopgirl said...

the things you think to do amaze me Dear Dawn, I hope you are having a great weekend planned. Hugs, Mary

Dorthe said...

Hi my dear Dawn,
Such sweet and lovely things you loved-and they are loved here,too :)
The box so sweet, and the light fixture? ,wonderful-as is your tiny purses, sweetie.
And your experiment looks fantastic- how exiting to use petals ,stamped- in natur collages- for which you can only be so wonderfully inspired, from your gorgeus view-it is beautiful, dear sweet friend.
Hope for,-and wish you a lovely week-end, with beautiful houers.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Lisa said...

Hey sweetie,
What a great post! I love, LOVE the light fixture! I can't wait to see the pincushion, knowing you it's already done & listed on etsy. I'm going to look now! Great goodies from the mall lady, you did good girl! Love that wide wallet! Lisa

Theresa said...

Simple pleasures! Love the leaf and the impression of the bird! You just have a eye for beauty and creating it!

Have a blessed evening, HUGS!


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