Thursday, May 19, 2011

So very blessed ~

This, my dear friends, is how I feel very blessed!!!

And your friendship is one of my most precious blessings!
Wishing you a wonderful Thursday sweet friends ~
hugs and love,


Amanda said...

Sweet sentiments and endearing images! You are such a lovely spirit, Dawn!
Many Blessings!

Barbara Jean said...

Oh thank you sweet girl.
I LOVE that little bird image 3rd from the end.

barbara jean

Vee said...

Sweetness abounds here... Blessings, too. Have a creative day! (Beginning around 4 this afternoon. ;> )

Sweet Old Vintage said...

That is a very lovely feeling and to know it and appreciate it all the more wonderful... Enjoy your day Dawn.... Blessings...

stefanie said...

so sweet!!!! have a great day!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

I'm glad you're feeling blessed today Dawn, always look for the blessings in the day. Some days they are easy to find, other days harder... but they are always there.

Thanks for these sweet images, you can bet I'll be doing something with that darling little sepia bird. ~ Abby

Dorthe said...

Thankyou dearest Dawn- you are truly a blessing in my life ,too- and have been from the first time I "met" you- alwayes so kind-sweet and loving---thankyou lovely friend.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Brynwood Needleworks said...

That first image is one of my favorites, Dawn. Thanks for sharing all of them. You're so generous, my friend.

I hope you have a blessed and restful weekend.

Luv Creating Cards 'n' Keepsakes said...

Dear Dawn,
Thank you for your lovely words I hope that you continue to feel blessed. I know I certainly feel blessed, having found you as such a dear and caring friend through your delightful Feathered Nest blog and the chats that we have across the miles. Thank you too for the gorgeous images. It's difficult to choose with but I think my favorite picture is the darling little Mable Lucie Atwell girl and her puppy. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend.
Warmest best wishes to you and the family.

Deborah said...

Dawn, Thank you so much for sharing your sweet inspirations with us. I love the drawing of the hands. Beautiful thought behind that. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend. D


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