Friday, May 27, 2011

Always tweaking, always fluffing ~

My sweet DIL Emily took this pic outside the farm house....
barbed wire is scary but it's a wonderful photo, don't you think?

I should be creating but instead I'm playing around with the studio again!
I came across the wonderful old umbrellas I had in my old studio
and had to find the perfect place for them in the new one ~

Well, if you move one thing in this have to move a ton!!!
So I took a few photos of new vignettes ~

I finally found a good spot to place one of my vintage umbrellas!
I love things up HIGH!

Here's the neat old black one ~
is it bad luck to open umbrellas inside???
Not to me...
they inspire me so!!!

I found this little doll dress a few years back ~
I bought it to alter...
Yeah, right.
Some things you just don't touch.
I'm in love with the way it looks and it is totally inspiring to me!!!

So, do you think sweet Clara is in love with her Woody doll?
I think so!!!!

Naps are always better when you have a friend to take them with!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie, am I grateful you added the button, so I can comment :)
Dearest Dawn, such beautiful photoes from your studie, it must be like being in the sweetest place ever decorating and creating inside there. You have such a fantastic way, of decorating- I love it, and all the beautiful old items you have collected and gorgeus art pieces..Thankyou for this lovely look.
And wish you a happy week-end dearest friend.
With love and hugs-

Tina said...

LOVE the photos from your studio Dawn. It´s so amazing and so inspiring. Wish I had a place like that to create in. So many wonderful displays. It´s always such a pleasure to see and I keep coming back for more details.
Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend.
XO Tina

Karen B. said...

Good morning sweet Dawn,
your room is just beautiful filled with all those treasures!!!
Have a wonderful day!!
hugs Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Anne Lorys said...

Your studio is completely inspiring, Dawn!

Awww, Clara really does love her Woody. :-)


Deborah said...

I love love love our studio, it's so beautiful! when can I move in? ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Gail said...

Well Dawn,
Once again you've inspired me! This time to get into my studio and clean it and organize it...thank you!!!!

Mitzi Curi said...

Dawn, I'm having a meltdown over your beautiful creative space! What wonderful vignettes you've put together. I can see why you find inspiration there!

Lisa said...

Lots of lovely eye candy to delight in your studio...
But the most precious of all is that little granddaughter of yours...

mary beth said...

Girl, I don't think I could get a lick of work done in this space! I would just sit around and gaze and the lovelies and sigh and gaze some more! Plus, I am real messy when I work and I wouldn't want to disturb the loveliness! Yet you crank out such pretty and inspiring stuff! Thanks for giving us another peek into your creative world!

mercedes scott said...

Dawn, this is my first look ever at your studio... so gorgeous! I can see how you can be inspired; there's something wonderful in every inch! I especially like what you've done with the umbrellas; a very cool idea! And that vintage childs outfit? Perfect just the way it is - I'm glad you didn't touch it! :)

Sandi said...

Loving all your inspiration today Dawn!! I am at my sons house on HIGH SPEED and your blog just pops right up here. Amazing !! Lol


Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

I love the umbrellas...what a clever way to use them. They add a whimsical touch to the room, fun and playful. All of that fabric makes me drool. I hoard fabric but mine isn't as organized as yours is.

We love Woody too, have one here at the house for all of my grand children to play with, truth is...i'm really fond of him too.

Have a blessed holiday weekend!

Kelli said...

Hi Dawn!
Clara is such a sweetie and your studio is very inspiring. So many beautiful and special things!

Also, thank you for sharing your antique postcard images with us!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

suziqu's thread works said...

Yes Dawn I can see how you could so easily get distracted in your studio with so much there to
gaze at but all this is just what inspires the beautiful creations you make.
Happy hugs,

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Dawn- Clara is growing so and she is so beautiful-- it's been such fun to watch her through your photos! She has a sweet little angel face--

Your studio leaves me breathless- ( would you please come and work your magic on my Sacred Yarn Room- it needs your help!!)

No wonder you create so beautifully--


Vicki Boster said...

Ps- I do love the barbed wire photo!

Highpoint Circle said...

Everyone before me has said such wonderful things about your post today and I want to add my "Amen" to those. I've just today discovered this treasure and have subscribed to your feeds. You seem lovely. Robin at

Monica said...

Absolutely fabulous and truly inspiring! I drool over all those antique treasures of yours...
Thanks for sharing, Dawn!
Monica x

ByLightOfMoon said...

I adore your work room Dawn, I try to fold my fabrics so clean and tidy, but they never look like yours!

You have that decorator touch that feels so soft and imaginative!
Smiles, Cyndi


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