Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh yeah...seeing the floor's a wonderful thing!!!

Isn't this little girl adorable????
She's yours for the takin' you know :)

I had to show you a few pics of my progress....I couldn't stand it :)
As you walk in the room this is the wall just to your right.
Yes. I know it's crammed but try to see the a minute
you will actually see the floor dear friends!

You can see a little peek through the foyer into the living room ~
see Bucky? He says hi by-the-way ~

A close up of my most fav find EVER....Dennis bought it for me.
Just so I can stare at it. That's all I need you know, a little stare now and then.

Looking up on top of the shelves, I stack more stuff ~ what can I say?
It ALL so makes me smile....

Moving on around the room ~
These are the French doors that lead into the other bedroom.
I shut them both so I could have the entire wall for my computer!
Crammed? Yes, but it's OK.

Treasures are EVERYWHERE!!!
I want to see them.
To be inspired....

OK. Here it is friends.
I love seeing it!!
It's taken me forever to get this tiny space to this point.
You've got to remember, I've moved a studio that I had filled
in a two-car garage to a small bedroom....
Yes, I've stashed treasures in our the guest our closet ~
but, I've done it!!

Now, as you move past our bedroom door
you can see my teeny sewing area in the next corner ~
The print on the wall is not hung, just propped
and I still have a tiny set of shelves to hang above the sewing machine too.

Yeah, don't look at the enormous mess on those tiny shelves by my desk...
I have so much stuff crammed on those,
I don't EVEN know how they are still standing!

My teeny desk ~ I so try to keep it clean.

I cram stuff on top of EVERYTHING! I love using these tall ceilings ~

And here we are back at the door into the foyer.
This is the last corner ~ and if you'll notice, I didn't take a shot of it lower.
It's a massive pile of supplies.... I want to make something wonderful!!!
Having a clean space (or even at least relatively clean)
always makes me want to CREATE!!!

I know you've seen my little studio before but I just had to share
how much better it's looking ~

Wishing you an AMAZING and wonderful Wednesday my sweet friends,
hugs and love,


karen hess jewelry said...

Your studio is an absolute treasure and inspiration to all that we can never have too much! xo

Lisa said...

I love it baby! Now go make something amazing! I see so many beautiful things to work with. Wish I was there so we could play together. Lisa

Unknown said...

Looks great!
Not crammed at all.
Just well supplied for inspiration!
Great job!
And so pretty.
I wish my sewing room looked this good!

Unknown said...

Fabulous creative space you have there. It looks very cozy and inviting with all of your sweet treasures. I must get started with my organizing, you have given me the bug. Thanks.

kluless said...

Oh.My.Goodness. It looks like a simply wonderful place to play. You have done an amazing job in your "pare down" and still so much fun stuff to inspire and to work with. I know that feeling, like you can breathe again - YAY!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm new here and likkeee what I see.
I've become a follower so I can keep checking back to see all your pretties.
Thank you for the sweet little gal. She's sooo cute.
Happy creating,

bikim said...

so pretty!
romantic and chic!
gorgeous photos!
happy day,

Vee said...

Oh it all looks great and you've inspired me. I've been in the process of absorbing so many of my mother's treasures, including her little baby coat, that I've been at it for weeks with a whole lot less than you have. I can tell that you've played a game or two of Tetris in your life or, if you haven't, you'd be very good at it! Enjoy your creating time...

ByLightOfMoon said...

I love little vignettes that I can see also and I love you showing us your studio. I ma still in two rooms trying to make it into one also. Thanks for the inspiration.
Smiles, Cyndi

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my Dawn... You have so many objects for the choosing... Enjoy your space and creating with ALL your stuff.....

Debra@CommonGround said...

You are amazing!!!! Hoarder meets organizational genius! And i mean that in the very best compliment! Now I just need you to come to my house, xoxo Debra

Patti -Truly Tattered said...

Dawn, I love to see where creative women create and I feel I could move right in to your space! It is really warm and inviting. I especially love the desk area and the curtains. What is that fabric? I know how you feel about being neat and organized helps you to be inspired. I just love it all!

Curtains in My Tree said...

you have done such a neat job of displaying your treasures .

I love it all. also so glad to see other ladies who have oodles of small tresures they can't part with

Jamie said...

What a gem of a studio you have! I love it all. My space is beginning to resemble yours! I have a tiny little bedroom that is filling up to the ceiling - but I love all my little treasures just as you! Thank you for sharing! Jamie V in MT

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Dawn! You've doing great at fitting it all in! It looks wonderful! Love seeing all your pretty treasures! Have fun creating!!

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, Your studio looks wonderful and instead of cleaning mine up, I'm moving in with you! I have just about as much stuff and have to do the same. But then again I don't think you will have room for me and my stuff, guess that means I have to clean it up eventually. Hugs and thanks for the help on the seam binding. I bought myself some for my birthday and told them you sent me. Hugs and have a fun creative weekend! Marilou

Anonymous said...

Dawn, how precious and adorable! Your studio looks great and I especially love the curtains!

Tina said...

You have the most wonderful studio Dawn. I have never seen anything like this. Love all your displayes and your beautiful stuff.
Thanks for sharing sweet friend.
Have a wonderful day
xo Tina

Rebecca said...

Dawn I so envy your clean space... mine is piled and I can hardly get to the sewing machine! I am going to redo the whole thing when I get back from Farm Chicks... hopefully I will be able to get at the garage too!
Love all your stuff!

Shopgirl said...

You have done it!!! Everything looks so lovely. I do not have a space right now for my crafts or a place to create. I am here there and eveywhere, hidden places. But that will change when the upstairs is doen. Right now everything is in boxes, all my treasures.
Dear Dawn, I love your cottage farmhouse. Everything is lovely, and you are lovely in it. Your, Mary

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

I love these photos and your space :) you have so much beautiful stuff to work from, I only wish I could be there to brows through it all and say oh wow and oh LOL thanks for sharing these photos and thanks for the beautiful image of the cute little girl with her doll.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

It's beautifully~inspiring! :)

Charlene said...

Thank you for the adorable photo! Her smile is contagious! And I feel your pride in a clean/OK cleaner studio! I had to "work" on mine this week because it was back to piles! You know... go to the store, buy stuff, pile it on the desk, walk away... go to the store, buy stuff, pile it on the desk, walk away. Shop & repeat. Pretty soon is scares you to go in there. You never know what you might find. :) Have a great weekend & your studio is amazing! I LOVE all the treasures!

Dorthe said...

Dear Dawn-at last I can comment- I have tryed several times when being away, in Copenhagen- I`m so happy Blogger is back on ,again, so I can tell you, how much I enjoy seing this fantastic studio of yours. The amazing collections, and wonderful pieces of art ,the cosynes everywhere- all the white fabric-and old clothes-laces-buttons-and sweetness all over. This room is just like its owner :beautiful,sweet,and filled with lovely wonders. Thankyou for the inspiration,my precius friend.
Much love-and many hugs

Beth Leintz said...

Dawn, I think I could get locked in your studio for weeks and not get bored- what wonderful and inspiring treasures.

Rhonda said...

Thank you Dawn for making me feel normal. I too love all my supplies out and everything where I can see it.

Your space is wonderful, cozy and warm. What wonderful treasures you have, they all make me smile.

The Cinnamon Stick said...

ENVY...only word that comes to mind!! XOXO, Judy

The Rustic Victorian said...

It is wonderful Miz Dawn! Having room to walk really helps, being able to find things orgaized. Such treasures my friend.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, you put it all together like a puzzle that fits perfectly! :-)
Hugs, Diane


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