Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creating with beautiful things ~

Some of my supplies have been with me for quite awhile.
I have to enjoy them for a time ~
This pocket watch is one of those treasures.
I've wanted to put something beautiful inside for so long
and finally decided to do it!!

A beautiful print of an antique photograph,
I think from sweet Karen of Graphics Fairy?
You can't tell in my photo but her cheeks are
ever so slightly rosy.

Perfect to hang on a knob or hook to make you smile ~
in my Etsy store too!

I had to share this pic with you....
I have a jar filled with treasures that I dump out when I'm working on
something new ~ it's filled with all kinds of stuff....

I actually made two things!!!
A simple nest assemblage inside of a shadow box too ~
Surrounded by text from an old bird book,
hand painted eggs are nestled inside surrounded by feathers.

 I love poking around on Etsy.
I've shared Cindy's beautiful jewelry with you before.
Don't you just love this necklace??!!

Cindy's wonderful necklace....

And I've always love Jamie's taste ~
Jamie's amazing digital images.....

Do you find that sometimes when you want to start a new project,
the ideas just flow like water ~
there are other times where it's hard to make even one decision!
It was one of those days for me :)
But even if it takes twice as long as it should,
it still feels so good to make something!!!

Wishing you an amazing Tuesday my sweet friends,
hugs and love,


Beverly Sager said...

Dawn, I always enjoy seeing your creations, and these are beautiful. The pocket watch has such mood to it, very lovely. And the shadowbox is so pretty. You inspire me!

Barbara Jean said...

Wonderful pocket watch piece Dawn!!
And beautiful necklace by Cindy!

I am so ready to do some creating, but first, one more coat of paint on the floor, and we can start decorating the new room at the store!!! YAY!!!!!

Have a super week friend.

barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Love your new creations Dawn! You just overflow with creativity!

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetest Dawn-
I love your pocket watch hanger, how very beautiful with the pearls floating ,under the beautiful image, dearest friend- and the shadow box, with your handpainted eggs so simple,and beautifull -the true beauty from nature.
Also great to see, all your goodies, and the beautiful art from Etsy--Jamie`s birds are fantastic-
I wish you a lovely day my sweet- here it is a bit grey,today.
With love and hugs,-Dorthe

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I've been doing that recently, too, Dawn. Dumping out a jar I have filled with loads of differet buttons. I keep a silver tray I found at Goodwill nearby so I can put them right on there and see which buttons I might want to use for a project.

I've got so many bigger projects to be done that my mind is a whirl, even though I have given them an order in my head. I like to work on smaller projects during the week after work that I know I can complete and save the bigger ones for when I have a full day and don't have to worry about stopping.

Susan Hemann said...

Your work is wonderful and so creative! I have a large basket with all kinds of things in it. When I'm shopping at garage sales and flea markets, ideas just flow. Later, when I get a chance to work on something, I've totally forgotten what inspired me to buy the piece. lol Frustrating

Vee said...

The pocket watch turned out so lovely. I almost thought you might make it into a necklace as Cindy did. I seldom get the creative urge. If I do, I clean. How's that for inspired? Not, too. I'm glad that you share what the creative process is like for you. Have a beautiful day!

Unknown said...

The pocketwatch is wonderful! Your junk jar is my kind of candy jar, lol. Have a great week ~ Heidi

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~
Ohhhh girl you have such a beautiful talent!! Those both are wonderful!
I love all of your treasures, they are so much fun!


One Cheap B*tch said...

Oh how I love that framed bird's nest!


mary beth said...

I had to chuckle..I have a jar full of those rusty springs and have never known what to do with them..can't wait to see what you come up with! I have been in a creative desert for some time now, but I always get inspired when I come visit your lovely blog!

Brenda Evans said...

I LOVE that pile of stash you scattered about. I could sure use a pile like that. Wonderful items. And yes I have creative blocks. I find that I spend more time shopping and buying stuff and then never use it. What is wrong with me. I have so much I need to really get into a creative mood. Beautiful bird nest.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh Dawn... I love the pocket watch creation....

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dawn, it's beautiful. I think she would look lovely pinned to a jacket!!
Blessings to you!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

I always get inspired when I sort through all my little baubles, you've got some great ones. Love your pretty "watch". Gorgeous!

Petit Coterie said...

Very creative and inspiring! I have found myself in both the flood of ideas and the stumped where to start as well, so I know exactly what you're talking about.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

It takes a special person to take old "stuff" and turn it into things of exquisite beauty..and that's just what you've done :-)

You are a gifted and generous artist who encourages, supports and inspires us always...


Blue Creek Home said...

Dawn, your creations are beautiful.
Love the things in your treasure jar!!!

Susan said...

I so love your creations! I love the watch and the shadow box!! How pretty both are!

Leanne said...

Loved yo ur creatiosns, Dawn! I have a watch like both the first one you made, and the lovely necklace of Cindy's. I've been trying to figure out what to do with the old watch... It's very special to me so I am looking for just the right project.

Ironstone and Pine said...

hey Dawn, amazing creations! I just love what you do with your vintage goodies!! ps thanks for the comment! :)

deb christensen said...

your work always takes my breath away! so beautiful. and even your treasure jar is beautiful!
wouldn't a stuff jar swap be fun??

Romeo said...

Ah yes, such beautiful creations Dawn! As for the jars of treasures....oh girl, that is a favorite and I do mean FAVORITE thing of mine. I love to have containers of treasures and then when I want to create I pull out one or two and take off flying!!!! I've been trying to get another started for over a week now..... but every time I find something I want to put in there I get all inspired and it doesn't happen. LOL How's that for effective?!?!

I've missed you and blogging - hopefully, I'll get used to the current pace of life and get back to blogging as part of my schedule :)


Deborah and Romeo

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh my goodness Sweet Dawn...how I always Love what you create, both are absolutely stunning!! And your treasure jar is just full of wonderful inspiration!!
Happy Wednesday!
Carol Anne

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Beautiful work - like always ;) I started going though my stuff to find out what I had to try making a Fabric Collage - I have a LOT of stuff to use LOL LOL now it´s just to start. I´m kind of afraid to jump into that kind of work but I think I can do one little Collage and then see where that will lead me. I´v also been fixing my blog to making it more vintage and I kind of like the outcome.
Thank you for your post, I love reading your blog Dawn. I wait for it every day LOL
Thanks for being out there and giving me such good ideas. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, I need your input, I ordered seam binding from the place you recommended as I was in dire need of some and it is wonderful but I didn't get much in the neutrals as it was very hard to tell by the color chart even though it is a sizable chart I don't want to buy a chart. Could you give me some input of your favs before I order anymore? I'm going to make some bags and albums and there are so many neutrals that I was lost. Help?? I bought cream and flesh but the flesh is pinkish and fine for some things, like victorian and Easter stuff. I also want to make some gifts so I need a neutral variety. Thanks and Hugs and Happy Mother's Day.

Cindy said...

hi dawn~
checked in on your blog today and was so surprised to see you posted my vintage watch face necklace. thank you for that. i actually sold it yesterday to a sweet woman in denmark! guess i will make up a few more with some of my collection ((:

i was salivating over your beautiful property and views. WOW so beautiful. i would love to wake up to that every day.

i love your gorgeous nest in the shadowbox and of course the pocket watch mixed media, very cute!
xo cindy

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm obviously WAY behind in my blog reading! I love the nest with the bird paper behind it, great work!

And your jar of goodies? SOOOO jealous, I need to start a jar like that!



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