Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A very special day!!!

How did it happen???
Two years have FLOWN by!!!
Our little Clara is two years old today!!!
Seems we were just welcoming her into our family . . .

Here she is yesterday afternoon eating her first ice cream
from the neighborhood ice cream truck!
You can tell by the color of her lips that the LOVED it!
We're celebrating her second birthday here at the farmhouse this coming
Sunday afternoon and it's all about Dora the Explorer!

Brent finished our chicken coop!!!
I just love it!
He's going to make a plank so they can walk up to get inside at night ~

Don't you think it's wonderful??
I had to paint the outside to protect it from the weather ~
Of course I had to choose a great barn red color.

Next I'll be working on getting their actual pen finished ~
they still have to grow a lot before they can enjoy the coop
but I'm just glad to have it waiting for them!!

I hope you have a great Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Hello Dawn!
Happy Birthday to your Little Sweetpea Clara! She is the Sweetest thing!
The Coop Looks Great and Fresh Eggs...Nothing Better!
Have a Wonderful Week!
Hugs Jill
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Deb said...

she is adorable...Happy the chicken coop...

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yep...time goes by SO very sure to get as many photo's of her as you can. WAY CUTE.
You may also think about going to a Professional Portrait Studio when she is about 4 or 5..the PERFECT age..and they will amaze you with the darling images they can get for you. I know because ......I use to do it for a living !

Oh so love your chicken coop...BARN perfect....and what a great idea for opening in the get the eggs..and clean it out. WATCH OUT for snakes tho...they LOVE chicken eggs I understand.
Keep us posted on Clara's progress...and the little chicks too.


Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Dear Clara!!! I remember when it was announced that you were born and how over the moon everyone was. Celebrate! (The coop is wonderful and the hens will be thrilled.)

Lisa said...

Hey Sweetie,
Do you mean to tell me that child has never had an ice cream before today?? She is so cute & so big! The coop is awesome. I swear you could get a ship to Mars if you put your mind to it girl. Didn't you just buy those chicks Sunday? No grass growing under your feet for sure! Lisa

Sheila Rumney said...

Happy Birthday, Clara! I can't belive it has been 2 years! I remember "hearing" the great news that she had arrived. Time sure flies!

Anonymous said...

She is a precious gift. Enjoy each day!

Love the coop and the color was a perfect choice. It would be really cute with some type of humorous sign attached above the door.


marie said...

Happy Birthday to Clara! It's amazing how time flies. My youngest grandbaby will be 2 years old on Friday.

I hope Clara has a wonderful "Dora" party!!

Love your chicken coop!! I'm sure the chickens will too!

Dorthe said...

Enjoy the wonderfull day, dearest Dawn.
I love the old barn red color you used-fits so well.
Wish you a happy day, precius friend.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Clara! They grow up WAY too fast! She is precious eating her ice cream!

Love the chicken coop! Ready for the chicks:)

Have a blessed day, HUGS!

TwoHeartsPath said...

Happy Birthday to that little Doll!!! She is having a Great Time and yes that time flies by..our youngest Granddaughter will be 5 in May.....Love the new Chicken House!!! I have always wanted a Chicken and a Rooster!! When I was little my Grandma's neighbors had them, and I loved hearing the Rooster Crow in the morning!!
Hugs Patti

Vicki said...

What a sweet picture of Clara. Love that barn red you chose for the coop. It will be fun to watch them grow.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Clara! I can't believe she's two already, Dawn! I remember looking at her baby pictures.

Vee said...

If the first year flew by, and it did, I can't believe how quickly the second year has gone. What a cutie pie Clara is and how much joy she brings to your family and your "extended" family.

The coop is fantastic and I love it barn red. What fun Clara is going to have helping to gather eggs and feed the chickens someday soon.

Brenda Evans said...

Happy B'day Clara! I remember when my granddaughter was that age - she was adorable as Clara. But then us grandmas think ours are the greatest don't we?

Love that chicken coop - that is one amazing coop - if I were a chicken I'd climb right into that little red barn. Great job on the workmanship!!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Clara !! I remember when she was born ~ Oh my
goodness time does fly!!


Anonymous said...

You are having a great week. Happy Birthday to your BIG girl!

Jann said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Clara! I hope she has a wonderful day! The chicken coop is looking great--love the red barn color!

La Maison said...

Such a beautiful little girl your granddaughter. Special color that has ice cream, I never saw this.
Your husband is an artist and the red color is fantastic.


Simply Shelley said...

Happy B-D to your precious little Clara...our Vivian was two in February...they do grow fast,don't daughter Regina which lives next door to me has seven hens that give an abundance of fresh your little coop...its a nice one....blessings

Brenda said...

Your going to have so much fun with the chickens and so is your Clara! Just cleaned our coop out this week and the chickens got out in the yard for a bit before we started getting more snow. Have a good week!

Unknown said...

I love your coop! Mine I raise the roof but the next one will be like yours!! lol My chickens are so funny I made each hen her own box but they all crowd into one! lol
Happy Birthday to Clara!!
take care

Shelley Davis said...

Wow it's Spring where you live. I can hardly wait for Spring to get here in Ohio. Clara looks just like you. What a beauty. Happy Birthday. Now the fun really begins. 2 years and up to teenage years are my favorite. They're magical years. Have a great party.

I love the chicken coop. Wish the suburbs welcomed those chickens. The sounds from childhood.


Luv Creating Cards 'n' Keepsakes said...

Hi Dearest Dawn,
Happy Birthday to Clara too,it was my daughter's 11th birthday too yesterday. We had a lovely warm day and will also be celebrating her birthday with a party for her friends here at home this Sunday. Time flies by sooooo fast.
The chicken coop looks really great, I love the colour you have painted it. You realise that other chickens near by now are going to be demanding the same deluxe version for themselves now !!!!! Could be you'll be getting orders for replilca coops !!!!!
Lots of love and warmest best wishes,
Su 'n' CO.

LADY JANE said...

Dawn...First off HaPpY BiRtHdAy to your cutest little PEEP Clara! Ohhhh and for the love of DORA....Jalina Rose loves Dora too...she would totally love to be at Claras Dora party! One of Jalinas most prized posessions is a personalized book we ordered her at Christmas..the story is about Gee-Gee(me) Poppa Jalina and Dora...I will try to find where we ordered it from and let you know! Your Clara would love it! Here at our house Dora books have replaced all the most beautiful "coffee table" books! Dora rules!And Martha Stewart has moved over! LOL!
Love your coop for your other peeps...the barn red is perfect...perfect place for your chicks to nest away! The coop will be the perfect place for them to hide away...just should show up at the dear Farmhouse! Giggling...guess you have to be a Dora Grandma to appreciate this one!

Gloria Westerman said...

Happy Birthday Claras!!!!
Love the coop.....and great design/layout of it...I think your chickens will be very happy with their new home....

Shawna Bates said...

WOW I can't beleive she's two!! I remember when she was born! It sure doesn't take long for the little ones to start growing up!!
The older she gets the cuter she is!!

Anonymous said...

OMG that Clara is just the cutest thing.

You and the chickens, I have to laugh. We had chickens (in a previous life)and had a little shed for them with nesting boxes. I have to warn you, chickens are truly STUPID! My hubby had to pick each one up and "walk" it up the plank to the nests before they would do it. Then they sat up there for days because they did not have enough sense to come down!!! In the meantime, our goats (who are very smart) were watching all of this and they started walking up the plank!!!! Too funny.

Rebecca said...

How sweet they are! She is just adorable... Happy birthday to Clara!
The coop looks great but... What are you going to do with chickens?

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dawn,
belated birthday wishes to sweet clara! I can't believe how much she grew.
Have a wonderful weekend and if you like stopp by
for my giveaway.

Elizabeth said...

I love the coop. Red is a great color. When will you be getting the chickens? I am planning on keeping chickens this year. Can't wait to see what kind you get. :)

Little Birdie Blessings said...

A sweet name for a sweet little girl. Thanks for sharing Dawn. I'm sure she's a delight to you all. The coop is looking good.


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