Thursday, March 17, 2011

My sweet Angel friends ~

Well, I'm a goober.
I've not accomplished one thing at all worth blogging about!
I haven't even finished the lovely box ~

What's wrong with me??
I don't know ~ is it Spring you think??

Another thing too.....
I've so missed visiting my dear friend's blogs ~
seems my days are slipping away from me.
Please know I am thinking of you though,
and that our lives always ebb and flow....

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

Hi my sweetie,-
Oh Dawn, you will create your beautifull art again- we all have times like that, when we don`t accomplish much more that everyday life :)
Here in front of me hangs your wonderfull Little Bird Girl-dress-that I adore, and it is still one of my favorite pieces, even I have looked at it for some years now.
Thanks for all the gorgeus images, dearest friend, and smile,smile...
Much love to you, dear with a big warm hug.

ThereseMarie said...

Just your hellos are worth the wait! I never get tired of wandering through your posts, no matter how old they might be. It sounds as if you are in need of some TLC, some rest, no worries, for just a moment! I'm hugging you as we speak!

mary beth said...

Dawn, you are so sweet , even when you don't have a thing to say, I come away from here blessed! thanks for the lovely images and hope you enjoy your spring day!

Joy Lett said...

Yeah- Spring kinda does that to you. Plenty of time for other indoor things but when it's Spring well-- the outdoors calls my name.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Dawn
It sounds like you have a mad case of spring fever coming out of the winter doldrums!
It will surely pass and you will be back into the "spring" of things soon :-)
The box you are creating is absolutely gorgeous - even unfinished!!
Thank you for sharing all the fun images too!!
Big Hugs,

Theresa said...

Love the images, I am a goober too:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Dawn... I believe our lack of creativity is just this time of year.. I know it is for myself... I just sit and think about what I want to do and seem to lack the energy to actually do it... I sure hope that doesn't last long... I went outside and took down my winter wreath that I have been going to take down for 2 weeks and hope to wash my large picture windows if temos allow this afternoon.... I am sure this will all pass.

Elizabeth said...

I can really relate. Sometimes I stare at my blog post entry form and think, "h.m.m..m....."

I hope you have a wonderful day!

kathy said...

Dear Sweet Friend !!!
I am in the same boat here -- no time etc -- But the reasons are wonderful - two precious new Grandsons and Two other wonderful TEEN grands --
Would not change a thing -- we are making memories -- HUGS to ya !!! KAthy - ga ♥

Denise said...

Beautiful cards...... There is something so bittersweet about them...... yester days ....... they seem to be more peaceful and friendly.... Not as the world we live in now....... Thanks for sharing........

karen hess jewelry said...

Dear Dawn,
Thanks so much for your love...despite where you are right now in your creativity, you still have time to think of us! The images you share are glorious and I thank you. Each day is newborn and brighter than the one before.

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog! I look forward to reading each one. Let spring be your muse. Can't wait to see what it tells you...


Barbara Jean said...

You are not a goober!!! Always a delight coming here. =)
Sweetness and encouragement abound.

blessings and thanks for the sweet pics. Maybe after taxes I'll be able to do something with them.

barbara jean
PS I blame it all on the time change, and taxes!!! =)

Carole said...

I can't seem to find time for anything either....don't feel badly you do so much.
Love that angel friends print. Used it for Laura's collage.
happy st pats,


Little Birdie Blessings said...

I just love the little girl smelling the pink roses. Also the sheet music cover Angel Friends. Thanks again Dawn for these great images. ~ Abby

sweetpea said...

sweet dawn, you are not alone. i've seen this all over bloglandia and i have had a touch of it too. overload? life? age? who knows, who cares? do we have to be accountable like this to blog? i say not, so take time for you and the priorities in your life.



picklechips said...

You are not alone....I've been feeling so unsettled. I truly think it is because of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and the nuclear plant failures. We watch the horrific pictures and hear their stories and feel so bad for them, and yet we can't physically 'do' anything but keep a prayer in our hearts for them. We on the West Coast are feeling especially jumpy, because the same thing could happen here. I have pushed myself to go back to my studio and create something little, just to occupy my mind. It's how I felt after 9/11. So hopefully we can all stay connected and try and focus on what's important in our lives. Thanks for the beautiful images.

Journal Swag said...

What a pretty lacy piece you made!


Journal Swag said...

p.s. I TOTALLY understand! I need to push right now too! If you will, I will!



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