Friday, March 11, 2011

Texture and patina.....

Seems those two things always draw me in.
I found these wonderful little containers
(and yes, don't choke, they ARE peat pots)
at my local Dollar General!
They seem to be a bit sturdier than your
typical peat pot plus the texture on the
sides is beautiful ~ They are also a pretty
vanilla color....perfect for Easter favors or gifts!

I'm always looking at textures and weaves of fabrics ~

The elegance of beautiful penmanship ~
they must have had strict classes back then!

I imagine it was hard to write on a book spine with pen and ink!

This stained pitcher is so beautiful to me ~

Old sheers

Speckled books, cracking at the spine ~

But just look at it's embossed cover!

The soft, crackled leather of an antique baby shoe
with beautiful scalloped edging detail.

Speckled rusting here and there ~

Do I need help?

You girls understand.
I'm linking up with Debra of Common Ground's

love you much & happy weekend!!!
hugs and love,


Deb said...

I love rust...

Blessed Serendipity said...

You are right we understand the chipped the crackled and the worn. We must all be sentimental rescuers.



Your post is glorious. I must share your affliction.


jonio said...

Oh my! What wonderful, beautifully aged and loved items! And I agree with you, the little peat pots are perfect for Easter gift containers. I am a Dollar General junkie as well as Dollar Tree (lol). I love the old, faded, rusted, stained, loved a lot look of your pieces. I look for that when thrift store/flea market shopping. I won't hesitate to distress a new piece to that point to make it fit in with my naturally aged possessions. Kudos to you! Love your blog!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Those books are gorgeous, Dawn! The embossed cover on the one is something I'd probably run my hands over every time I passed it. Cool peat pots - I don't think I've seen them that color. I'll have to look for them at my dollar store. You're right, they would be great for Easter baskets!

Debbie Dillon said...

I LOVE that old pitcher, and I have a few books similar to the ones you show here - LOVE to decorate with beautiful things I love; stuff just bursting with history :)
As always, I love hopping over here. Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless :)

Gail said...

Well Sweet Dawn,
If you need help, then I need help! HA, I think we're just fine, we just like what we like and are proud of it, right?
Great pictures!!!!!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh Dawn, you know I'm a sucker for peat pots, and these are extraaaaaaa cute!! So glad you joined in for VIF, I love it when you come to the party!

Dragonlady said...

Love those peat pots...will be checking out Dollar General....thank you, I so enjoy your blog...

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dawn,
You know that we are all drooling over all these lovely things. Those little peat pots are the perfect color for adding some trim. (you know we can't leave anything alone) LOL!

Speaking of Mother and Father both had beautiful handwriting. Could it be the computer keyboard is ruining ours!

Lovely photos Dawn, thanks for sharing.


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Yes, do need help! I think a good cure would be to pack of all this stuff and send it to me (then I'll deal with it!) he he he

Now don't you know that the Dollar General's will have a record day tomorrow on peat pots. Gee I sure hope mine has them!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Amy Kinser said...

You always have great stuff that totally catches my eye. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the peat pots cracked me up but you are right, texture and patina is everything! You have such a great eye :-)

By the Bluegrass said...

Such wonderful vintage loveliness! And, if you do need help, you're in good company. ;)

Jann said...

Lovely! Wish I could find some peat pots like those--they are great!

LADY JANE said...

Dawn, Do not concern yourself that cast off objects from long ago are your obsession...they hold lessons in history,they hold memories,they tell stories...they share secrets! New meaning comes to lost objects when we treasure them...when we re-create them...and give these orphans of the past new life!
Would one ever need wonder why someone once said...TIME HEALS ALL?

Dorthe said...

Oh yes sweetheart, I totally understand you :)
and I love all and everything, you collected.
Also the gorgeus peat pots,-hope they will come to DK, too.
Thanks for all the beauty, today again, my dearest friend.
Love and hugs, to you Dawn.

Claudia said...

Love everything, Dawn. I fear penmanship is going the way of the dinosaur. When I look back at the writing in my grandmother's letters to her sister many many years ago, then at mine (which isn't as nice) and now with email, etc. - yikes. It just isn't the same, is it?


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, We sure think alike, I just picked up some of those peat pots too last week they are wonderful for many things, holding a whole world of possibilities! Great Post, Have a great weekend, Hugs Marilou PS I think we all need help, but I don't want any, I luv "my stuff", my adult children think I'm over the edge, who cares! I'm having fun!

She Uses Her Words said...

Such beautiful items Dawn. I think the old books are my favorites. Have a great weekend!
xo, Karen

grammy and papi said...

Love the same kind of vintage. Hope you don't need too much help because I should be in the same line.

Well, I am a new follower, does that say anything about me?

Have a God Filled Day


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