Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An understanding heart ~

When I first saw this old cabinet card photograph....
I thought she would be a wonderful partner
to the neat old man photo I posted in my last post ~

But as I've studied her photo, I just can't even imagine
what she had to deal with in just one single day.
Not having the modern conveniences we all have now....
washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, even running water!!

We all look at the old cabinet cards and some are quite harsh looking but
truthfully, they had such a very hard life in that time period ~
I always want to have an understanding heart and realize this
when I see these beautiful, old, homeless photographs....
and I'm always so happy to adopt them!

A most precious little boy, on the back it says his name is Leymon ~

Another sweet little soul ~

All of these images are my gift to you ~
save them,
create with them.....

I wish you an amazing Tuesday precious friends ~
hugs and love,


Jennie said...

I so love old photos. I feel like it's my responsibility to bring them home and care for them. I'm so saddened to think that they've been given up or seperated from their families. I treasure all of my family photos and would hate to think they ever left the family.

Thanks for giving these love and a great home.


Lisa said...

i find it sad that someone's family members.. photos that were precious at some time end up discarded..I often wonder what happened to the families of those folks...don't you find yourself wondering about the person's story in the photograph?

Anji Johnston said...

These are so precious Dawn - thank you so much for always sharing.
I hope all is well in your land of 'soap'. Your displays are phenomenal. And your house is coming along a treat. Any updates for us to see? Wishing yo a blessed week ahead. X

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn, you are right...they had a TOUGH life..unless the were very wealthy..and had help.
But you wonder how they could even afford to have their portrait made in some cases..they were so poor. (But aren't we glad they did have them taken? )
These are precious.
I can't resist some cabinet cards that I see as well..it's like the simply NEED a home again.



Barbara Jean said...

Thank you Dawn.
They are lovely!


barbara jean


The images are lovely ... thank you for offering them x

TwoHeartsPath said...

Dawn~~ I agree with you, we have so many conveniences today that we take for granted. It would have taken her all day to do one chore such as laundry. By the time she heated and prepared, then actually washed the clothes, a whole day would have passed...she probably didn't have a lot to smile about. In looking at this photo, she could have been thinking, how foolish to sit for a photo and spend the time getting all dressed up when there was laundry to do...a typical woman...
These Babies are tooo Precious!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Hugs Patti

Vee said...

The way you think of these people, the great regard and respect you have for them. I'm so glad that your creativity allows you to gather up so many of these lost images to enjoy and share. Hope that all is going well in your corner, Dawn!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Wow, Dawn..I see such tiredness/sadness in her eyes..

We do tend to romanticize those "good 'ol days" and forget how hard the women especially had it..yikes! Thanks for the reminders!

Nita Jo said...

Such a sad expression in the lady's eyes...
I love that last little baby, it made me think of the Gerber baby.

LADY JANE said...

Dawn...The photos are wonderful! I have many Familt photos and them so and when I come across a photo of someone "lost" from their family...my mind wanders and tells a story! This is silly but I often give the subjects in found photos a name! Soooooo the old woman in your photo to me is now Delhia...she was a teacher in an old one room school house...she may look hard and cold but she had avery wonderful full life for she educated and loved children! I believe the baby in the last photo was"Clara Belle" whom was one of her students children. Delhia kept in contact with most of her students many years after they left her! Her students thank you for treasuring her...caring for her...and sharing her. Geez...no wonder she is not smiling...she had no wonderful blog buddies either!
LOL...I have a feeling you see it now too Creative minds just work this way!

bambi.52 said...

You have very nice blog; birds and everything..are so pretty.

ByLightOfMoon said...

It appears this lady had this photo taken much later in life than may we see. Her eyes speak volumes if I could only read them.

It is so nice when so one has written Something on the back to know something of the person like Leymon.

They are truly treasures, many thanks for sharing them and the others yesterday!
Smiles, Cyndi


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